FEB 7 | Monday

Be aware that the tests are on today as things in the outer world are showing up in shocking ways where stability is tested, and fears of clashes are on the table. BUT. This is here to try to get you falling back into seeing your future with confusion and irritability. Things ARE testing you to hold a vibration that is brittle and cold and divided in its delivery. And YOU are not like those deeply in the man made matrix who will so easily absorb what is given without questioning the motive of things.

We are facing how we have been programmed and how our love natures are restricted and rigid because we aren’t honoring the natural and slower flows of life. This can feel like a wakeup call where you are now ready to go towards this other life plan that isn’t what everyone else will be doing.

Money is going to be shifting in our eyes this year where we will say that love is more important than money. Our current state with supply issues will get you thinking again about what physical things you need and if they really do make you feel better. Watch the challenges with an eye seeing that something better will come from this – and not like what we learned the other day about being negative about just getting by in life. Just getting by means you got by! Celebrate!! You are still here and still alive.

With challenges, see that you are in this to teach this and to embody this wisdom when the bridge is finally crossed. Don’t race back to being negative that you aren’t on the other side just yet or keep using words that affirm how little you have and how mad you are about it. Like, enough of chasing scarcity and planting it in your garden over and over and over – and then moaning that you keep growing what you most don’t want to experience. Wake up sweet loves – your wish is the Great Mystery’s command. What you speak and give life through your throat and mind is a wish that will be delivered. We must stop going back to being pain, nightmare and revenge wishers -- for all that reaches audible will become the life YOU walk.


MOON PLANNER: Mars. Uranus. Venus.

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