FEB 6 | Sunday

Today is an excellent day to rebuild and to really start walking your way out of a pattern that you KNOW is making you feel limited about life. Something is to start today where you now will initiate proper movement towards rehabilitating yourself. For many this can feel like the light is finally arriving because you now see what needs to be done better and you also will have more patience to allow challenging situations to just be a journey taken.

What we are to notice is that we aren’t getting so down on what is not working and will start to see positive ways to see how you have gotten this far. Most people will be learning the path of just getting by for the purpose of not getting down that they aren’t getting ahead, which only plants more struggle in the future – and transitioning to being grateful that you ARE JUST getting by. I guarantee that if you cross a finishing line and JUST get through JUST as the clock ticked time is up, you would NOT be down at just getting by.

We are to learn new ways of holding what we have, that DOES get us through the storm, even if we don’t have any padding left on us afterwards. We are to not focus on not having in the future if we DO have something right now. The old world programmed you to go into fear worrying of things in the future – when truly you haven’t even gotten there and don’t know what the situation will be! This also takes you out of the moment and keeps you missing the signs that are here to settle you into a grounded position EVEN WHEN the storms come a knocking.

Today is about showing you that you do have it in you to climb a new mountain that is in view and in need of you asserting out of an old pattern. Be brave and go towards what may need you sacrificing something that was doing you harm. Facing this now is telling the Great Mystery that you are ready to create a new crop from the value rising deep inside that knows there is something more for you. Doors open from value rising and self-love KNOWING you were taught in a way that needs to upgrade with attention given to a new area to grow your dreams. See that you have enough in this moment and trust that you it will be the same in the future.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Pluto.


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