FEB 16 | Wednesday FULL MOON in LEO

O h M O O N! We LOVE when you go full in Leo and get us to feel SUPER sensitive about what is wrong in the world. This is when we are hyperaware of the transformation that needs to occur so that we feel comfortable and at peace with our place in the world. Expect to be full of strong emotions and actually HURT by what has been created from the old world that is only about elevating the elite.

People will be waking up to the injustice and are being asked to dream for a new solution that has not yet been seen. This means many of you can feel super depressed at the dysfunction and abuse that is SO against what Christ Consciousness is all about. Christ has become a token that is used to control people, and I believe that Christ was ALL ABOUT helping those who are suffering, hungry and in need of a second chance.

Almost 20,000 people die every single day from HUNGER. Like, die from their bodies not having food and with pains that actually take their heartbeat away. That is 833 people every single hour. By the time you finish reading this, about 14 people will die from not having food to eat. And it's 2022! It's not 1922. It's when someone who pays no taxes can create a rocket to fly into space and raise their fees 20% last year and now another 20% this year – but 20,000 people die today just from not having food on their plate. How can that NOT bring you to tears? If only the elite had hearts focused on love instead of money and power and competing with each other to be on top…

This energy WANTS you sitting with these disgusting details and dreaming that corrections will come to bring awakenings to the hearts of those most living a demonic way of being. And you will see the low vibes at their most destructive levels because WE have allowed these things to rule our lives and become the mainstream way. We are pushed in the corners to get us to obey – but now it's time to come out of our comfort zones and stop feeding what is starving the planet. You have a choice. Just like how I cancelled my amazon subscription with the first 20% increase. And let me tell you! The only thing I lost are the movies! The shipping is still free if you opt to get it a day later. You all need to cancel! It made no difference to me except that now I don’t pay Bezos $100 a year, or rather $120 a year, ooops, now it's $140 a year.

But be aware that things hurt, and they feel like we are blocked and being controlled by forces that don’t even care about us. We are seen as stepping stools to serve other purposes, and if we keep standing here, they keep stepping on us to get higher. You will HAVE to make a move in order to position yourself with the sun you deserve to be receiving.

So put your heart on your sleeve and get ready to feel life with intensity, but also know this is all a test to get you dreaming for a more important role where you are working to go against the ways the mainstream wants to merge you into an area that WILL take your life force away. Inside your heart there is a creative dream, and it needs you believing in what you feel, and breaking on through to the other side until it officially welcomes you.

Set your sights on a goal that affirms your importance and builds a way for you to have a new home in the world. See into the beyond and focus on the mystery, but don’t get down if you don’t instantly see what you dream for as we are to go into uncharted lands that are created from what we wish for in our hearts. So only focus on the feeling of what you wish to draw closer your way. That is ALL you have to do. Face the dark but see for the light that will one day be.

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