FEB 17 | Thursday

Good morning sweet loves! Today is going to hit you in many different ways. But it deals with us needing to face what needs our attention and to not keep running from it because it feels too complex or there are too many details to work through. We are being asked to put one foot in front of the other and to commit to whatever heavy job has suddenly landed into our awareness.

Most of you will really notice a shift today that gets you grounded into the reality of what needs to be put into better order. You may be working around the house and feeling how the clutter and dust is keeping you from seeing clearly. This means we need to get up early and start one thing that needs us giving it more love. The energy today is going to keep you at it, but you have to commit to that one first thing!  It's kind of like you valuing yourself and waking up to realizing YOU have to make better choices in order to see better futures become your reality.

Many of you will be going out and making connections or talking about how to move your gifts along or to step into something that has a brighter future, even if you can't yet see the way. Remember that we are in a dreaming space where we are processing and digesting the dysfunction but are to be recycling this into a new energy that makes us NOT want to back down EVEN IF it takes longer to get the approval or stability we seek. 

This time is for people to NOT give up on their wishes -- and TO spend all their time waiting with hope that Santa WILL arrive and WILL support you IF YOU first see that you deserve to be supported in this world. What we see inside, we grow outside. And the test is, what do you see inside? Expect to need enzymes to help you see for the light, but DO IT and DO NOT keep going back to old fearful stories that are the boogeyman trying to get you to fall off the balance beam and get back into the mainstream way where you abide and follow how the elite want you to stay quiet and small. 

Something really magical is going on in the world that you see with Taos Mountain. When you are in the eye of this area, that has some of the highest vibrating energies on this planet, MANY step into the healing arena where things are taken away and shuffled about SO THAT THEY start using the energy of the mountain to dream for a solution that they never thought was possible. This is why so many people here manifest the most out of the blue stumbling blocks that are merely asking them to hope for a better solution and something beyond their wildest dreams. 

And because of that squeeze SO MANY people here have stories that are unheard of in what they manifest. I got a home a week after first stepping foot in Taos and when there are NO rentals even available anymore. I just pranced my way into the magic of this mountain, and I said, BRING ME A MIRACLE. And a miracle was dropped effortlessly on my path. I didn’t come at it thinking, OH NO, there are NO rentals, how am I going to find a home?! I came with the energy of, I WILL LIVE HERE. 

Be aware of the call you send out and SEE that you are here to defy the odds. This energy has placed us all under the mystery of the Taos Mountain, and as things fall away, we are just being asked to dream for something better to be our new realities. Don’t think in terms of glass half empty unless you really want what that will manifest you. Give it a rest! You have played that paradigm for decades. Time to live as if you ARE the chosen one and WILL get what you most wish for. Clean that mind and dream for the divine.



Gifted dude. You are for real. Genuinely gifted by spirit to see the Present past and future damn!

Monica February 17, 2022


Teresa Alvarez February 17, 2022

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