O h M O O N! We LOVE when you go new in Aquarius and get us to face that WE need to change, and we can't count on others to be what we aren’t yet even walking. This is when we wake up to how much we aren’t walking our talk, but we are expecting everyone else to. This is to be when you wake up and grow better manners in what you show the world.

We are always being tested to see if we will destroy what needs a rebuild or work with what is in dysfunction to bring it into a higher state. Do you naturally want to help, or do you hinder? When you live in certain states you know about tarantula migrations where you see them everywhere and you have to be super careful and attentive so you don’t run over them on the road. I see they were given big, long fuzzy arms so that you see them waving to you on the road to let you know they are there! It is usually the arm going up that gets your attention. And, are you someone who will swerve to save the spider, or do you run over it, getting pleasure from taking it out? Are you someone who reaches out a hand to someone in need, or do you look away not wanting to concern yourself with anything lower than you or not for sure going to benefit you? Do you only give if you know there is a return? Do you want help, but you don’t even give it to others around you?

This energy wants us seeing that we need to do more from a compassionate heart and forget about judging everyone else and holding back because we don’t yet feel that we have what we want. It's about waking the humanitarian heart and stepping into service that ONLY is working for the good. If you have ever canceled someone, you will be canceled in some form or another in your future. We MUST wake up to the energy of Earth – and you are always getting what you are putting out there. Which is not to be judged, because you are not the ultimate judge, but it is to be trusted and held with patience as you see YOU are the one most hurting yourself and your future. Get out of the way and show yourself kinder. It WILL work out better to BE the love you want to see in others. Plant better seeds for your future.


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