FEB 2 | wednesday

This day is about us needing to return to some situation and to give it our better representation. Many of you are going to be SO SENSITIVE today and it is to show you that you made errors in your past and have made so many mistakes – but it’s okay! Your journey is trial and error and the person you were 3 years ago is nothing to the one you are today. From your feelings expanding and seeing all things from older and wiser perspectives, your path is now getting ready to change. Surrender into the moment and practice showing yourself in a way that believes all can be rebuilt and nothing is ever the end or something we won't see again.

Start this day in meditation or with an early morning walk. Allow your mind to just stop doing what it habitually does and instead do what you can to step out of the matrix and to NOT keep contributing to your life in an automatic way. You are not encouraged to chase things anymore as the old-world game is up. It lost its foundation and now the ways you were able to manipulate situations and bury some things hidden is no longer possible. It's all out there and things are manifesting quickly in order to get us waking up to how much we have been misbehaving and acting inappropriately. Which is not about blame, it's about facing things head on and NOT allowing our hatred to be what others see.

When our hearts open, we treat others with care as we hope they will also treat us the same. When our hearts open, we value ourselves more and don’t just want to fake it with “friends” or do what others are doing because it is the mainstream way to be. When we feel value for self, we don’t leap into all as we don’t need it to be what affirms us or brings us joy or brings us peace or is this thing that we need to have in order to feel okay. With value, we are patient and trusting of the Higher Power. When you love yourself, you love God and the mysterious journey. Allow yourself to find a new flow in life and stop bashing about because you don’t understand what is on the way. NONE OF US DO. Life is a ride we can trust or fight. Trust feels light. Fight feels heavy.

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