DAILY READING for Wednesday 9 June

This energy has got you talking and coming together with others where you see there is a new way to be. Expect to feel like you are all over the place, but also that it feels fun to connect with the people who are crossing your path. Things are inspiring you and also showing you that you can buy into the old world ways, and keep living where you feel totally out of control, OR you can use your mind to see that it all is a part of your divine plan and something that needs you talking in new ways where you see that you are growing and deserve to be treated with care around where you eventually want to be and with what sort of higher position you want to grow into. My love, you are growing; THIS MOMENT is okay. But grow with it and don’t stay stuck thinking you are getting anything wrong. TRULY it all was for purpose, and you will see later on.


9 June 2021

MOON PLANNER: North Node. 

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