Oh hello Solar Eclipse New Moon! We LOVE when you go New in Gemini, where you get us woke up in our minds so that we decide for a new path or a new way of living our lives. This time is when the collective levels up, no matter where they are, IF they align their mind to the divine. This means aligning to TRUST and to partnership with life where your mind sees that you are protected and watched over by loving parents, and not what we have seen from our past, where it's hard to find power holders who actually wanted the best for us. From fractures we look towards things to stabilize us – but now we awaken to even Steven where we don’t HAVE to think about how to correct our past moves in order to make them right, we just have to ACT RIGHT and do what is right and THINK what is right. We just have to put the energy towards the things and people that feel better for us. At this time, you are coming in contact with others where a new pattern is about to take place. This deals with you holding a dream and asserting in this way that trusts the process, but also stays focused to the positive in what this will all mean. It's about believing that you DO have creative gifts, and a time will come when you get to shoot them out there and they sail higher than you could even imagine. The thing about life is that it DOES WORK OUT. It DOES. Even if you succumb to the most devastating of life events. Still, in this blink of an eye existence on Earth, you WILL overcome it all and get to higher lands where the antithesis plays out. In every one of your futures, there is a golden light waiting for you. You just got to allow your mind to be in spaces of forgiveness and with desires to heal and make things right. YOU JUST GOT TO greet it all with a casual attitude, knowing the Higher Power WANTS THIS FOR YOU. Don’t question things as if you are the boss of your existence. YES, you do have pull, and that is what you need to see also DOES get you into trouble at times. You PULL your life into a direction from the thoughts you say in private and out loud, and from the actions you do in private and out loud. The Higher Power is an x-ray machine. And it’s time to wake up and walk like you know this is true. Your mind deserves to be seeing more hope for your future and better ways from the storms that have brought you to your knees. Don’t keep seeing the view from your knees when the sky beckons you to keep believing in a dream. You CAN start over. THIS CHANGE is needed in order to get you to a path that values you. Talk like it all will be coming true. Let go of feeling anxiety over mental spaces that tell stories of nosedives into the mountain side. You CAN steer things better. Try and see. Just hold space for a bounty up ahead that helps you to forget about all the pain. What would it hurt to see how important you will be to people when they know the true depth of your being? See and you will believe. Believe and you will see. Be and the dream is yours. Get busy.


10 June 2021

MOON PLANNER: North Node. Mercury. Neptune.

Solar Eclipse New Moon at 20 degrees Gemini

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