daily reading for MONDAY 19 july

Oh loves! You should wake up feeling that today is a big day. Something about it is bringing a deep plunge into facing a reality of something that needs to be moved out of your path. This may be about letting go of an old habit that fed you, but it is not healthy, and you can tell at this time. You can be waking up and snapping awake and seeing how you escaped life through these unhealthy things. Now, time is of the essence, and you will feel that you deserve to have more, that love is still the potential, that excitement and joy CAN be just around the corner. For many of you, the moment you make this declaration, the energy will shift and will somehow bring in the light. So expect something heavy to slam into you and it to possibly be about provocation from others, but then to quickly see that you see into a new area to grow into. Just like when you decide to quit smoking and then you really do and don’t ever look back again. This time is offering you a place you need to take a leap of faith and to choose for a better life by choosing better habits. You got to be the one who does the work, and this time says that you are finally ready. So plan this day around diving into the steps of your new brilliant future. It's time to make way for more hope to your day. Go to the dump and then get on with it. It's time to get moving to this new view.


MOON PLANNER: Mars. Venus. Jupiter.

22 Day

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