APRIL 8 | Friday

Good morning love! So today is all about this wild view of life where you now know you are in a crossroads and there are decisions to make about new support you are needing.

Expect that many of you are feeling super emotional and really concentrated into certain life exchanges with others. You may be feeling things from your past and also even remembering sides that you hadn’t considered before. You may be hit by emotions that you have tried to keep pushed away but now you really feel like this is important to you and it requires you speak kinder with yourself as you allow it to be.

If you get totally upset and think you have done too much wrong and your future feels bleak, talk to yourself with more supportive words and see that THIS is the test. This time wants you standing taller when your old patterns and programming reminds you again that you need to play it small. The stories of our past will come back to us over and over, just like with our recall of movies we have watched before. We see and then it cant be unseen. So we must be kinder with ourselves when we see our past again and get into that storyline so deeply that we cant rise above it. When you get stuck and you start shaming and blaming yourself and feeding the low, DECIDE TODAY that you will no longer go there and then talk with sweet words about how the story doesn’t need to stop at your past.

This time wants you really opening to the reboot and to vibing like you know you get to start over now and shift into the life you have always wanted to live. It requires action, but it requires the action that comes from your body only moving after enough silence fills you up to REALLY being able to decipher what is showing. Its time for you to stop and listen and see if your body really feels good doing this.

And if it feels like something that takes you over, then be with that and work to see that you are uncovering something important. Shift your view so that you always see things are working in your favor. When you do, you will see so many more blessings come true! Grow a new crop and vibe what you want to see! SERIOUSLY!! All your actions count towards the sum total of how your life will unfold. Don’t take on the toxic loads!

You are free to ask for more space and to get more time to make your decisions. Just don’t ever again leap if you feel any hesitation. Honor that your body knows better than your mind. And your body is saying something that you CANT deny. So learn this new way and choose for a new path in valuing yourself so much that you risk letting others down so that you can live a life you love. You are worth it and its time to start over no matter how far gone you think you are. There is more to come, and it will make you happy – IF you pay it forward and believe it will be.


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