APRIL 7 | Thursday

And here is another layer of the cosmic reboot where we just start to get things and see how the illusion and manipulation has taken over our minds and gotten us to see things that aren’t really there. You may be deciding to control how much time to give to reading about news and searching for answers for what is to come. We really are naturally supposed to get more rest and downtime and not take pills that help us be 24 hour cafes. There is a natural flow to your body, and NOTHING is wrong with your waves of high and low. Change is a beautiful thing, and it is why we feel so different when Spring comes. We need polarity in order to appreciate all sides and individual offerings.

Many of you are going to be coming out of some hibernation space and really feeling like you aren’t the same person you used to be. We needed you sleep walking while “awake” in order to get you bumping into what needs to REALLY wake you up. Because of such density and dark energy going on in the collective world right now, we needed to pound you out of your old ways and get you seeing that you can start over and that new crops can grow whenever you want to get up and make it a reality.

You don’t need to know where you are going and most of you right now wont exactly have the thing you most are working for, but get comfy not knowing. The magic of these times hits people who surrender and wait like the child who has always been perfectly supported. Don’t be in the wait as if you wonder about your past when all the things didn’t work out. Its time to let go of still allowing that story to grow. Be strong in your mind and steer things to the divine.

Also, expect to run into someone who is not seeing the same way as you and this being a test for you to still be silent or let it go and stop allowing THIS to be a story you keep finding yourself in. Restraint brings magic. When we hold back, like when we fast, we gain so much more than we can even believe. We don’t have to go for all and be the last comment and vent our frustrations. The wise see when this comes at too high of a cost to our future day plans. To tangle is to take on. Do you really want to adopt all the people where you just have to get your side in about things? Don’t adopt. Let it go.

Remember the spells you put out there with your words and don’t so freely deliver them as vile expressions when you know that will come back to you. Ultimately, the main test on earth is for us to not do evil. And what has been coming out of most people is evil – its hurtful and wishing horrible things on another – or praising a murderer and not even thinking of human life and suffering. When we go too mental, we can justify ANYTHING if it serves our means and aligns with your ideologies. So don’t tango with what loves to go low. Their addiction does not need to be your new adoption.


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