APRIL 9 | Saturday

THIS IS A BIG DAY! Be ready for it! SO. We now sit at a really important closing date of our past and something that we bought into that our minds now can see above. We will see some element of feeling like another side has presented and the truth of the matter changes our course.

Most of the discoveries come from out of the blue and when you were already fixated into thinking this other thing. Kind of like with the trial and error process. None of us really know until we know. Kind of like with the grieving process and what it unfolds for us that changes us for the better. We think this one thing, but its only how it makes us feel and from the position of feeling left out or not supported and alone. We think, OH it must be this horrible reason for why I am being stopped and challenged in life!

But, no, challenges and stops ARE life. And they are the core of life. They bring life to life. But at the same time, if we play the game as the patient and trusting walker of life, we see that our lives take on a new glow where things arent so challenging. Things still happen, but when you stop expecting the worst, you see that you have more power to keep the good going and to ride a different wave that feels so much better.

As we near this ending point, you just got to learn to let things go and do what you can to show up as the person you want others to be. You got to stop reinforcing what is out of balance and instead give it a home to move into. You got to lovingly see that all things break and change and flow like the ocean, and there is nothing wrong with the way that they do their things.

At this time, you are to be awakening in full force that the other side of this is what will help you declare boundaries around what you need your new life to grow into. ACCEPT that doing what is best for you in life is going to sometimes meet with having to let others down by them not being what is best for you.

We all dance together in karma, and them feeling hurt, and how they handle it, is a part of their healing journey. They found you because they needed this experience -- and you needed this other one. You maybe needed to be the one who needs to learn to stand up for yourself and to make your feelings important and in need of light. Its not always easy to speak about what was probably tamed out of you. And it will be a lesson for many of you to learn to allow your light to shine and to not hold back from when things don’t feel right. Not everyone will love you for it, but the ones who matter will.


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