APRIL 10 | Sunday

Something with relationships is really on our minds. We are either diving into a new way of being together, or we are confused about how to make this pass around someone who is not helping you feel happy about life. Some people really are all about taking out the light in others – but they for sure saw it in childhood and still hold memories of it being okay.

SO -- we have to learn to dance with certain people in triggering them to see how to be better peoples. We are such a group of fakies so we need the Great Mystery coming on in and showing us the truth of the matter -- because, we have to face this.

But when we are wounded, we do not expect as good of things as when we are not wounded. When we see things taken away in our past, we hold on to thinking we need to go for whatever is there and that we don’t really deserve a luxurious life. When we see things taken away, we forever hold fear that the same will play out one day.

SO -- we have to find ways to allow chapters to close and for old stories to not still be the way. When we wake up in regard to seeing how we really do hold onto being the wounded child and sad about feeling misunderstood and not seen, we mysteriously see how to stop repeating those stories. We start holding discipline over our thoughts and actions so that we pipe down when CLEARLY disaster is near, and not keep falling into what triggers us to go back to remembering that we don’t have a home or a purpose.

Its so easy to see that we are done for and with limitation in the eyes of what next could be. But its so FUN to think of the antithesis and how big squeezes bring monumental things. Like a volcano that roles out this other thing. It seems likes its time for us to get comfy in trusting that chaos abounds and that much is out of our control.

But what we are learning is that we have more power when we see through the process and trust that this is not the end. We are transforming and becoming something better. This shell that we release will get your heart connected again to what you believe can next be. With mind, you doubt and fear the worst. With heart, you hope and see for positive resolution. They are different worlds – and living from each one BRINGS YOU different worlds. All things mean are from wounds and the mind – none of those are heart related, even though doing them hurts our heart! Getting angry can give us a heart attack. Because the heart is begging you to choose for love and hope and always seeing for something positive coming. Just do this! You deserve what it will bring. Write the better story of how you want it to be.


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