APRIL 17 | Sunday

OKAY! This day is to be seen in a positive way EVEN IF you or someone else comes out of the blue with strong words or severe boundaries. What was hidden is now coming to the light and it is from our throats that we express wildly. Many of you are going to LOSE IT with someone where you just cant keep playing this game where you stay quiet and take something. Where before you could keep the lid on, today is creating a whirlwind that forces us to open our mouths and speak.

But again, we are to see the positive in this and to not make disruptions or vocal outbursts a bad thing – at least not today. Where you have not been your true self and just doing what other dominating energies wanted you to do, you can feel real claustrophobic and with concentrated focus on what is out of balance and what feels like it is keeping you from something. Just focus into the pain or the highly emotional situation and stay pressed for some solution that will deal with YOU learning to value yourself more so that you speak up when you need to and don’t allow other things to grow bigger because you don’t think you have the right to assert yourself.

This reading keeps showing me what it’s like in old conventional schools and how the girls learn to cook, and the boys learn how to use the tools in the shop. So, yes, the manipulation had a plan for us and put us into categories of their choosing, but girl, if you want to learn shop, go learn shop! This time is about valuing yourself so that you can really speak the voice inside and stand up when you feel like you want to go for something. Its about getting us to discover new passions that CAN be done, if only we say yes to ourselves and push on through the barriers that are there to keep us quiet and in fear of assertion.

This is also when you are going to face patterns that you have around the ways you talk to yourself or others that deal with what you learned in childhood and how you also were likely talked to. There is a lot of wisdom to excavate at this time that deals with how your past got you to where you are now -- and it will NOT be to your liking. But again, make this a positive and see how it gets you to wanting to grow a better life where you aren’t being someone other than who you are. Where you are now is not where you always will be. There IS something more and it grows from what you clear out and let go of that are NOT the best patterns to walk. Its time to change and we learn from what combusts around this day.

This also can be an amazing day where the insights bring you to knowing that your creative gifts are valuable and there is a way to support yourself with them. So if you can stay out of the fires with OTHERS, you have the potential to make headway into a space that deals with you making a GREAT DISCOVERY about a big plan of yours.


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