APRIL 11 | Monday

What a day! Something completely divides things, and it is to be seen like merging off the highway. There is no reason to think the worst as we are now learning that drawing boundaries is dividing things. Its cutting up the fabric to make something else from the pieces. So dividing things needs to be seen as okay in your body no matter how spiritual you think you are where you just think we are here to love everyone and all get along.

That is 100% not the truth. If we loved everyone and all got along, we would all date and get together – and the point of life is not all about coming together with others. To come together is beautiful, but we learn how beautiful it is from all the coming together that is not beautiful to us. We are to be unique and have our different ideologies. Everything you see in people now they have every right to feel. But. What we don’t need is everyone standing up and sharing what they think. Years ago you knew, but you didn’t know. Now, you know. We are wearing our team shirts and looking for a fight with our rivals.

So in fact, we are NOT here to love everyone BUT… we are here to NOT HATE ANYONE. The whole test in raising your vibration and no longer incarnating on earth to keep learning, is to not hurt and to not hate.

To hurt is subjective because we all get hurt by what doesn’t go our way, but this means to not intentionally inflict pain. INTENTIONALLY. To not WANT to hurt others and to wish for them to feel pain.

To not hate is to not give away YOUR OWN LIFE because you take on something that now has you stewing in your juices and getting focused into your body. When you are mad at someone, you vibrate hate – no matter how elevated and evolved you think you are. To think is nothing but a thought, and in this case its not the reality of your true energy weight. We all weigh something, just like with pounds, and it equals experiences you will have in life.

If you feel tested today and as if all things are blocking your way or making it so that you aren’t feeling seen, remember that you are just being tested to not intentionally hurt and to not vibrate hate. Others are there to try to pull you off and back into your old ways where you express and vent certain explosive emotions that are really just a sign that this is a test. Breathe. Go be creative with your hands. Be the adult who takes care of your inner child and do what you can to paint prettier images of what you would like to see in your life. Getting mad and storming around are just wounds keeping you in that same story. When you shift, your life shifts. You will get through everything in life. Others have. You will too. Just walk through the experience in a truly enlightened way. Walk higher with how you handle the disarray.


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