JULY 23 | Saturday

Guess what. We are in a higher level of energy now and there will be a noticeable new flow to how things are showing. You are going to notice a slight tipping of a shift, but where signs are appearing where you keep seeing people doing kind things or are hearing good news. You may notice people engaging with strangers and laughing over life while out shopping – like noticing that others are seeking for connection -- when for so long we have sought out space.

We haven’t seen good news much in years, but something with the people will be reaching our awareness that lets us know we are crossing into new lands after FINALLY completing a long cycle.

What is going to happen is like what I was talking about yesterday where we go through a traumatic experience -- and then it teaches us to never take life for granted. And to also walk with more grace -- because WE CAN lose it all and MOST OF YOU WILL at some point in your life. It is built in the human experience to feel loss in the most extreme ways where we couldn’t predict this. Trauma is a base coat to what eventually facilitates our best designs.

BUT EVERY TIME you fall on your face and find that your ideas are not working out as planned, you grow stronger in figuring your way out of what fell apart. When you see things start to crumble, your desire to live gets jolted awake again and you GET UP AND DO more with your limited time. Push us to the edge and that is when we really learn our craft and awaken to the art of life we want to be living. It is when things run dry that we get up and get creative with it.

I’m now doing one-on-one sessions again, after not since 2006, even though I have TONS of people over the years reaching out for one. I have said no, no, no, no, and knew I would eventually say yes, but it didn’t happen until this last month. But it happened because I couldn’t STAND the social media marketing aspect and being in the paradigm of what is SO LACKING INTEGRITY.

Any world where you can pay to be as successful as you want to be is not a space for authenticity – it's a space for crooks. Especially if original and gifted works can ONLY travel far and wide THROUGH paying for the journey – or through others exploiting their work. It's always ILLUSION in a media system primarily focused around making more money. Those that proclaim they are the boss on social most likely just need you to see them that way and have leveraged that view into your awareness.

But I didn’t finally step into this higher role UNTIL I got so fed up with what were my options to do my thing. I could pay for my daily readings, even up to $200 a day just to get the organic readers I used to get before it became a marketplace. But I know -- I can’t even have my heart centered business focused on how much to market so as to make that back times 3. To watch and see how $1000 in ads affects you versus $10,000. This is similar to porn and having all hidden things at reach no matter what the desire may be. It is all out there -- and IF YOU SO CHOOSE, you can have what you want.

BUT DO YOU SO CHOOSE in the ways of the old world where you know you are voting for the system and the manipulation of data and dollars and paying to get elevated and privileged over others who do not pay? Is it really okay?

So I was pushed to shift my business because I never follow the pack -- and with this social media marketplace option, it is follow and obey, or lose what was organic before it all became all about money.

So I decided to lose, but to do something else that I was BORN to do and that I LOVE SO MUCH I can’t hardly believe it!!! I had no clue one-on-ones would be so perfect for me and where I really am energized by each connection. But I have avoided it for years and years and years. Go figure. Now I want to merge into doing this work more than some of the other work I thought I would be doing.

So go with your flows and see how things are turning around in another direction -- and this does ask that you show yourself more and take some sort of risk of your heart where you watch the signs and give something a chance to be what you love to share with the world. It's time to discover and go back to what is natural about you – but to find it through hitting a wall or feeling like nothing is working out as planned. It’s one of those rock bottom places that gets us to design a much better life that DOES work out and that DOES bring us joy because it is something we actually love to do.


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