New Moon in Capricorn | the flow from 2 to 16 January for EACH SIGN



This new moon will bring a shift that will help you rebuild your perspective on what you think is the potential of your life. It is when you are to see for a new goal, or the return of an old goal, that from the pressure of the last few years is NOW feeling like you want to give this your all and give it a chance to grow. What is changing is that you are realizing that you have every right to be here thriving in the world and it deals with backtracking where you have been following the old world ways and trying to adapt when you don’t feel like you fit in. It is where you have grown thicker skin in doing what you feel expected to, but this is not the best thing, and what was not built with integrity is going to fall to the ground for you to take a new leadership position in putting it all right.

The ways the world feels blocked and unmovable is to be creative inspiration and provocation for you to go deeper into your value system and figure out new ways to express your creative gifts and build something that will sustain you. If something comes to destabilize you in regard to money or what you expect to be what supports you, see this as an opportunity to discover a new path that is something unique for you to do. The answers are in your body, and they come from discomfort forcing you to look in a new way and to take control when otherwise you have allowed others to lead you forward. I’m being shown something where you are in line with others, and they are pushing you to keep going but your body is naturally falling out of line and going to another direction that people are not yet noticing.

So be aware with this situation that it is not on you to look to ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is to be the great activator that completely shifts you into a new view and with 100% knowing that you are going for this thing that will take you out of the lines and focused fully into your dreams. This is a big one for you and it lines up perfectly to fully uproot you from the ways you have been following along in wanting peace above the truth of your feelings -- because your feelings are things you don’t always give credit to or the voice to be expressed as something that should be leading the way.

You are always so good at listening and at holding spaces for everyone else to be dominant in their ways. And now it's about upgrading who you are into someone who is full of force in speaking and being strong with the impact you make. It's about showing the walk and the talk and being a guide that moves things into new places. You will be shifting from holder to mover where you take what is there, but you don’t just take it and allow it to rule just because you feel more comfortable trusting it all and just hoping things will correct. Now you will be about doing and getting into the correction so that things are moving smoothly again.

It may even feel like you no longer want to be around clutter or things that are backed up in the closets. This new you will be about dealing with things and not letting anything hold you into some small position BECAUSE you don’t want to make a stink. There are new ways for you to reach out and affect the world and they deal with you valuing the private sides and innermost ways that you operate. Your new image rises from you feeling things so intensely and bringing forward what naturally rises out of you – and not how you were programmed to be and imprinted to follow and conditioned to smoothly express. But something unique and that is a part of your soul. It can't be faked because it's so you. But it will take ...

CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is to get you feeling a whole different way about life! It is to be when you come alive again through your emotional senses where things are deep and powerful and wonderful and mysterious, and so many things that your mental space is not used to. A whole other world is about to unfold from you diving into something that is complex but yet deals with ancient parts of yourself and a connection into something that is getting your heart to express in unique ways.

This energy is what you have been waiting for because it's about getting you real and getting you speaking in a different way where you aren’t chasing the high of life and what others think you should be doing, and are instead finding a new flow fed by passion and things mysterious that you never could have guessed. This time will manifest as situations that deal with death and rebirth and where one thing is let go of in order to attract and welcome in another thing.

So it is about facing challenging situations around patterns that are already worn in, and backtracking out of them in order to create new patterns. They are like the 8 on the sideways because we don’t get to just leave one thing and go to the next without knowing the whole process contributes to the success of the 2nd thing and the 1st thing closing with integrity and respect. We are to quit jobs with grace and to move to new spaces with patience in what we are leaving. When you want a new home, you tend to think you dislike your current home. And that is not fair. It's not fair to discard what was once loved and sustaining you with support.

So we must love more and be considerate even more with what is on the way out in our life that soon ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is going to be when you fully create a new plan for an upgraded role that you want to step into. This is when you will say goodbye to some old way that people have seen you and you may even surprise others with some sudden turn that positions you in a new direction. There is a lot of change for you and for those around you as opportunities are coming from friends or groups that are the inspiration getting you to want to grow into a new role.

You also may be around others who are depressed and confused about where your new flow is going, and you are being asked to show yourself in a higher way where you are leading but not creating a situation you will later regret. There is something about you needing to love what is on the way out while loving what is on the way in. This is a test to see that you remember the love you felt when you joined into circles, and when we grow and expect more from life, we are not to negatively discard what no longer fits. Like Marie Kondo teaches us, we have to show deep gratitude and care for what we release. This also means you may be looking back at your past and you won't believe what got you to this moment. This is more proof that you are evolving and that your tastes and preferences change as you move up the mountain.

You also are in a situation where you are leading by example where others will be learning from you. This means there are tons of people to factor in and moves that need to be made that need to respect them all. Understand that the way you chose to be seen is changing because you are waking to a new path that is not what the mainstream would be doing. And this is to wake you up in the long run to seeing ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This is to be an exciting time when you plan out some new ideas with your soul’s purpose work and how you want to live your day to day in order to achieve this new expanded view that has arrived for you. This is when something out in the world has changed and shown you that you DO have a purpose and that what you love to do is going to be what others will be showing you they want from you. This is to be when you are affirmed and seen in surprising ways that get you wanting to grow a whole other life and possibly even a different focus within your career. Things are blossoming from the depth of your value system, and this is to awaken you and get you wanting to live again regarding how high you can climb the mountain.

Expect to feel like you are full of energy for certain situations that need you cleaning up the mess and really facing the details of what it will take to clear the way and get to this new idea on how you want to be living your life. You also may have bi-polar situations that are the catalyst for you taking care of business and sticking with the details until the jobs are done. If you feel depleted and like you are super run down, this is when you are to see into the many paths you are following, and you will narrow them down so that more attention goes towards what you really are an authority on or where you just love to do this sort of work.

What you narrow down and release out of your life is coming from a healing that is taking place with your value system where there will be a surprise movement into waking you up to your creative gifts or to what is beautiful and natural about you. When fully seen, new sides of you will want more and will even want to take a risk of the heart in order to ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This moon is to wake you up again in wanting to go for some vision that deals with getting your creativity out to the world and expanding the work that you do. This is when you will want to reach and do more that deals with what you really love to do and what will then rebuild a world where you feel important and valued for the things you bring.

This is to be when you really figure things out and start rebuilding a way to do the hard work that gets you through the fears that you ARENT good enough to enjoy an abundant and loving life. You are to be planting new seeds that are about executing your authority and positioning yourself in more powerful ways so as to reap the benefits that create a more positive and hopeful foundation. You also may have a surprise that gets you feeling insecure and as if you can't handle the future and what it may bring. But this is all to turn you resourceful and to get you into the depth of your truth and into a story of love surrounding and good vibes growing because of you making your heart a priority and finally waking to your power so that you confidently assert towards expansive new dreams. This energy is to jumpstart your heart and get you going for more art as the way you do your day to day.

You are to receive surprise notices that let you know that others from afar appreciate you and they think about what your life has become. This may make you nostalgic for old love or times with friends long ago, and it may even make you feel lighter in energy. This is coming on purpose because something from back then is what needs to grow again in 2022. There are to be returns – and MANY for you – where you go back into ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This moon is going to bring an interesting energy to your life! Ultimately, it's going to be about rebooting and repositioning you, but I feel like the levels of how this hits Libra can be all over the place. For many it seems like something sudden came that got you to not feel stable and to question the power that things have over you. You may feel defeated or like things deeply inside of you are haunting you and you can't get back to feeling like you are secure. This won't be all of you, but many are with vertigo and not really sure of where to go, what to do, or what to even believe in.

The big picture of the energy is saying that you are learning lessons that are to help you trust the process and to not get so into a negative view with situations that are tangled or long to work their way out of. This energy is trying to power your system so that you grow new roots that help you sway with the drama and trauma but not bury yourself into denial and away from facing what just needs to transform into a new pattern or way you function in life. You are in a ton of emotional situations with others where there is a lot to figure out. Nothing is in the light just yet, but this time wants you envisioning a new supportive system that will hold you in ways that deal with you valuing the depth of who you really are. This is about discovering how to stand on your own and still feel like you are worth something.

Often in life we have to sit at the cliffs edge and not have anyone to save us so that we figure out how to become the mountain goat and navigate what could hold us in fear as we bravely go through the birth canal KNOWING we can't just freeze and do nothing. We HAVE to do something. Provocation from ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



Something is changing and what was stuck will no longer remain that way. This is a wildly active time where you are going to be in crossfires with others where the things they do make you question your value or what your role is to be. It may feel like you are being battered about or that the energy in other people’s lives is what is making yours feel heavy.

You are learning to see that you have a place in the world and that whatever shows up in your day to day is here because it needs you walking with more patience and flexibility up the mountain. It is about honoring when a path has changed and there is the need to pause or reconsider and go a different way. It is about talking with words that help to build up and repair what is in need of healing, instead of poking laughter and creating crowd mentality to hate a certain thing.

This time is when you are to really wake to the power of your words and to how they affect others. This will inspire you to create a new plan on what you want to do with your whole life. It may be that something strikes a chord in you, and it gets you seeing that you have to wake up to a new reality and one where you are needing to rebuild from the ground up in regard to how people see you and how you would like to be known as an authority. Something has changed your world and it is about now going back and reworking what you want to be that represents your creative gifts and what brings value into your life.

Change is happening where new relationships take root, but old ones do too. This is another layer of you being bound up with others and feeling like a ping pong ball but also surrendering enough to see that new pathways are opening for potential that wasn’t there before the wrecking ball came in to reveal the light. The ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon has got some good magic for you! This is to be when you turn over that leaf and finally start to get amped up with ideas on how you want to pursue your souls purpose work or something that uses your creative gifts. It will be when you wake to ideas and come up with a return to what was let go of but that now is showing life again. Things are transforming and showing you surprise movement in what the outer world is providing for you.

Do know there is a lot of shock that provokes things into position and there will be sudden things that get you worried about money or stability or ways you naturally don’t value yourself to come up with a solution. Where you feel out of control, you are to see that you needed the stimulation to make you dive into new plans on how to rebuild a crop of land that will be a space to naturally share what you love to talk about.

This also is bringing tests where you could go glass half empty and worry about what the limitation or resistance means. But it is all a test, and it invites you to look at your new crop as needing you to upgrade how you run the day to day ways. You have to walk your talk and be positive about the slow and steady journey of growing food. You never know if what you plant will actually grow, but you have to do it with full on intentions and support that it WILL grow. You are learning to process scarcity in ways where there is more room to grow and where the challenge is just seen as an opportunity to step up to the plate and blow it outta the park.

What squeezes you and stretches you thin is just ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is to get you wanting to show yourself new and to really go for what lights up your heart. You may feel like you are coming alive again in wanting to plunge towards love and towards what makes you happy. Many of you are still sitting in some sludge that has you feeling in poverty and without what you had hoped would always be there for you. For sure, your heart is going to be woke and it will have you wanting a return of what you now want to give a second chance to be present with. How this hits you all is wildly varied because shock is in the energy, and where we need to be woken up deals with how incorrectly we have been living for something that now we see is not the dream -- or IS REALLY the dream. Many of you will grasp to keep hanging on while others will be leaping to new grounds and will feel TICKLED at the new energy moving them to go to where their heart sings.

This energy is to come in unpredictable ways, but it is to get you showing yourself with a new way of asserting your feelings and truth. It may feel like you are coming around the bend and seeing something that you have always dreamed for or that now you know THIS is your thing and you do not want to let go. Just how many of you are holding tight to what needs to leave, others are holding tight to a dream that needs 2022 to build it into reality. If you are holding onto the past, you are going to have to let go and play that game where if it is really love, it will return.

You may be dealing with your creative projects and feeling like something has to be let go of in order to bring new life to this other aspect. We all are in the process of let go and reach for but most likely are in a limbo space still where nothing is clear EXCEPT the strength of your heart in wanting to commit with something and ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is going to feel like all the unimaginables have been coming to your foundation, and getting you to have to sit back and trust that investments will work out and what you need to be provided with will be when you need it. The point has been to get you back into a better flow where you aren’t so hyperaware of thinking you need to do something or that something is wrong. It's time to get your vibe into one of patience and compassion and transformed in how you speak and present how you want to make a difference in the world.

Things will be fine tuning so that you really see that you need to be where you are and discovering this new level of feeling your emotions -- that ACTUALLY is birthing you into your best version that is to arrive in 2022. This time is to be finding the material of your truth that you kept hiding, seeing it as something unacceptable, and pushing it away in pursuit of keeping up with finding a home in the mainstream structures.

This time is to wake up your real spirit and get you back at home in a body that is your original truth and nothing that needs to be shaped by the status quo. It's time to find a new home on Earth with changes to what brings you feelings of higher value for self. This is to be when you feel things so intensely that you can't help but surrender and hope for a rebirth and easy transition into a new space that you can feel is on the rise.

This energy is like dreaming for something to happen, and then being close to it, and then moving past it, and then appraising the cycle and finding more quality in life because you see how things played out. It is when you learn to dream more and hustle less. You are the last one that needs to push things because you are the vibration we are moving into. We just need YOU to find home again with yourself and to broadcast that uniquely and with authority... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!



This new moon is going to be when you start rebuilding your position in the world based on a new level of value that is to rise. This means you may be shifting from one position to the next or will be going back to an old position that now feels like it is time to give this another chance to grow. This means you will be reaching for something that before you didn’t think you were good enough to manifest. It will deal with your place in the world and with making a difference by using your authentic gifts.

This energy is to surprise you in many ways as it is putting you into different situations that force you to figure out a way to step up and use your voice to do more with the time you have left. You may even feel the clock ticking and that will be what gets you to look into new areas to be what supports and sustains you. You are NOT going to be messing around anymore and this energy is to make it important that YOU show up and do more in this incarnation based on what you naturally do so well. This will show up as a big wave in your life where you will feel like you have to go for this new avenue, but then you will be pulled back in order to truly plant the seeds and recreate what you will feel you were born to do.

This time is to be potent and powerful in shifting you into the best position or role where you will naturally thrive. But the process getting you there is full of synchronicity that is to first wake you up and get you seeing that there IS another way for you to go about your dreams. I have to share my story because it will be similar to what happens for you, but on the new year we woke up ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide issue #145. Read the other 2/3rd of the reading and the daily readings through to January 16! GET THE MOON GUIDE!

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