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This moon energy is going to light a new fire within that is about really walking the steps and doing the details that will get you a solid home to hold your creative dreams. BUT. There is something standing in the way, and it really feels like it's little jobs that you pushed to the wayside, or that you took on because you felt obligated to, and now they need you facing them and working to see that there are solutions to how they are not fitting comfortably with your vision of how things would be.

This time can come as a shock where you will suddenly see how the outer world has manipulated you to follow this certain path and to think positively or negatively about certain things. You may even notice how you feel extra sensitive with conversations on the internet or in groups that you associate. There will be more fighting and discord and verbal outbursts letting others know they are not happy with things. This is ultimately to get you OFF THE INTERNET and back into a new routine and way to live your day to day that is not giving so much of your life force. This energy wants you letting go of how you allow the outer to influence your inner space to the point you believe you have no place.

You SHOULD feel extra sensitive and often provoked by things you were not planning for. ALL OF THIS is just to get you feeling the sting of where you should not be, and loving yourself enough to choose for the better scenes. You don’t have to stay because you must behave or show yourself as complying with the wishes of others. You can break the rules, and you are being asked to break many. You are to come out of the boundaries and to also go for something that is a risk of the heart. This is to be something where you fall in love AGAIN and come around the bend into seeing something with more appreciation. You may get fired from a job, and then get unemployment, which is to be what gets you believing in your artistic or creative dreams. 

SOME sort of shock IS to throw you a bit off balance, but only to wake you up to what ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This Full Moon is going to change a lot and I got goosebumps sitting in this energy! Now, do know that you are at some real big start over point in regards to something that holds you and that will be the supportive space that assists you in going a higher level in how the world sees you. So, things are changing in ways that will affect the quality of your life and the crop of land that you will soon be growing from. Be patient as you FEEL your way through to what needs to be put into place so that you are able to come out the other side and show yourself in another way.

You may feel like things are blocking you in your career or with things moving as you planned – but this is letting you know that something needs to be changed, altered or let go of, and you are to be the one seeking for a solution. You are starting over in how you are to bring more joy to what is broken and in need of growing into its better next levels. You are doing something that is showing us the better way to run things out in the world where we aren’t just breaking apart or allowing things to consume us to the point we have no self-care or roots with friends and creativity to TRULY support us. You may be thinking about how much you give to your career and how something is changing where you really want to be here now and doing something that allows you a creative expression that feeds your soul.

You can expect to wake up with a thud, and to really see how the things that are not working are just pointing you to ways you DON’T want to be all out there and not getting the soul nourishment that YOU need. It's great that you are there for so many others, but you need space to be with the meditative ways of doing your creative gifts and just letting them be what you do. Like, sewing to sew and writing to just get it out and see what it really is. It's time for you to start a new way of living where you are better manifesting because your body is truly vibing an authentic thing that can only be experienced from you honoring what you feel. And, then making decisions based on ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide.


This energy is going to bring a radical change to your foundation and to something that will be going through a healing process. This is something that supports you -- and the energy is asking you to change how you operate in your mind regarding interpretations of what things mean in any one step of your unfolding process. You are in a real big cycle where you are hooking more into your feelings and into new needs that rise because you get more in tune with your truth.

Being a mental creature, what you are is whatever you are filled up with. And something is aligning you to Spirit and to down time or meditative spaces because you are hooking into a new way of living your life that will be starting over in some way right now. You will be coming to the other side with a creative project and how you saw this moving along in your future. Changes are coming to get you into a better position where you are making an impact and reaching people far and wide. You ARE onto great things – but they come to some fork in the road where you will be forced into a space with strong feelings that will take you into your ultimate dance with the Great Mystery.

This means you will be forced to trust and to learn to watch how your mind handles changes that were not expected. When we face death, it often comes when we least expect it. And the stages of grief are real. There are waves that play out and unusual emotions that surface. They all indicate needed change – but they don’t come out smoothly! And for good reason. Death is transformation, and rebirth is the new energy that grows. You are to see that things are moving, and they won't always stay this way. But when you imagine that you don’t have a home, or you won't be seen for what you want to bring, you keep blocking out energy that needs to be spent broadcasting how badass and authentic you are -- and that when you are fully apprenticed the people and things WILL find you. You were never taught to believe such a thing! You were taught to chase after and dibble dabble in all until it fills you to some imagined feeling. But fractures to your foundation got you leaning in this negative way where you are responding in glass half empty ways because something went wrong and was not what you expected.

This time is when you are to heal spaces where ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This is going to create a nice shift where something out of the blue with your groups or friends comes in to get you inspired about your art and doing creative things with your writing or ideas. Things out in the world affirm that something is changing, and things are speeding up and getting busy! You also will go through a distinct shift where you do feel a bit low and in fear over money or debt or something that is out of your control. This may be with a partnership and how they are going through something that you can't help but go through too. 

You will be getting around some corner where you are seeing the light again and this is going to be super inspiring because you will see that there is a way out and there is still room to grow into. You don’t need to know where you are going, but you do need to believe in a dream and to see that you can support yourself from your creative gifts. We need you finding your way out of the old paradigm and into something that you navigate with your feelings and with a childlike enthusiasm hoping for some wild and wonderful thing to take place. You are being asked to believe in light ways where something will come together that sees something you have been working on or have kept hidden because stronger forces made you doubt what you know. There is to be an awakening that gets you trusting yourself and honoring that you don’t have to see something to know it is true.

There also can be many fears or sad feelings around regrets in your past where you weren’t conscious enough to value what was there and how to best process it. Do what you can to speak in glass half full ways because this time doesn’t want you beating yourself up for getting it wrong, and instead it is to inspire you to never get it wrong again. You have so much life still in front of you and you need to stop living in your past and staying stuck because you are following some rule book of people who don’t have any right to influence you. You are not to be a follower and to not try to just make everyone else’s life feel easier. 

You are to move on things that feel wrong and be stronger with boundaries whenever you are being led... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


Okay love! This is going to bring a big change that deals with your career and the role that others see you playing. A sudden move is to bring an opportunity where you will be seen for your creative gifts as some seed is planted letting you know you need to keep with growing this crop that is creative and what you love to do. You are to do things different and where you dance with others in ways where you are true to your heart instead of responding to how they take you. You may be in situations where you are needing to come to the other side of a relationship that now needs to transform as you will be learning to value yourself more and to understand what is a yes and what is clear as day as being something that resonates.

This will kind of feel like you are being reborn and you will want to show yourself different because of the changes going on in your relationships. You may be growing stronger ties and a commitment into something that is serious and long standing. There may be some strong declaration of love or a knowing that there is a way to get your soul’s purpose work becoming something that grounds you and supports you living in these other ways. Where you stand is like when we are in spring and about to grow a new crop of your dreams. As you are changing, your needs are growing stronger where you aren’t thinking in scarcity, or chasing the mainstream ideologies, but instead are getting down to the details of what it will take to discipline your creative gifts into something that the world sees and appreciates. There are avenues for you to explore and expand into, but they need you first seeing that you have a place with what you love to do.

How this energy goes is that you are to feel fragmented by others, and this gets you going deep into why they are in your life - and then there will be an unraveling as you figure out what in you allowed them to now provoke you into growth. There is nothing but goodness to the challenges in the dances with others, but your voice does need to be heard and it needs to be where you are getting clear on how others feel to you and how it makes you feel like you don’t have any worth. It's time to clear the air because what got you in ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This time will create a big shift where at first you will feel a bit wobbly and unsure, but then through forces coming in out of the blue, and not near to you, you will start walking in a new way and towards a new role that suddenly you are ready to step up into. This time is when things come when you least expect it, and they are to get you wanting to be more artistic in life or to believe in your creative dreams. You may hear or see of someone doing something you would love to do, and this gets you seeing that it can be done.

You also may be coming up with the inspired ways you want to change how others see you through the image of your website or social platforms. There will be growth around things that support your natural gifts and that in some way bring clarity to how we see them or how we translate what you dream of doing in life. This is where the radical change first takes place, and then it is to take you into a wonderland of creativity as you finally see things come together and make sense about ways you need to start a new garden and nurture a new crop into place. 

What matters most is that you are learning to drive your car in more unique and assertive ways where you are seeing that you have a place in the world with what you are here to do, and then just trusting that things will come together to elevate you. There is fear around feeling you have no right to be, and this time now is working on your mental spaces so that you don’t ever see again that you don’t have a right to be! You don’t have to choose for things that don’t value the service you are to bring. You can say no and draw boundaries and see that better things come from you asserting with strong convictions around what you feel is right or wrong.

This time wants you stepping up more when things don’t feel right, but where you see for there being some way to bring this into healing; to use your energy to see into there being a solution and some way to upgrade what is not working. This time will be when you find home with your power, and it will change what you want to do with your life. Allow yourself to see that you are going towards what feels good and not what you have to... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


Okay love. Get ready for a real big shift around this full moon where you suddenly go into REALLY wondering about a relationship or something that deals with you being seen and valued for what you bring. Your heart will step into a new flow as you feel things differently, as you are wanting to not just live for others or make their lives feel more comfortable, but to live for what your heart is telling you it NOW needs.  You will be upgrading because you are listening to your feelings more and wanting to go deeper in understanding what your body is trying to tell you about needed change. You are being pulled inward in different ways to get you seeing that it's time to shed some skins and transform into showing yourself in ways that really embody a path that is yours to take. 

Change is on the horizon because there are old ways you are in shame, blame and guilt that are to rise from you getting to another view where you value yourself without needing to first find that value through the lens of another person seeing you. You are to be stepping away from how things have programmed you to dance in a certain way in order to get attention or to be seen as special. But now there is a new song rising and it's about you going into meditative spaces where you embody compassion as you work through putting the pieces of the mystery into place.  Something will come as a shock that deals with boundaries or a voice rising in needing to speak about what is not okay. This may be about you or those around you, but it's to trigger you into honoring that we all need to trust the journey and not get so stuck in thinking we need to make others our authorities or to be dependent on their moves. Something may come as a shock to what seemed like it was a contract, but this time is to clear the air on debts that are not going to make the space for your future transformed self to feel happy.

Some skin needs to shed and then there will be a sensitive space where you are unsure and figuring things out. Just know this is when you are to be extra creative and doing it because you love to do it, but to really see that your heart is letting ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This is when you are to come to the other side in regard to something that confused you in your mind where you wondered if you got something wrong and are being punished for something from your past. No matter where you feel emotionally about things, be clear that you start a whole new way of living TODAY. This time wants you starting over in how you have bought into something that conditioned you to be in a foundational way – as in learned it from the parents or caught onto some manipulative pattern in childhood when dealing with your space and others.

Something got you to do and it's time to learn from doing in a whole other way where there are not breaks that do harm, but rather collaborations to disagree in peace. In some way you are to make corrections in who you show yourself or in the role that you are for others. Things are coming at crossfires with changes asking you to make a radical change in how we see you doing your thing. This means your thing is to change because you are not chasing after the same old things – which maybe is attention and being seen as important. Something will break you out of your old system because you DO need to take some time and reconsider a better path -- that is all about helping you get into a position where you love what you do and still have time for self-care and doing things that support your vibration to BE an actual vibration and not just a thought.

The self-care is where you are getting loaded with solutions to things that wouldn’t hold you in the future. And the down time is when you are seeing yourself cross bridges and come to the other side where your ego had you needing things a certain way. From the acts of spirit coming in spontaneously to change your foundation, you will step into a wildly productive manifesting space where your heart is really going to want to step into things creative that bring a lot more joy into your life. You also may be getting pregnant in the near future or will start to give birth to an old creative idea that is coming around again and where there will be a new sort of passion getting this going again.

You are doing bridges, corners and new chapters that are based on ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This is going to be a busy time for you where you are going to be setting many things straight that deal with you communicating clearly and sharing creative dreams or projects that feel like they are your thing. You will be starting over with something you loved to do where now you will get a second chance to do this from an older and wiser perspective. There also is something shifting with your work environment or how you spend your day to day. Something comes in to show if things really are in a balanced order and working as they really could. 

This means breaks in the system are opportunities to see how this could be leveling you up and getting you into the best apprenticed position. We often have to be at the top and then tumble down to the bottom in order to really take advantage of being at the top. Sometimes things are too easy, and we don’t appreciate them. But when they come after feeling down in the dumps, they come with a renewed appreciation of valuing the good times in life.  You are going through a wave that will take you down so you can do the up in a better fashion. And there are ways you need to see how something from your past is keeping you feeling like you don’t have a home in the world because it was something fractured and didn’t hold you safe.

Where there is illusion that keeps you feeling fragile or not complete you are to see that there is another side that needs to reach your eyes and it will only come when you are meditating or doing things that relax you. You are being asked to play in new ways where you aren’t so insecure of your creativity and are trusting that your work may be ahead of the times, but you don’t need others affirmation to keep you on the path. Something needs to start over in how you process your work where it isn’t all about some certain view that was planted in your past. And you need to feel your way to what is going to work in this next year. Your feelings are going to be louder because something needs you coming out of the shadows and talking different about what was lost in translation. 

Fractures are not to be devastating; they are to become works of art that get you living more present for what IS in ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide.


Oh yes! This is a Full Moon that will bring you an ENOURMOUS shift where you come up with some idea that deals with your natural gifts, and that now is finding some sort of new home in your life. There will be a light appearing into an area that you thought was dead and gone. This may mean you are coming back to something that just needed to grow and allow for other pieces to bring it to the next level. You will be coming out of the shadow with your position in the world and from things that support what you innately do and that deals with bringing value to things or creating better plans for things. 

The ways you naturally come up with solutions and upgrades, through your creative gifts, is to suddenly come to the other side and be seen in some way. This may be a seed planted that will take a while to grow; but you are being planted with affirmation for you to keep with a creative idea of yours. This energy will come on strong where you will be DONE with scarcity living and putting so much energy into debt or the fears around certain programmed ideas with money. 

An old pattern in how you used to process things is now shedding skins and opening you to a cleaned window view of new potential. For this reason, expect the unexpected because you are not going to see what hits you until it really does. This deals with a sudden move where you are being loved and something about you is being appreciated. You also may be coming up with a good idea that deals with something that got put into place a while back – but now an opportunity presents to bring this to light. So be patient as you walk this next 2 weeks but do know things are going to get moving because of this bolt of inspiration or appreciation that changes everything for you.

You MAY fall in love and finally connect with someone that in some way is coming back to you. There is return in this energy where the 2nd time around has more value because of the time in the dark and focusing so much into not being able to get ahead in life or staying paycheck to paycheck. From those dark caves, you approach life in a new way when the light does finally come on again... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide.


Oh love! This full moon is huge for you – but it may hit you in a way that knocks you out and makes you wonder if you can handle your life. It will be funny like that because you will be shown CLEARLY what is no longer working and what is at a bias to where your energy best be suited. Understand that as we get older, we are better able to embody a higher level of value. But when younger we intellectualize the value we deserve and we then expect others to be these other things in order to show that they see us as valuable. We need an outer sign when we are younger, and we don’t when we get older and when we really do embody a sense of high value or self-worth.

BUT. You got to walk the journey to get to the energy that fills your body up authentically! For it to be real and sustainable, it must be something you journey through, versus read about and mentally understand and agree with. At this time, you are to be letting go of old aspects of self that DID see that you don’t have a home and don’t really fit in here. With that front, the world can't help but deliver. And that is no longer the truth. You were woke with this full moon and now you will be taken into your depths, where things will feel heavy and very unknown, but they are to do healing work on you where you value your existence more. Things will be brought into a better balance with how you dance in opposition, or with others who you feel stand in your way, where you will be more assertive in knowing you are correct or you know the best way, but not shoving it down others’ throats or doing anything to even care what others are doing or thinking.

When you get full of yourself, you won't judge yourself through others eyes. You will embody this energy that won't be controlled or manipulated to the point you stay mentally focused on a battle with others and things that you really have no control over. This can also be about diving into the fears and staying hooked into seeing a dry desert as your future. You are to be coming to the other side in seeing that you are getting in your own way and that you need to plant more hope and beauty ... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 


This is the ULTIMATE Full Moon for you where something with your old nature that hid behind others when the going got tough is now going to find a new home in the world with your work, or in the way you spend your day to day, to the point you blossom into a brand new expression. This is big time – and it comes in a sudden and drastic and serious way because YOU HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF YOUR WAY. You have got to stop playing small and hiding what you know, by keeping your words or creative gifts scattered in chaos because you can't face things -- that are made worse by you running from them.

Ways you have sabotaged your relationships, friendships, or career – because you were done wrong in the first place – are now going to correct where you step into another role and show yourself in areas where you can feel strong and balanced and fully apprenticed into a role that influences. This can mean many things for you all out there – but where you come out of the shadows, and sacrifice a way you were programmed to be, you will be greeted with new partnerships that DO see you and encourage the higher version that you are wanting them to see. For many of you this is when you fully step into a new way of doing things where you are cleaning up messes and getting down to business in keeping up with what needs you. It won’t be so easy to escape because you will see that it doesn’t serve you to keep laying low and dialoguing with what makes you feel like you don’t have a home.

This time will hit you in more powerful ways where you will be able to see a solution or something that inspires you to keep looking glass half full EVEN IF things feel blown to pieces. Notice inside that you are feeling stronger about what you feel and how it IS guiding you and how nothing is too much for you to conquer. Even the fractured pieces are now revealing truth that you need to see. The break gets you to open widely and to see that something about this needed to be. Something with death or destruction or a loss of money from something not showing as you wished, is where you will be seeing to the other side and connecting other dots that could not be there without the first catastrophic event... CONTINUED in Moon Vibe Guide #136. You just read about 1/3 of what is in the guide. 

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