oh hello THURSDAY! Don't sleep in.

29 July 2021


Good morning sweet loves! OKAY. We have a big day here and things will feel larger than life in all the directions and scopes of being. But no matter, this is when we really start to notice that it is time to let go of one thing and step fully into another level of sharing what you do. Things are triggering you to GROW. Sometimes we have to be agitated in order to get us to stand up and do what we need to do in order to get our life out of the gutter and with 4 tires full and good to go. For many, you have been limping for so long that now you need this jolt of energy coming through to get you focused and putting in the time towards doing something now and not living in the regret of wishing you had done it sooner. All low feelings are tests to get you standing up for yourself. Using words that put you down will keep you down. Don’t be what keeps you from your dreams. Align to the true north star that is where you are seen as important and are making a bigger difference. See that you need this. See that your heart needs to be seen for certain things. And don’t get down if it's midnight to your timeline and you still got hours before they will see you clearly. Just know the sun will rise for you IF YOU rise to greet it. Don’t sleep in.

  • MOON PLANNER: Chiron.
  • MOON DEGREES: 11 to 22 Aries.
  • MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

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