FEB 21 | Monday

Okay loves! We have a big day of energy, and you need to be aware of this challenge! We all are being tested today in how we respond in our relationships when we don’t get our way or when we feel that another has an easier ride or something that doesn’t even compare to what we have to walk. You may feel like you are at a bias to others around you and it's just on you to respect that we all are here because we need to be, but that fighting, or belittling is not the way to healed relationships. You need to show another side that trusts the process but where you KNOW you are here for a good reason learning exactly what you are. 

Karma is a reality but it's not going to be the privileged version of what it means. There are huge groups of people that believe the rich are being rewarded by God and that karmically it is a blessing. But that is not even close to the truth! If it was, Christ would be all about supporting the wealthy, and he was about supporting those who were at the bottom and being exploited by the wealthy. He said, love your neighbor and take care of those in need, extend your hands to the less fortunate and do what you can to bring peace.  He didn’t say, elevate the wealthy and make them the priority – he knew that THEY were the problem, that they were the ones who are disconnected to the heart and to true compassion, and only concerned with making even more wealth for themselves and no one else but those who are ABOVE them. 

There is a natural cycle that is supposed to take place that would have ALL beings taken care of. It is about turning around and helping those who are right behind you, not everyone behind you, but the level that is just underneath you and in need. And as it goes, the bottleneck starts with people who make about $200k a year. Under this amount, you see people doing this, you see them extending support to local rescue groups and fund raisers and those on the street showing up needing support.

But above this amount, they don’t look down to help, they only look up! They support their college or movements of the rich that need support. But they don’t want to focus on those struggling because they fear it will become them too – and if they only give attention and money to those richer, they believe it will make them richer. They also like to keep quiet that they have money so that you don’t ask them for a thing! After a certain amount of an income, compassion ONLY goes to those who are doing more. SO. We have a big gap where those who have vehicles on their last breath are the ones showing up to do all the humanitarian work because they FEEL for the pain others are in, and those who could really make a difference only want to give to their sorority or fraternity and they look down on others thinking they got themselves in that shitty position and THEY need to figure their way out. It's SO UN-Christ like. 

BUT. Things are changing and the heart connection is going to unclog like a drain that had too much hair keeping the water from moving. As we see people FINALLY feeling their heart, and not just their mind, which can be 100% programmed to be a monster or a saint, we are to see more of the extreme privileged finally feeling for the people just beneath them who are in struggle.

Expect to be very aware of how unfair things are and to feel fixated into the dysfunction. But don’t think we have the answers right now! We can't change other people until they want to change themselves. So be an example and keep doing what you can to move peace forward. But do know, the imbalance is HUGE, and you will see 100 reasons why things are messed up for so many people BECAUSE of the privilege of the elite who do NOT want to look at how THEY are contributing to the pain of those behind them on the ladder in life. 

Visualize that they will finally wake up and see the error of their ways before they die and end up decades in limbo unable to forgive themselves as they hold a dense energy over Earth that affects all that are still living. Limbo is PACKED with violators and abusers who now can't forgive their evil and unconscious ways. So do what you can to see that those who crush life out of so many will have a heart that finally feels compassion for the Earth journey. Use YOUR power to see for a better planet for us all. Face the dark reality but see for the light arriving to set the heartless free and to get that backed up drain flowing harmoniously creating acts of kindness and generosity.


21 February 2022 | MONDAY

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Uranus.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Uranus.

11 | 29 Libra to 11 Scorpio


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