saturday 4 december | solar eclipse

O h M O O N! We love when you go NEW in Sagittarius and are close to the North Node, creating a SOLAR ECLIPSE! We love when you come in at this time and give a new view of some old stuck situation that was driving us mad in wonderment of what to do and how to get through this thing. We LOVE when you bring us this other side that gets us feeling empowered and now ready to go. THIS IS the moon you have been waiting for this year, and it WILL shift you and get you feeling like there IS something more to live for.

Now. We had an unusual Lunar Eclipse 2 weeks ago that lasted longer than we have ever seen. The length they stay in the Eclipse determines how long their effects will be. Normally, we say 6 months. But with this Lunar and Solar Eclipse we say 2 YEARS. Today will mark a change for you where something will come in to alter how you were seeing something that was actually keeping you stuck and feeing unable to move.

For example, I live right next door to a huge multi-million dollar house and when I first moved in I noticed that the person who built that house was SO SELFISH. They purposefully did design moves that dominate the houses around it – as if showing that they have the power. I’ll talk more on it later with details for you to understand, but it started to really annoy me a few months ago because they CONSTANTLY are having workers tend to the yard and make fixes, and because of the build design, it means they walk in front of my windows and are constantly interrupting my process – and keeping me from getting writing done. The owners don’t even open their gates for the workers to turn their vehicles around, and instead they use MY driveway. But I finally figured something out where I lowered all my curtains so that the top reveals the sky, but the bottom blocks the view of my neighbor’s house and the walkway between that the workers use. And it changed EVERYTHING! I now don’t see them, don’t think about them, and am not getting triggered in frustration about something that I cannot control. Turns out, I COULD control it by making it something that is not so visible and penetrating into my day.

We are making discoveries like this where we are seeing that there IS a solution or some way to do what we can to make things feel better for us. And 100% of the time, it will be where WE make an adjustment, and this is what will open the floodgates for us seeing into other solutions that will set us free to live wildly. It is suggested that you stay pressed to what is stuck, but with a new perspective where you are opening to there being some way to alleviate things and get the flow moving again.

This also means that you WILL be presented with dominating forces that make you think there is no way out. BUT it is here 100% on purpose to get you using your body to figure out a new way to handle what is leaving you feeling like you are stuck. There are things around you that are not working, and the reason is NOT what you think – it is not that the whole system needs to be thrown to the curb – it means something in YOU needs to make a change so that the OTHER THING is not triggering you to go low.

Expect to come upon MANY solutions, even to simple things, or with small changes you can make, that get you seeing that your future is not so dire and that there is something for you to reach for and to apply that will get you feeling like your life is growing into new pastures that don’t trigger you so much. Stay focused on the farthest point and don’t get so worked up by what is on the road right now. If you can stay KNOWING you will get to this end result, with energy going towards seeing a new vision, YOU WILL GET THERE within 2 years.

What rises today is important as it carries the vision of where you will one day be. The changes you make and the ways you move into new spaces are laying the foundation for an excellent crop to grow. There IS a way out and your eyes need to be focused on the prize as this will open you to what YOU need to do to get things feeling more alive.


4 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Mercury. Moon/Neptune.

MOON PLANNER: Mercury. Neptune.

MOON PHASE: plant the seeds

MOON DEGREES: 12 to 26 Sagittarius



SOLAR ECLIPSE 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS (12:43am Mountain Time)

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