wednesday 27 october

Oh love, we got a big day here! Things have gone a bit next level in how palpable things are. Today represents the great divide when our worlds fully encompass what they are. This means we will be around others and will feel a bit detached from what they are talking about and how they feel like they are collapsing. 

This won't be a mean detachment as if you don’t care; it will be the detachment that nurses learn while on the job. It's where you are there 100%, but you aren’t anything other than support; you aren’t a sponge. You could never be a sponge and be a nurse. You have to be an open channel who takes it all in, but focuses on, how can I support you? 

Something in our bodies will start changing from us making decisions where we draw clear boundaries, WITH LOVE, and where we no longer allow these things into our lives. Kind of like losing old patterns and ways that we were conned into following. 

We are waking up rapidly to how false we are because we follow false things. This will create a tidal wave energy, within ourselves, and the community. This is when you will see people ripple awake and where they will be making big changes with how they live their lives. It means we begin to start over and demand that another view be lived. 

On a micro level, you may be changing things with your home at this time, where you hit the thrift store and find some things to bring in new life. Something really gets to us about home and how we need to take care of what we got, but also keep bringing in new elements that bring beauty to our consciousness of our own homes. I am so in love with my home now, more than any home I’ve been in before, and I say it daily. I even touch the walls and say, I love you!! Like, total appreciation. I show my love. And when I add things to my home, I see it as feeding it and giving it what it needs to keep supporting me. I see it as a cycle where we give to receive.

Like giving the dog treats, it is giving your home treats. So do something today that adds to the gratitude you feel for the support you DO have right now. Do little things that care for you and also care for your spaces. Even if you just put your epson bath salts into a mason jar, instead of the bag you bought it in. Do things like this today and pay attention to how you can water your plants and get them providing you more of a beautiful view. It's about working together with things that can grow because of you. 

Do NOT focus too much on what is collapsing in the world; only focus on how to build it better now. See for a solution and start over in some way in how you digest things like this, that ultimately are 99% out of your control. Don’t waste your precious life on beating your head against a brick wall. Keep moving until you feel things are soft and supportive. We are not to correct by reprimanding the old-world ways, we are to just walk the new ones and show that we are changed.  



27 October 2021

MOON PLANNER: Pluto. Mars.

MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 17 to 28 Cancer



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