FULL MOON IN ARIES | your readings!

Oh hello my moon vibe members! Are you ready for the Full Moon Readings? We are in a spectacular time where we are changed from how we used to be. And with the changes come energy to assert in new ways.

Come read you SUN, MOON & RISING SIGNS! 



100% this is when things really start to change for you! This is when you finally shift into this new level where you are going to be thinking of your role and how you want to be more assertive with the you that has been lost in translation of late. Suddenly you are to feel like you are being turned on and it will deal with something coming that values you and offers hope in something that is yet to manifest or is something that would get your work or ideas out there far and wide. 

You are so close to collaborating and things are going to surprise you over the next few weeks with connections that open your mind in ways you weren’t seeing before. This is to really light you up and get you being more active with your imprint on what becomes your next steps. This is when you will yearn to leap and reach for something new that could only become because of the path you have walked. 

You are going to really see how changed you are because of the journey, and it will ignite a new passion to get out there and be with life and even work to help others, through things like life coaching or where you offer assistance in some way or bring beauty to their day. You are going to be woken up and geared towards wanting to start over in creating what will support and hold YOU – and the key is that holding others in a new and exalted way will offer the monetary and public support to sustain you in new ways. 

So, you also sit at this crossroads in figuring out how to balance the work and play and making money and loving what you do – and at this time your steps are what create the building blocks for you to really notice that others are taking you more seriously and seeing you as an authority that we DO need to follow and learn from. But you had to get to this energy shift from walking a life where you have been following things because the old world conditioned you to chase them like a wolf. 

And now you awaken and stop in your tracks as you will be making new choices, with firm action, and going towards what feels good in your body – even if it makes no sense in the old world ways. You are to show up new and consider that it is not too late to start over and start rocking life from this point forward. You also will be woken to wanting to use your gifts and really tune into what you are a natural at, and how to organically and patiently bring some new life space to reality. So, consider that you are working with plans for the future, but are really being more pro-active and positive and full of life in what you next want to do.

This also will be a highly cleansing time where you are shifting dramatically. There are loads to lighten and now you are learning how you dance with others and how they either empower who you are or keep you at an odds and fighting with how you really want to be. What is around you will show if you are being fought or loved – and it will be on you to get up and go from what doesn’t support you. You will be taking brave leaps of faith and believing in yourself in new ways. Don’t hold back from what you feel called to do because you are doing this for generations or for those who you are here to imprint. This means be bold with confidence in doing what your body guides you to do – but also be surprised by how your flowers grow. You are stepping into new spaces, and it needs you not carrying all the baggage of how things have been and how that shaped you into a particular person. You are to be the octopus who can grow back body parts after a long period of rest. 

For this reason, you may feel yourself going into a cave space to correct what was done wrong. Be assertive and hopeful with where you are being taken because this is going to clear the old you out of your focus so the real you can get down to business and take control of things in a new way. You sit in an important position, and it will be on you to see with new eyes that KNOW you are essential -- and that you expect the paths to open when you put it all out there heart and soul. Don’t worry about others and their fears of limitation and scarcity projections. You get to start over new now and you need to keep those toxins out of your crop. No fear. You don’t have time to invest in that.

To be best for others you have to be better to yourself. What occurs is to get you back into healthy soil that will help you grow a new life. Things will inspire you with movement at this time, but none the less, you will go through another slow down like when we stop to do taxes or stop to plant the seeds or stop to do surgery that will help things be healed later on. Something important needs you diving deeply into this in order to expand in the ways that you are hoping for. But you are on this ride now and things are moving forward. Just only be like a child who chooses because it IS what they want. Shift into a new role where you know you are supported no matter what, and it's just on you to keep holding the high vibes as you reach for the stars. Don’t stop believing. You ARE on the path of good change!


Okay love. This full moon is ushering in a new space for you to not run from what got you to escape and check out from what you really need to be giving your attention to. This is when things health related or work-related show up with fractures because of what before you didn’t want to face. This deals with you showing your truth and speaking up when you feel things are wrong – which you didn’t do in your past, because you were programmed to follow along – and be good – and cooperate.

So, this sort of energy shows where you haven’t been keeping it real, and where you need to start new patterns and ways of doing your day to day so that you ARE coming through louder in regard to what your body is telling you to do. This is when something happens around you that gets you thinking of a new course in life or a new way to be doing things. This can be that you start new ways to treat your body and start doing what you wish you would have started years ago.

Now is when you will be infused with discipline that feels like you are finally coming into yourself or getting into a sweet groove that keeps you interested and feeling like you want to be here. To be in spaces that don’t fit or that aren’t turning out like you hoped can be full of doubt about the decision making that got you there. But we don’t need you doubting what is still growing – and you DID make the correct decision at the time. This deals with something still needing to get further along before you see growth. Like, starting a café and now designing how you want things to go. Be patient as you assert your new self into the creation spaces of your new world.

There are still many ways where change will pop up and surprise you and it all is to get you still believing in yourself and in what got you to these places. But. Something about other people and how they programmed you needs to rise to a higher position in how you now deal with them in your present. This may be money related or something about going for dreams versus staying in something and trying to make it be good enough. Where something would be stuck, because you were conditioned to accept this, you now will yearn for movement and something that transforms into a passion that gets you seeing with new eyes.

You are growing and going somewhere new in your future. It is about 3 to 4 months away. And this moon is what sets the course for you really deciding to go for what feels like you need to be doing this other thing. And really, you are to be giving yourself permission to change. Because what needs to happen is that you break the rules and stop chasing how others got you hooked into making certain goals the whole point. Money will change with you at this time, and it deals with you hooking into a new flow with focusing only on your soul’s purpose work and what feels like THIS is what gives you joy and keeps you wanting to give more and more. You are looking for a change that gets your passion on fire so that you can serve and be here doing what feels most impactful to you. Maybe this means some things will be let go of. You may have to let go of jobs and invest in others taking over what isn’t igniting your passions. So, see that it does pay to invest in having more time to focus exclusively on sharing the best parts of you and how they are here to make a difference in the world. Change is good! Expect that you are facing the need to change – and hear these words affirming that you really are allowed to do this for you. 

Something is to be shifting with where you are on the day to day and this deals with finding support or women or things that really value what you are wanting to bring. This says that you don’t have to do a thing to manifest these next opportunities because they come when you are just walking around and not thinking in terms of timing. But things will find you because you are going to be affirmed for what you are here to do. This is not about you chasing old world money dreams, though. This is about you wanting to be a part of a movement that is working to make things better. 

When you get hooked up into the service of things and seeing how your beautiful ways can make a difference, you will shine a new sort of light that will get you out of the old patterns that were actually keeping you following behind another or not really asserting when inside you feel this is really important to you. It is time to come out of the shadows and step into a new role. And the steps are here for you now. The insights will come to reveal new puzzle pieces that before you hadn’t even considered. So, expect that surprise, and have total faith in the Great Mystery to be holding you as you move through these changes that are molding you back into your best version. You are going to feel stronger with bringing your presence forward – and now we just need to finish designing the café. You will be the hostess of your dreams, but now, work on the best version of what the café will be. When in place, you will step fully into a new role. You can trust this. So, build with love and let go of not believing in the ways your body speaks to you. You can surrender and stretch and be in positive thoughts about the unfolding of the mystery.


 Okay love! This moon is all about getting you to see that you DO have a place in the world for what you love to do -- and things are going to be connecting and coming together so that you see you CAN believe in the best and trust the Great Mystery. This energy will bring you into alignment where suddenly you will see into the ways and into what needs you committing your full-on heart towards. What connects is to ignite you with new passion around your creative gifts and what is natural about you. 

This is where an artistic thing is to come alive, but it also is about art therapy and how it actually is helping you to release things where you are staying locked in mental spaces where you think you are at a clash with what is out there – or that you feel like you have to war with seeing the improvements you wish for.  Your head may even feel foggy in this energy as it is pointing to your addiction to mental spaces that aren’t really valuing and honoring of you. 

This time is to get you waking to your importance and get you seeing that others DO value you. But the path in learning this comes from where you examine the ways you project and expect things to not come easy or there to be something not visible to worry about. This energy wants to get you playing more and just trusting that even when you fall and skin your knee, it had a purpose in waking you up, aligning you to a better path, and giving you an experience your soul is here to learn from. When we fall once, we tend to change our positions so that we never do that again. You are in a space like this, and it may be that you still feel insecure and mad that things are not going your way. But trust this because around a corner you will suddenly come on through to the other side and you’ll see the magic in what held you back or kept you from going along as planned. 

This also is to be changing your role in the coming months where there may be a return and where you show another side where you may have made a big change that you now regret. Just know, you are to flow and go with it all. We are not ON at all times, and something is taking you into a new creative space where you heal and make peace with where you have been in confusion, possibly not feeling seen, and not feeling like the world was unfolding in favor of you. These times are to get you growing a new crop where you settle more in as a co-creator and where you really honor that you are planting seeds with all that you think and do – and things DO come back to you. 

When you really lock into this new space that rises in the next 2 months, you will be much more obedient with keeping your mind in playful spaces where you wonder for something out of this world; where you surrender fully and just do what you can to hold compassion as your mysterious journey unfolds. 

You are being asked to assert again where you may have felt held back, and this deals with friends and groups that you either left or need to reconnect into. But there is synchronistic magic here! So, you only need to give it a thought and then allow the universe to align you. Because part of this energy is just about getting you to dream more like a child would, where they aren’t so negative about things not yet being in place, where they love what is here and it keeps them truly in the energy of creation. Your new home out in the world needs you really vibing the love of the journey. There also will be upgrades and solutions that are set to arrive to awaken you with a new idea that will sustain you. When you really find what you love to do and start manifesting all these things that love on you, a new crop will grow, like a baby, like a new plan – so expect to be surprised by the ways things are getting your heart to stand up for yourself. 

This energy wants you knowing that you are VERY special to the unfoldment of us shifting into the new earth ways, and it is time to be more assertive in knowing the world will usher in opportunities when you really commit to following through on something that really lights you up. It is time to show more of yourself and to believe that you are to be this other thing for others. Stay focused on the person you want to be and allow the rest to align with you. You can trust everything that is happening right now, but it does require you go deeply within to examine ways that you feel like you are a victim and that things are out to hurt you. 

Things from your past have you putting your value in an awkward position where you have heightened needs and insecurities with the attention you get. You are to be making discoveries that work to heal the imbalances and get you seeing that your fears are unwarranted, and something else done wrong long ago is what set you on that course. Expect psychological healing to take place where you lighten a load and also establish more loving boundaries. Things are not to break apart because they don’t fit. They are to be lovingly placed in new spaces. Transformation is taking place in you and things may go slow as you upgrade in the ways you deal with others around having your needs met. Just remember, you are to be a better version who believes in and is working towards peace.


 Okay my sweetest! I am in love with your reading! This time is when you get to start over with something where you are now in this place of feeling real serious about doing your souls purpose work and aligning to where you feel most at home in the world. You are a ball falling into position where you WILL see evidence that things are changing. This is to inspire you to really focus on your home and what is around you as you appraise how much joy it all brings you. 

But there is big change and much that you can't anticipate so you are to be honest with how you feel because things ARE manifesting, and what you dream for COULD be falling in your lap soon. This energy wants you to really tune into how things feel and to also broadcast towards some sort of upgrade that will give you a better crop to show out in the world. You are to reach for and to really think about what you love to do, how you would love to spend your day to day, where you would like to be and what you would like to have surrounding you. You are to color with more passion and really think about YOU being the one designing what will be a group effort or benefit to many. 

It's time for you to assert with more passion that you do have something that others want, and you need to bring more energy to seeing that you have a home in the world. Things are to come that surprise you and align you and it all is to get you seeing a different view of things so that you have a new base energy to draw upon. What is most important is that you feel safe and held – and now you see it's not on you to wait for others to find you – it's on you to broadcast your wishes and to really believe that you deserve to be in some amazing and far out there space in life. 

You can feel that a shift is occurring, and you need to remember to keep seeing that things are changing. You are starting over, and this is to be a gift that brings you to your knees with some 2nd time around gratitude where now you are in it to win it and will be much more aware of your position in the growing of things. It can be like going back to an old job, where you MISSED being gone, and now you do the work with more dedication, patience and passion.

You are to be showing us a new side of you that knows it's time to reveal a new role that you could only achieve from walking the journey. This is the kind of change that is deep in your bones, like the change that comes with motherhood. It is something else, and it is undeniable. But you are morphing into a new and it just needs you believing in yourself where you DO see you have a place in the world. It's on you to see this solid and to beam it out there like you KNOW you will be found.

You also will be more connected to others, and this will bring opportunities to share more of your thing or to further confirm that you are noticing a new level of support, and it IS coming from you being more assertive with your truth and with showing yourself in ways where you step up with more power. You also can expect that others are provoking you to act and getting you to have to step up your game. Trust this, because they are here to empower you into movement and into choosing more for how you want things to be. Not so pulled back and receptive, but assertive, and ready to leap instead of retreat.

This energy invites you to give yourself permission to dream for the unlimited potential and to not just follow along and keep thinking that things are only this certain way – like the way of your past or what others have conditioned you to believe. Again, this will require you keep pulling yourself into remembering that you get to start over right now – and you don’t need to bring along the past even if those around you are still doing so. You need to show up stronger than them and to affirm the new thoughts you are thinking about.

You also are to take all life in glass half full gulps because there is a test of you going low, like you would in your past, and not seeing enough proof to feel settled and content. Don’t wait for some feeling before you do something – and don’t sit in shame, blame or guilt as you interpret what is yet complete. See that it is growing and becoming, and you ARE onto something. Shift your mental spaces so you don’t allow yourself to play with the confusion of going to all sides and muddying up your focus and intentions. 

Right as I stepped into your reading, I was shown a new gift that I never noticed before! What I was shown is that when I wonder about things, the back of me tingles when it is a yes, especially up by my neck. And when it is a no, the front feels more dense and dull. I actually sat here for about 15 minutes asking questions! It’s amazing. And I didn’t know I had this gift until I sat in your energy! So, know too that your body is getting more powerful for you and as you love on it and care for it, you will hear things stronger that do guide you to step into more confident positions where you keep it real about what you are here to do. This is because you DO have an important home in the world where you offer your creative gifts and your love, and you will inspire others to hold steady with their dreams. So, create your next level now. It’s time to share something new.


This energy should feel exciting to you! It is to feel like you are finally starting over again in seeing that you can trust the process and trust that wild and wonderful new turns ARE still to rise and surprise you. Things are to come that get you rebooting and feeling like you are ready to go for something that gets you out there far and wide. This time deals with your creative gifts or messages and how you are excited to connect with others and share about beautiful things. 

Something comes that will get your heart lit up that may deal with being seen or appreciated for your work. This is to be what gets you thinking more about the downtime of life and how it offers excitement like now when things start to connect and make sense again. You are in a position where you are to awaken dramatically and to see that you CAN trust the leaps of faith. This is about you coming to the other side, and now seeing that you are rejuvenated with hope and driven to do what you feel you missed out on.

Something is coming to bring focus to the healing process and to situations where you are not allowing yourself to be supported when in the mystery of not knowing, or during the healing of things, or when something feels unsafe. This time is showing you that you CAN let go and allow those times to be when you cook up a better plan for life and your career. This particular inward session says you now have the understanding that you are a co-creator with your life and it's time to talk in new ways where you are clear and blunt and truthful, and not adding to confusion by just walking away. 

You are working towards justice – but in a way where you bring beauty to what needs to be delivered. This means no negative thoughts in thinking you will have to fight for what you want. Rather, you are to think all things will shine your way and work out for the best. You are to lose old addictions from your foundation where you learned to be in scarcity over waiting for the results of things – not really thinking you have a place, but rather, worrying that now you will be found out and now you are a loser. There is a bracing for what you expect to be. 

But the new connections you have where you are seeing that you really can trust things are opening your mind and rewiring your system so that you are able to just let go and believe for the dream and not get into seeing yourself like a victim when things don’t go as you planned. When we fully surrender, we know that hard breaks always create more confident 2nd chances at things. Whatever brings education and changes that steer you in a better way, are gifts for us to see! 

So, falling and losing things and not feeling stable are just where we learn how to do it better this next time around. You are in an interesting space because you are about to reboot and fully start over where your mind allows you to see that you ARE held, and you ARE safe, and you can just sit back and create some beautiful items and connections and manifest more movement within your life where there is more fun and new love or a baby or new animal. 

Some kind of life is about to fully blossom, and it is saying that this grows you a new crop with your career. So let everything go that casts you with a shadow or gets you feeling like a victim who is not good enough. But -- don’t cast the person out – cast the thought out of your mind. Be more powerful than thoughts of such weakness declaring you anything other than divine! You are to be seeing that you ARE supported by the Great Mystery – and this is to show you that you are safe and allowed to keep it real about how things make you feel, but if there are fractures, you are to see that nurturing support can heal all. You are to see that slow and steady gets you to where you want to be. And you are to see that you holding these thoughts and being this way is what will unleash a new life for you. 

Expect to also see that outer world events are aligning perfectly with how you are raising your vibration in keeping it real. So, as you face things that get you to bring more peace into your mind, and with how you process things, the more your outer events will start to kick into gear and really give you reasons to be happy. You ARE being tested. And this time wants you really shooting to the farthest point down the road and believing with strength that love will save the day – that kindness will save the day – that what really matters is that you find your family and be love with each other so that you can continue to grow what you now are really wanting to be around.

This is when you can start new creative projects and really see that they are YOUR THING. You are to be aligning with so much that sees you and values what you bring so that you finally get out of scarcity and just do what you love because you love to do it. It's about you transforming how you dance with social media and the world. This time just wants you really starting a new crop where you use your voice more and get fully focused into the love of doing your creative gifts. Often the things that pull us into healing are what gets us really wanting to share our gifts even more. You are in some space where next you get to lay down a new foundation to support the better visions of what you want to do with your career or how you want the world to be for you. Changes are coming and new views will rise, but right now it's on you to design this around you being really happy and not getting insecure over things that make you think you are not enough. It's time to make a new contract with a better life. Leap into what feels right.


Oh love! This is some good news for you! This is when you will be going through massive awakenings where you piece through the garbage and find out you actually have something of worth. It is to be that things were tough or confusing or in scarcity with doubts of competency, but that now you are starting to see the light and it has you wanting to do something with a creative gift and do something that starts your life over where you have a foundation that supports you to grow. 

This can be where your apprenticeship is shifting and now it's time to bring your wisdom forward and honor that you are as gifted as other people see you as. This means things will start to show up that value you for the art you bring and the ways you do your thing. This is also to get you being more positive about what holds you and how it needs you paying attention to how you engage with others where you aren’t really using your voice and standing up for how you feel. This is about where you do follow along in the sense that you don’t value your own worth – like, you aren’t there talking and believing like you are as special as we know you to be. 

But also know. This is when we are in our apprenticeship and still cooking. You are so wise that you knew to hold back and reconsider before moving forward – because you knew you were still cooking. Most don’t honor the cooking period and only think of the gain. So don’t wonder why you go the slower journey. Don’t wonder why you doubt if you are as gifted as you really are. In the process of becoming, you are to wobble. And it's only because you 100% are a top dog on things. And we only get to be the top dog when it's time to transform into a new level when we step completely into this new role. So, to be uncertain and halting with things is just to say you trust that you are still cooking. We don’t jump the gun until we are authorities. Others do. But not the amazing Virgos.

BUT. Something at this time is about to present a gateway where you get to see that now things are growing and what you love to do is showing that the world loves you. This means new support is to show up with friends returning or connections on the internet that put you in the right place at the right time. Big life altering times are upon you and it is where you will get to start over and see that actually you do have a home out in the world with your dreams. And you are here to make a difference. Connections will come that value you. Ideas will pop from nowhere and they will get you reaching again and thinking about how to market or move things to wider audiences. This is when you are growing your best crop, and you get to pick and choose what you really want to see being what changes everything.

Now. There is a lot of surprise here and it is about getting your foundation in place, with weeds gone and full-on room to be able to grow your dreams. So, think about this. You aren’t going to know how things hit you and there may be deep feelings with confusion and fear around what could be – because of shifts with your foundation. Just know this is to bring you to something that holds you better. So – don’t think negative or think it will be a bad outcome. 

This healing journey into the sadness of the past and the loss and the heart break IS shifting with this moon. It is now time to bring you to another view where there is more hope for the future. This could be something like a baby or a creative gift that now comes into the picture. When in love, we see life in new ways. Your transformative purpose elevates and now brings support to your dreams and getting you sustained by what you love to do. We must walk the journey to talk the wisdom that really impacts others. That is more important than money – and THAT is what generates more money. Expect to see things you haven’t seen before and to be SHOCKED at how amazing it gets with how perfect things are coming together. 

This is your time to be supported for what you are putting out there and believing could be in your life. This is when the magic is to rain on you and really hook you up again to being busy in the shop and busy loving what you do so that you aren’t even worrying about how to stay busy. When we find that flow, we generate what we need. You are in this or about to be real soon. THEN you got to grow the new crop. 

So, stay positive with the plan of this and stay with high integrity in what you will allow to stay around you. There are some weeds that don’t behoove you. And they are only there to see if you will stand up for yourself and choose for a better crop – and not just go along and abide because you don’t want to make a stink. Boundaries will be drawn at this time because of the value you are waking to in realizing you got to take care of yourself before expecting others to take care of you. You got to plant the seed before expecting it to grow and bear fruit. You don’t just look at the soil and wish for something to grow. You must bring its essence into the picture. And then nurture it into what you want it to be. Value the craftwork of life.

L I B R A 

Okay here we go! You are officially being turned on again and will start feeling like you want to step into a new role and really go for something that gets you out of feeling like others control you or you have to follow along and do with others in mind. Things can be challenging with others where you feel the weight of what they bring, or what they fail to notice. You feel the dance of others and it is creating thoughts in you right now because it's time to clear the way of how you have danced in your past, and really make way for some new authentic pattern to take place where there is deep passion in what you are doing. 

You are going to be waking up to needing more for your life and your first space of contemplation will be with those who share your space. DO EXPECT that things are rumbling from the ground up and that what is not supportive of your future growth will go through some sort of collapse where there will be the need to rebuild things. This can mean what was holding you, now is breaking down and revealing other aspects of what you really do want to manifest and how you do want to step into another role where others see you as this powerful and direct person who moves us. 

There are storms in this energy that deal with testing you to stand up for yourself. This will grow in the next few weeks, but something now is showing up as irritation that comes from this old pattern that is needing to pass. This deals with fear, money, scarcity, loss and things that cause us the deepest of emotions. For this reason, what comes in your life can feel real heavy and as if it hits the innermost things. But. You can trust this journey and you just need to understand that you are going through a surgery sort of work where you will be stepping more into your power and into this resilient sort of position on things. 

From this rebirth and transformative space, you will begin to choose for more. These are the first days of you really going for something and realizing that you changing and being direct with what you need to feel seen, is what will get you into a new pattern that gets you wanting to upgrade how we see you in our eyes. You are being encouraged to work on creative projects or writing ideas that educate and bring wisdom about transformation and getting through the challenging things. There is the need for you to put yourself in the equations and to be assertive in knowing you have creative gifts that need to be rooted in patience and high value. This means keep with it and don’t cut corners or keep going into fear as you wait for your crop to grow. But you should be fixated into an area of change and be aware that there is something running your habits and there also is some need for healing that comes from examining why you are doing the things you are doing. 

There is an energy that looms over you from someone in your past and it's keeping you from thinking you can do something on your own. Be aware that this time is to get you rising so strong that the shadow breaks away and you wake up to the illusion of buying into the rulebook of others who have never done what you dream of doing. Things from your past are holding you back. But they will be shown to you through situations with others. People bring the mirror and the insight to help you heal, like a therapist does in uncovering what is actually hurting you. Like pushing away real love because you don’t think you deserve it.

We don’t often see what we need to see in ourselves, as we only stay fixated in the ways others ruffle our feathers or leave us in need. But at this point, the ruffling is to get you going deeper on who you are and what you are showing to us. It is to snap you awake where you see that you are done with how it has been going and are ready to start believing in yourself again. This time wants you going for things and really being direct in bringing the harmony and balance to what has been going in the wrong direction. You may have something come as a full-on reversal or will see that things were not what you thought they would be. This is just to get you valuing yourself and still staying hopeful in your mental space where you trust that something will bring the ah-ha moment to make it all clear eventually. 

We just need you believing that you can choose for you and not think it all over to the point you don’t know. This energy wants you being a bit rash and really stepping into what is a yes and what feels like support. There will be people around you now and you are to monitor how they make you feel and how they get you talking about the future. There are things that will support you to believe in yourself and your career dreams. It’s important that you aren’t just following along and not listening to the signs. Don’t adapt and make dysfunction something that is doable. It's time for you to choose for you and to make it known that you are ready for true support and passion to sustain you. Don’t judge yourself for being clear. And don’t judge others for being clear with you. As you are changing, so are those around you sensing that a new view is appearing. Go for what feels like home and be strong and direct with what doesn’t. This time just wants you walking like you know you are worth it, and you know your needs will be met. Go into the shadow and KNOW you will transform for the better from this.  

S C O R P I O 

Okay my love! This full moon is going to bring a process to a close that deals with spaces where you have been mentally confused and feeling full of shame, blame or guilt. What will come is the feeling that you are coming out of a cave – but first, the end pieces of this particular journey may feel a bit intense! It's just that you will be seeing into all sides and all pieces and the world at large and it can have you not really feeling grounded with who you are. And that is okay. 

You are in a MASSIVE rewiring space where things are replaying, and scenes are coming again in order to get your feelings stronger than they were the first time situations occurred. It can feel unsure, and you can feel unstable. But just trust this process that is about getting you to value who you are and the gifts you possess so that you can put things into order in a new way, where you are really serving your purpose and in some day to day space that energizes you and has you loving showing up for what you get to do. 

This time is when you are soul searching and really surrendering into what you need to know so that you can go with the winds of change and trust that you will get around some corner where there will be room to grow. But, this space now can be giving many of you the squeeze and you just need to know that this is what is getting you into a higher role where you will be showing up as a new person, with a new style and something new that has us noticing you in different ways. 

Your vibe is going through a detox where hidden things were kept in mental spaces and where you maybe haven’t really been listening to what you are feeling. And now is when you can suddenly get up and go and start seeing that the pieces are falling together beautifully. Support is to show up from things that are not near you, but they inspire you to go bigger with something or to grow again what you attempted before. It can be where you see you have a higher calling in sharing something and this time is when you are to see that a new path is forming and there is hope for what is on the way. 

This time can also be when many of you are coming together with contracts and things that seal the deal. There is to be a surprise that hits many of you in different ways, but it comes from another who is close to you, and it will either have you really feeling confident and sure that you are to go for something that deals with you valuing yourself and also initiating a new plan that will grow a crop that sustains – OR, it will have you feeling unsure about your value and hiding what you are really feeling and thinking about things. It seems that the bridge is just that you need to surrender and be okay with change. If you can do that, you will shift into the creative space that is about redesigning your life as if you are getting a second chance with things. 

So do not look at any lost feelings as you actually being lost. This is reprogramming you in the most beautiful of ways. Downtime and rest is when you also will be filled with new ideas to step into a new role and express in some sort of expanded way that you would like to reach people far and wide. It could be a very creative space with new ideas for the website or design or something that will express the real you that you can feel is growing and changing into something new. 

Just value where you are as you continue to cook because there are things for you to see that deal with you needing to stand up stronger and not hide behind others who are leading the way. It's about speaking up about what you feel and not hiding because you were programmed to not make this a big deal. There also will be erratic moves with you or those around you. This is another part of getting you to go with the flow and to trust that we really never know in life! But when things change, they change. 

And something is forcing you or those around you to upgrade and to bring something from the throat that changes where things will be. It means there is movement and now a space has opened with a new potential to wonder about. You can also be thinking about people from your past and will want to reach out and connect again. They also will be thinking about you! You can expect a lot of energy and change around you and for it to maybe even feel like you are walking on water because so much is going on and it seems to be changing everything. Just trust it all and keep dreaming. 

This time is when you are being asked to let it all go and to flow with the changes as you stay positive about what this all means. You don’t need to be scarcity based and going negative because you may think things aren’t going your way. This new you rising is to be more patient and trusting that you don’t have to fight for what you want – and that you can trust that you are BEYOND SPECIAL and will receive the best when it is time, and when others are worthy enough to grace your existence. Go slow and be okay being sensitive at this point – but know that a big shift is about to change you and you will be happy for this massive upgrade. Your eyes will see in new ways and the old will become a distant memory. For now, trust and keep with putting the pieces in position. 


Okay love! There are going to be lots of shifts with this energy that deal with you noticing that now you are focused into what it is going to take to get your dreams out there. You will change in how you dance with the internet or the algorithms and will finally let go of moving on what you feel you are supposed to do, and instead will just tune into your heart and get back to doing things because you love the feeling of doing them. THERE is the magic for you. It is about prioritizing things into order and taking care of what is actually muddying up your space. 

You may have gotten stuck over some way of seeing that you weren’t being advanced, or able to move through the steps, but now either new steps will appear, or it will be that you need to pull back and see if those were even steps worthy of your offerings. This time wants you recognizing that you have special things about you that deal with many details and that deal with your creative gifts. Something about what you are here to do is coming to the forefront and getting you really stoked to want to show up as this next level artist – where you now are getting a 2nd chance to be there and do what you can to design it your way and with this new energy that will be growing.

Now, many of you also will still be cooking in this energy and will be sort of insecure or extra angry that you are not where you want to be. This can have you manifesting things that really throw you off balance and get you feeling glass half empty about the big picture of your life. BUT. This is okay!! This is actually where many of you will be because you are to wake in about a month when a deep process will take place that gets you coming out of the shadows and finding yourself again THROUGH feeling things so intensely. It is when you will grow from getting rest and from unplugging from the world so you can hear yourself again. It is when you are to fall back in love with you and with the potential that is to be your next circle around the sun.

The way the energy hits is that it comes a little late, so only the early birds will feel super stoked in this energy currently, while the others go straight into the detox process that gets you back into new. 

No matter how it goes, the doorway that gets you into the process is to inspire you greatly. And in ways that will create your biggest life shifts, where you really give heart to what is authentic about you, and stand solid in moving that out to the people as you bring your authority to their awareness. You are about to embody a new energy and THE PROCESS will get you there. 

But how this hits you is REALLY extreme. Many of you also are super in love with this energy and have just connected into something that shows your apprenticeship is shifting into a new level with your creative gifts and what you love to do with your hands. You may feel like something just shifted to the other side and now you are SO STOKED for where you want to go – and how this was NOT what you planned. This makes me think of how I now am a crystal person and was NEVER before. I was woke to their power and now it is all I want to deal with! I JUST want to play with crystals and get them to you!  But I had NO IDEA. I was not even dreaming of this. YET -- it found me, and it feels more like home than I have felt with anything before. It is more me than astrology!

You are going some next level like this where you will be sent into following your intuition into something artistic that you enjoy to do. 100% it could be that you now return to this thing that now you have new energy for and are in love with doing it again. Sometimes we need breaks to get us appreciating what we grew out of habit with. 

This time is also when you are to create new habits and will have the energy to align you perfectly to better routines. So be aware that you are like a magnet in hooking up with better patterns for you! This means it is a great time to start new exercise ways and food ideas and steps that have you working for better results. You will have more steam to dig into the darker issues and places you haven’t wanted to look before -- and will see new growth or even support from others coming in to help you deal and help you process so that you can shift and get to the other side. 

Something may move you that inspires you to wake up about some healing process. Honor that we do go into the cave to heal when trauma comes, and we do not know how long it will take to get back to ourselves. This energy is saying you are either there, and back and feeling at home in your body, OR you are feeling a bit raw and sensitive and are actually about a month from finding home again. 

So let this calm you as you go into your cave to explore. This one is more important than ANY before. This is when you change for us and learn to reach bigger and to expect that you have a home in the world with what you most love to do. Things are coming! Things are aligning! But first we need to get you finding stoked -- and knowing THIS IS MY THING. Like crystals for me, and like something else will be for you. You are to go towards the artists’ life. You are to express something unique that brings balance and beauty. So, wait for it. Things are coming for you, but the line is only taking you all one at a time. So don’t give up when it feels darker than you had hoped. 100%, Light comes back on within 2 months. You are CLOSE. And things WILL connect better if you hold hope for them eventually working out. Use all your energy to know that you are doing something important this time and you WILL be seen because of your unique ways.

C A P R I C O R N 

Oh my gosh!!! This is perfect. This is what you have been dreaming for! SO. Things are going to start settling, FINALLY, and what comes is that you will start noticing that you have a new energy to get things done and face what needs you to deal with them. Your focus will be on getting yourself grounded in ways where you confront what is in the way, instead of hiding from it or showing up in a different form in order to adapt around the dysfunction. 

At this time, you are starting over and get the opportunity to experience REAL support and REAL nurturing things that help you grow and get back to your best version. Something will come over the next 7 days that is to jump start your heart and get you loving your career or some creative project or an actual person that is about to appear, or it may be re-appear. Things will be returning that you thought were lost and they deal with you opening to new expectations with who is around you and in how things make you feel. 

You are to be coming alive again because you have been trusting in the best and not facing the mystery in a negative way. When you face the unknown thinking you need to leap into scarcity and anticipate the worst, you live a life that isn’t what it could be. You cut it short when you keep voting for destruction. This energy is getting you to cross some bridge that brings you into new lands that feel like this motivates you and fills you with ways you want to grow new things and keep driving the car towards what you love to do. 

You have it in you to adapt and follow through and just keep going along. But that ends now. You are an amazing worker and offer fantastic support, but it's time for you to not work so hard, and to really embrace that life can be more magical than you were led to believe.  What opens your heart at this time is going to be what inspires you to write a new story and to still see that love is on the way and the things that will complete you are working to manifest you. Something about this energy will open you to the big picture view so that you are more conscious of your current footsteps and the process that is unfolding in getting you into this new role. 

What you see around this full moon is showing you where you are to be growing more in how you assist others and bring something to the table for them. This means they will see you in a new way and the messages coming now are about getting YOU to reboot your system, from some trauma, or fight, flight or freeze situation, and come to the other side in seeing that the world is treating you different. Things are going to be changing in the deepest parts of you and in how you were looking out at the world and expecting certain things. Like, struggle, or confusion about which way to go. You will have more energy to make direct moves and to get it that you DO need to hop on board this certain path and really give it your all now. Like, the gate finally opened, and NOW is when things can change. 

There will be an opportunity to share what you do and to hook into spirit in a way that you are gliding more and trusting that you will be taken care of in life. This happens when we have miracles manifest, or things love on us in just the right way, and it gets us thinking different about what is the potential. So, expect something wonderful to hit you real soon and for it starting up a new passion in life that deals with making a difference and working with others to do more as a team. 

You are growing new plants right now and this leans towards new levels of love attracting to you. So, pay attention to keeping your spaces READY for the blessings. This means you need to honor the energy in and around your home. Putting focus on doing what feels good to you and looking around and making sure you are only keeping things that bring you joy or that feel like they help you feel supported in life. You don’t need to hoard or to keep what you think you are supposed to keep. And even though this feels like a let go, I also feel like it's time to bring in new furniture or plants or things that help you feel the start over that is going on with your foundation.

You also are going to be moving when before others thought you were going to stay, or something where you were focused in this direction and now you just feel called to do this other thing. Be aware that this deals with your new role and getting you to be more assertive with your creative ways or something that is like a cheerleader or someone that supports. You may be teaching or stepping into some risk of the heart opportunity where OTHERS are getting you to see you need to step into this new space. This could be about getting an advancement or some gift that shifts you into this more appropriate role. So, expect a radical shift with where you sit and how you preach or teach or assist. 

As the tides change, you are going to be asking for more and seeing that what you have to offer is in high demand. This can be like the clouds parting and the sun shining on you again. BE STOKED. Things are rolling into place soon!


My love. These are the changes you have been waiting for. Things are finally going to feel like you are moving around a corner and getting to another side where things ARE making sense -- and they also will offer opportunities for you to share of your gifts in new ways. This will bring a new foundation that will offer support for how you want to grow and expand with sharing the things you know. 

But understand that this is like moving and shifting to a whole other space, so you ARE in a process of releasing what is not sustaining your future growth or supporting you in ways that help you to feel special. Things that cast shadows won't be where you will hang around and continue to spend your time. This is about big changes that create bigger results that you couldn’t even imagine until they arrive. 

So. For this reason you are to be more vocal and social at this time because things are aligning and finding you and they are here to help bring assistance that helps grow your dreams wild. This is showing that you do need others, but that a new kind of support is coming in that gets you seeing you ARE safe here and you DO have a place. This is to change you to the core and in a way that you look out at the world from a different perspective and from one that is grounded in support no matter what. Like the kids who grow up with solid parents.

You were a tree on the slant because your foundation was never solid and the soil that holds you wasn’t packed in enough. But it is never too late to finally pack in the soil and get it full of nutrients so that it does grow again and have energy to sprout flowers. You may be deficient in things and THAT is what has kept other things from growing. But now solutions come, and things will work to upgrade what holds you so that you really can expand in the ways the world NEEDS YOU TO. 

It is essential that you are putting your things out there and expecting that justice will be done and the people and things will make it happen. It is essential that you are not coming from the same memory of roots being exposed and not really feeling like you can hope for better. It's time to make a radical shift within your mental space where you drop the old lies and step into a higher way of operating. You ARE special. You DO have things unique about you. You WILL share them with the world. And now it's on you to settle into the unschooling of how you were programmed wrong and always talking as if you have to fight for what you want.

ACTUALLY, you just need to be very direct with your words and thoughts where you assert with love -- and totally forget that you have to fight your way to the top. You don’t ever need to travel that road again. Things are changed in your operating system and now this energy wants you to fly and to grow with what it is that you do that brings beauty and balance to others’ lives. 

You are to learn to believe in yourself and to see that you are dancing this journey with a higher power who responds to what you are processing things as. And if you see so much confusion about your place in the world, and how to get to the spaces you want to own like a boss, then your path stays as too many options and too much distraction. This time wants you to be more assertive and knowing that the journey welcomes you and it doesn’t have to be like it was in your past. You can totally start over and see totally new things manifest – because of packing in your soil and getting solid with how you feel about yourself and how you talk in your private spaces. 

The ways you analyze and appraise are what you are manifesting. When we feel like someone doesn’t see us, we tend to want to take things from them or hurt them. We want to make them pay for how they made us feel. That vibration manifests more pain. It is not an eye for an eye on Karma Earth. It's more mysterious and where you never know what will come from what you did wrong. But doing wrong WILL bring something that eventually comes. And talking about yourself in mean ways is doing wrong. Talking like you are a loser or not good enough to be valued in the world is doing wrong. All the ways you don’t talk with grace are doing wrong. And you don’t deserve it. 

So. Your system has been tweaked and now you will see that as the miracles do arrive, your eyes will start seeing that a new world is unfolding for you. Then it will be on you to invite even more of it to arrive. We just want you seeing into new avenues and trusting that all leaps of faith, where you feel wildly inspired to go for a dream with your career or a writing project or a new schooling thing, WILL lead to a new way of living your life. Ships are sailing and new lands are to unite you with the people that are here to help you. Your things are there! Don’t talk like there are any boats to miss. You have new support now and it means it's time for you to dream like all your choices will be winners. You can't get any of this wrong, my love. But you DO got to go and leap and reach and show up letting us know you are ready for the next levels. We need to hear you. Please, bring your thing.  

P I S C E S 

Oh love! This is going to be a monumental Full Moon because it turned on some aspect of your life that has been clogged and backed up. This will now get things moving – maybe even faster than you can handle! So DO NOT sit in any energy and complain about how things are not coming together – because they are. And this deals with parts of your system that followed along in some way where you weren’t really looking at what you needed to and instead were pushing it away. Honestly, I can feel that you were doing your own coping mechanisms, and doing the best you could, but now you will see that you must patiently go through all the material that felt too heavy to you and get it organized into something that is manageable. You actually are growing stronger at this time because you are finally facing what before you thought of as too much to handle. 

This also deals with new patterns being laid out with your creative gifts and with any writing or projects that have felt blocked to you. Something about what you are changing and letting go of is going to usher in this new expansive energy. There will be some compromise you need to make with an addiction that you love to do, but that isn’t loving on you or your health or sanity. 

This may deal with you trying to fit in with how you think the world needs you to be, and the crutch that is required for you to keep up with that image is falling away. This is because your authentic self is better than the Hollywood projection. And you are to start over in how you share of your gifts where you talk bigger and really show up with what you love to do. This energy wants you to align to the things that bring light to your gifts – and it requires you show up more as your real self and just create from that original position. You don’t need to hide behind others or look to them as if they know your way. No Pisces needs to be a follower. And it's time for you to psychologically come to the other side in grasping that and asserting more that YOU DO KNOW BEST. 

Something will shift dramatically from a change in your immediate environment that deals with your offerings, or communications, and how you are wanting to grow and expand with what you love to do. This means the connections will come and you will be at the perfect place at the perfect time. This deals with money and also with helping you feel more powerful and ready for the next exciting leg of your journey. There will be agreements or ways that you are coming together with others, and this is like working together where others lighten your load, and bring expansion to the potential. It's where you are working together to do more. So, expect that now is when you start to find your teams and see who really is on your side. 

LOVE is also growing again, and it may be a second coming or some return of something. This can be romance, but it also can be falling in love with a new creative project, or something that you used to do, but dropped, and now you will have full passion. There is SO MUCH PASSION in this energy and it's about you really seeing into what needs to fall away in order for you to have more time to do these things you love. You also will be off the charts with creative ideas and ways to make money. This is one of the best times of your year where you will come up with brilliant insights to make the most of sharing what you are good at. 

Now, be aware that we are rooting out parts of your system that keep you living in the shadow of others, buying into fear, and thinking in scarce ways. You are addicted to thinking you don’t have a place, so you quickly go to mental thoughts that shame, blame and guilt yourself into this immobile thing.  But that is what is changing. Notice that you aren’t so quickly thinking you are too flawed and too damaged to succeed. And notice that those old pathways are being replaced with thoughts that affirm how badass and capable you really are. When you have those thoughts in place, you will be on fire. And THAT is what this moon is doing. It's digging deep into your programming to find out where you stand in your way and keep yourself from really rising.

You will discover a new value from within – and it will change everything around you. So get ready for a whole other world to start playing out. You ARE NOT a victim here and your body is not going to allow you to hold those thoughts any longer. Your mind has been purified and now you get to grow a new crop of a future you would like to experience. Step boldly with what is authentic and assert until you reach the top. Others are coming in to help you, so be out and about, especially over the next 60 days. As you own your worth, a new light will shine, and others WILL want to make collaborations and associations with you. So be happy, my love. The old patterns reveal to you now so you can choose for a better path to manifest. You have more control than you know! But FIRST there is SOMETHING you must let go.

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