MARCH 8 | Tuesday

So, if you didn’t experience something that pushed you down low yesterday, it will for sure happen today! We are coming into contact with others, and they are to be a mirror of the ACTUAL worth we feel for self. This is a gateway day that will indicate our next few weeks of experiences that develops from the plans we are putting together now. 

All triggers are to be seen as blessings as they are sort of the pre-test to letting us know what we still need to give attention to that deals with us really vibrating something and not just thinking we are this other thing. Every one of you needs to get a real therapist and also needs to be in respect for the person you are because of your past, but also the person you are to keep growing into. This is about acknowledging that we don’t stay some certain way forever – and we also make heap loads of mistakes. It is easy to look back and think our missteps have ruined us, but the truth is we were going to make some sort of move like this in order to learn, so it is what it is.

But now it's on you to not keep focusing in a way that makes your wrong moves the truth of how your future is next to unfold. You are to seek for solutions and to expect that around this day, you see into a new plan for getting your creative gifts out into the world so that you are really using your voice and expressing what you most love to do. Many of you will be shifting gears or going into new levels in what you are doing to make a difference in the world. 

As I’m doing this reading, I’m thinking about how I started my career telling you all that in about 7 years astrology will be white-washed and so mainstream that it won't even have the same power as when it is this sacred thing. I said I will be leaving this astrology world in the ways that I was in the beginning because my Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house IS NOT HERE TO DO mainstream work for the world. So, I knew back in 2012 that my time was limited in this arena. And keeping it real, I needed to think about this because I HAVE been so resistant for a few years now in sharing what I can do for you – because I’m so seeing how astrology is money signs in so many business people’s eyes -- AS I predicted and told you all in 2012. 

So, for me, this energy is showing me that it's time to grow into new ways of sharing what I love to do and letting go of the paths that now don’t feel like I want to run head first into them. To be a follower is impossible for my spirit and I need this wake-up call to honor that my BODY has been speaking to me since about 2019 when I looked out and saw all the oversaturation of freely giving away ancient wisdom, turning it into like tinder or porn where now people can't even have healthy relationships. People now swipe and are onto the next, and fuck and are out of there, or can't even get it up to fuck a real person. 

Too much is never a good thing -- and it changes you. Social media or the sex apps creators KNEW this would hurt you all – but with so much money as the prize, most people put up blinders and just chase the dollar signs. 

So realize that we are being inspired by something that others bring to our attention and we need to take this seriously. When things get resistant – where your spirit no longer runs free, it just means you need to create a new plan that requires you use your voice in new ways to express what you most love to talk about. Go for a natural flow and trust that sometimes we just got to change.


8 March 2022 | TUESDAY
TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/North Node. Moon/Venus. Moon/Mars.
MOON PLANNER: North Node. Venus. Mars.
1  7  8 | 24 Taurus to 5 Gemini

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