GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Here we go. Remember that this week is wet and wild and weird -- but it will be what finally cracks you open so that you see into a wounded perspective that is harming your future potential. If you don’t love yourself, it's hard to value yourself and expect better things. If you don’t love yourself, it's easy to see that you don’t have a place in the world and that things are out to hurt you. The thing is many people from generations past did not grow up feeling essential. So we are dealing with generational traumas that are ancient and defined and rippling through humanity.

SO. It's big energy we are experiencing, and it means things feel larger than life as we walk through them to learn a better way to navigate how things trigger us to show a darker side of our personality. We need the provocation in order to see where we are fractured and losing energy -- because you are losing your amazing future when you keep pushing it away by seeing yourself as flawed and worthless. Just because someone broken broke us doesn’t mean we need to keep being how they saw us. The patterns need to crack apart at this time so that we can really see what we are doing AS PER how other wounded people handled us.

Get ready for something to awaken you that may come from witnessing others in a similar situation. You may also see people doing what YOU need to do, and they will be here to show you that your path needs to include something you are seeing. We all are so close to a big shift that really makes it feel like the past is gone and we all want to live every single moment to the max. Many of you have already broken on through to the other side and it is MAGIC and some of the best feelings EVER. But before you break on through, you may feel like you are beating your head against something that won't budge. You can trust that the actual beating is what is required to break you down so that you choose for a new way of seeing what you came from.

One of the most beneficial things from doing life coaching work and 1:1 sessions is that you end up seeing that we all have similar stories. I hear so much that I see my own situations in a totally new light. I don’t appreciate how I was devalued and not even given one supportive word letting me know I could be something special. The intentions for me were to keep me small and NOT knowing how amazing I was and would be. This is why it took me until 41 to finally share what I do as even before that I would say OTHERS told me what I was telling you or I read it in a book. I never put my own signature on my brilliant ideas because I wasn’t shown ANY value. I was bargain basement junk and I had to work hard to not keep expecting a life to match that.

And it's why I now work so hard to show others their own value so that they can stop expecting NOTHING good to come true. I know that if I was valued, I would have shared my work with the world in my 20s! It takes valuing yourself to put yourself forward and offer your gifts to others. If you think you are nothing then it's hard to step on stage and say, HEY look at how amazing my creations are!

But if you came from nothing, WE NEED YOU up front and center because YOU KNOW the actual journey that will help others heal. If you weren’t broken and only come from privilege, you likely will assert a top dog position, but you won't have the vibration of healing in your system. YES, you were valued so you expect others to value you, but your story CAN'T be one of getting out of the struggle and rising above.

This is why so much support is coming in to wake people up who DESERVE to be at the front of the line but who weren’t shown that they could be there. If you hold back thinking OTHERS are better and more qualified, then this energy is going to wake you up so that you see we all are waiting for YOU. We all want the under dogs finally getting what they deserve. And energy is here to help you plant new seeds about new dreams that will truly value what you are to bring. Be open to what arrives to liberate you and set you free.

The energy is here

to help you plant new seeds

about new dreams

that will truly value

what you are to bring.

Allow yourself to rise

Into a new scenery

That is here to hold you sweetly.  




MOON DEGREES: 4 to 17 Capricorn


NUMEROLOGY:    1  2  3 



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