tuesday 30 november

Oh loves!! Today is going next level in regard to showing us how much we have needed to get into this new gear because of some decision we made in the last 8 years that did NOT go as we hoped it would. Today is when we really face the reality that we have to hop on another train and let go of what was keeping us in a cycle that wasn’t paying off and wasn’t bringing passion to our days.

This will create TONS of movement around people coming to the other side and finally marching to a new drummer in life. It means we will suddenly decide to go and reach for and to believe in things that we weren’t making important before. But this energy also is about showing us how wrong we were to believe certain things, and that we were programmed to follow without really thinking about what we were agreeing to.

How this hits people today can come with pain, or where you feel confused because you thought you could trust this other thing – but now you aren’t so certain. Allow this space to be okay because it will take you into a quick cave of healing – where you hit the ground with a thud, and it shifts things so that you stop looking at YOU as the problem and there being something off with your process. Life just needs you not judging yourself so unfairly as you develop and learn to be the love the wish others to see you as.

There are themes that are growing stronger in our lives that deal with us noticing people who deserve to be thriving but are kept in struggle by those that place power over them or that hold them into some patriarchal categorizing belief system. Stories on the airwaves will describe the struggle as they get us to see clearly into how similar things play in our own lives. From the views of things going on out in the world, we will see that we are in similar boats in regard to dominating forces trying to keep us down and keep us quiet and keep us from really going for the peace on earth dream.

Understand that these images rise in order for you to create a more beautiful dream. It all is to inspire you to look in larger ways as you see how it also represents what you are living in your current day to day. We make a difference in our own neighborhoods and in the small places we reside – and this ripples out to change the potential for all of humanity. You are the butterfly wings that can change it all. So how you do allow your wings to flutter, and what do you allow to grace your space? You are making an impact every day and it is to grow wider in thought from what you see occurring in the world today. Take it all in but digest it into something beautiful. Fractures filled with gold are just as special as containers never graced with disgrace. What is broken and laying in shambles needs the gold of your vision healing it into correction.


30 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Venus. Moon/Pluto.

MOON PLANNER: Venus. Pluto.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 13 to 26 Libra


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #15 Sexual Harmony/Wound Healer

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