tuesday 21 september

Oh hello T U E S D A Y! 

Now loves. There is a massive divide to this day, and it's showing how we are merging into the new earth ways to live this whole other existence – OR we are feeling more overtaken by the old world and how much it all is so hurtful and so overwhelming in how it all has been done wrong.

There may be actions of force that are too aggressive to deal with or too hurtful to understand. But even how Texas says it will get rid of rape, that means it has to get rid of all the family members doing it. This is not about some rape all out there and this other thing, because in reality, it is this thing very close to home for most people incarnated right now. I would say 90%. BECAUSE it is this old thing that has been going on for so long. My friend, who never was violated her whole life, WAS by a monk when she visited Thailand. The number of us who have stories around being raped or sexually violated is most of us reading this.

Now. Do we look away because the pain is too hard to look at? Or do we look to the victims and give them raw airtime to keep it real about how this feels. To talk SO MUCH about it so that sexual violation becomes as likely as drinking battery acid. But something is being faced in the world that we were programmed to rape, violate and take from and hurt others. And the way to heal this and set it into a better position is through facing it head-on and not just looking the other way as so many generations before DID. They either gave messages of ignore this OR this is what happens – get over it. It is the secret poison that runs in so many people.

But when we talk, it gets snuffed out. So, expect to see things being talked about and people real mad over needing things to BE BETTER. Just know that we are here to lead the way, so we must correct where WE TOO did wrong in whatever ways we were programmed to. It's just time to see that there IS a better view and something more to express as. To hide things is what built the fire of women being so jealous or competitive with each other. We were positioned to feel threatened by each other. And we CAN instead want to empower, no matter what, to align in solid positions of loyalty with those we want to help bring to the better lands. This energy DEMANDS that we work with others to help bring them along. We are not to take everyone, and one real friend is better than ten fake ones.  But do know we move through the following spaces in partnership and in collaboration with others where we need them, and they need us. So, look to the coming together better instead of focusing on what may be breaking apart. We have to see all sides to heal and bring into balance. Don't hate what just needs your attention in a new way. 



21 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Mars. South Node. Chiron.
MOON PHASE: Bring it forward
MOON DEGREES: 2 to 14 Aries
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #10 Happy Happy Joy Joy. #11 See why it had to be.  

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