TUESDAY 18 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ We are heading towards the Solar Eclipse that hits tomorrow in the last hours of the day. For this reason, expect people to really show up rattled and ungrounded. We are self-focused at this time, and it may be that all we see is how things are not working in OUR lives.

Keep your head up when out and about because people may not see you. It feels dangerous as I’m being shown many car accidents where people didn’t even notice that silver car or person on the bike. You also may notice people really tailgating and wanting to dominate you into going the speed THEY want you to go. Stand your ground and don’t give in. The bullies are loud today – but they don’t even realize what they are doing.

We also are going through massive shifts that are going to bring a reboot in consciousness. This is when people will finally awaken to what they were programmed to do with no thought or consideration -- which is ultimately damaging their potential. This can bring a shock to many of you where you won’t believe you fell for the con jobs of corporate conditioning. Remember that corporations got the gift of an almost 50% tax cut in 2017, from our last republican president, and they also are the ones who keep raising prices on YOU even though they benefit with a 20% profit over whatever they spend on what they then offer to you.

And look at your own habits now during this pandemic. Do you spend on artists and local businesses or are you MORE likely to only support the mainstream life-sucking corporations? We are IN what was the plan!! We are DOING what they wanted us to do. And you can't convince me otherwise that this was a man-made pandemic and a part of what was brought into our world beginning in 2016. I said back then, the forces were ON to try to kill the potential of the artist in people. And how many small businesses have shut down in your area? How many cafes are now gone? How many places that have been there for decades now have out-of-business signs? And how many of them were places you supported, but now in wanting to spend less, you’ve chosen mainstream over the dream? And also, how many of you are MORE depressed and MORE hopeless and MORE not liking what you are seeing that is going on around you?

For this reason, expect topics like this to be everywhere you look. We are going to be WAY louder about what is broken with the systems -- and SEEING how WE just followed along and now ARE a part of what we see. We all are contributing to the pain and suffering BECAUSE we were manipulated into not questioning a thing. That comes to an end with this eclipse season. Get ready to have new ideas and new ways to treat your body so that you are working for the good and aren’t just a part of the problem. What you do, you vote for. What you choose for, you say, I think THIS is okay.

So now the pressure will be IN YOU so that you start really doing what supports the health of your body, mind, and spirit. We are not separate from our choices, especially the ones we take into our bodies. So value yourself and you won't be so privy to welcome in toxins and torture into your daily. But DON’T THINK facing any of this is easy. It is NOT easy to see what has been hidden from us for decades. Even to take pictures of feed lot animals is illegal now. Activists are put in jail when they let you know about the pain and suffering that REALLY is going on with the animals who are just seen as dollar signs.


What you do,

you vote for.

What you choose for,

you say, I think THIS is okay.

So look at yourself honestly.
What you eat,

And where you shop --

Is this valuing life?

Are you voting for what is right?

Today is a great day

To make a change for the better.

It’s not too late!




MOON DEGREES: 3 to 16 Aries


NUMEROLOGY:    0  2  



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