thursday 30 december

Okay loves. Expect to feel a bit rattled today where you are seeing old patterns play out that are exhausting to face. There will be a lot of confusing events where you see people are fixated into frustration or with wanting to manipulate things to change. You may see people losing it and doing things that are risky or putting others in danger.

Be a beacon of light in showing for another way and DO NOT get mean on others doing mean things. Those that are mean feel HATRED inside and it's why it is showing on the outside. This is now when we are to still hold steady in knowing there is a better way to be, while not being the judge of all in expecting others to fall in line and wake up to how they are hurting their future. Look at those acting irrationally with compassion in your eyes seeing that they would not act that way if there wasn’t heap loads of pain going on inside.

Love inside does not spew hatred outside. It is impossible. Fill a jug with purified water and that will be what you drink. Fill a jug with city water and bleach is what you will drink. What is inside is the reality of what you will see. So, you be the wiser and see others with emotional clouds of anger as what they are totally fed up in feeling. Don’t take it on and don’t try to guide others today. Be neutral in how you process things, but move away if it feels gross. This is a pattern where you normally fall along and try to transmute the darkness into light. But that is not your job. You are to live like a God, but you are not the God of others. You are to show as the highest example and that means you don’t try to dominate others into line. They are there because they need to be in this position on the healing journey. Trust your process; trust that they have a process too.

Today is a test for you to draw boundaries around toxic things not being allowed in – even though you have allowed them in your past. Remember, your patterns started in childhood with what you saw from your parents, family and community. And they naturally repeat until you wake up to the error of the ways and start over in showing that you believe things need to be done a better way. I remember about 25 years ago in San Francisco I was with this guy, and I called him something negative that I was only joking about, because I grew up hearing bully words talked with humor, and he just looked at me and said, that was a mean thing to say about me. And – I never have done the same thing again! I didn’t get it until he told me it was hurtful for me to call him something that was disempowering. I was just doing it because I had heard it done before.

We all are learning that we can see things that we don’t like, but it's never going to correct them if we use words that enforce how wrong they are – even if we are just joking in naturally saying certain things. Words hurt and they shape futures. If you can't say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Today will crush you if you act in the ways of your low vibing self EVEN IF everyone around you is doing the same. Be a leader and find your way out of the old patterns that ARE NOT OKAY. If you wouldn’t like something being done to you, don’t do it to another.

30 December 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Neptune. Moon/Jupiter.

MOON PLANNER: Neptune. Jupiter.

MOON PHASE: Pull back to process.

MOON DEGREES: 20 Scorpio to 4 Sagittarius



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