SUNDAY 30 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Loves! I want you in a certain position today. You are being asked to focus on what is right in front of you and to really let go of thinking too much of the big picture. We don’t need you thinking of the limitations that COULD lay ahead. We don’t need you thinking you don’t have enough in savings or that you are not doing enough now to prepare for a safe future. Forget all that low vibe fear talk and just focus on one step in front of you.

We all know that money tends to register somatically in the body as a low vibration. Not many stay high vibe in the money equations of their idea of savings and investments. It's all where we think we don’t have enough. It's where our ego gets hungry to have more and to stay fixated on generating more income. This sort of way makes many people happy because it's like cocaine in that if you have money, it's easy to make more, so you want to test the limits.

Social media ads allow it to be that whoever pays the most gets the biggest followings. And ANY account can employ those methods. If your ego so beith, you can climb sky high with little effort. There are no limits.

But who wants to really thrive and express their gifts that way? Some do because they love that they can acquire SO MUCH MONEY as per how much they invest in ads. But don’t you all want to just love what you do and allow that to sail you higher? To not just jump to fabricating the way, like hiring a guide to drive you to the top of a mountain, and to instead just walk the journey and see what it asks of you?

We are being asked to BE HERE NOW and just look around at what needs your attention today. We need to recalibrate so that we aren’t just automatic in making money or the lack thereof it the main thing on our minds. We are in an energetic space that is like going through the drying aspect of the car wash machines. Now wind pushes us to see if we will push back and continue on with our new way of living OR go with the pressure and stay fixated on the limiting beliefs of what we think we can really do.

Honestly, to get out of this space, you most likely just need to get out of the space you are physically in. You need to go outside and sit against a tree as you just take a few minutes to observe the natural life going on around you. We are to be led synergistically where we just go on our gut or what we feel subconsciously driven to do and THERE is where something good comes that feels like a shift or a puzzle piece finally coming into home.

This time guarantees that if you put things into healing order, piece by piece, and with spirit leading the way, you WILL align with something that gets you fired up about the amazing new life you are about to live! Hope is rising and it starts when you let go of thinking you need more money than you have today. Be happy with getting by and you will go beyond in the future.


Be happy with getting by

As this will allow you

to go beyond in the future.

The test is in seeing

That you don’t always need more.

Because it registers as YOU

Never being enough.

And that’s just not true.

You are doing JUST FINE.

Let go and be here for the beauty

That doesn't need you

scrutinizing the potential journey.




MOON DEGREES: 6 to 17 Virgo


NUMEROLOGY:    1  4  5



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