SUNDAY 16 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ There is a collective sadness hitting the peoples and I want you all to just slow down and breathe through the confusion. We are to see things that will later empower us to get up and do more with our lives, but today it feels like we are drowning in too much that does NOT make us happy. You may be around others and all you hear are woes about how hard it has been. We all are FED UP and done with how this man-made covid changed EVERYTHING. You may even feel mad and will want to scream at how wrong things seem.

Be with these feelings and allow them the room to express. All the tears need to release, and you WILL feel better after you open the floodgates. We need to cry about how much is gone that was here before covid, and we need to beat the pillows with how shameful it is that the rich exploited this time and are 50% richer BECAUSE of this pandemic. We are seeing the results of unconscious moves and it can have many of you LIVID with frustration.

Don’t run from the extremes of what you are feeling because this is going to move you to do things differently with the limited time you do have left. We are seeing the polarities and how cruel so many people can be SO THAT WE DON’T OPERATE IN THIS WAY. All that we witness is to change our paths so that we do feel a bit more in control of where we want to be. But there is illusion and confusion in how to get to our new destination because of ALL that we see around this day. Don’t try to fix the whole world; see how you can make a change to be someone walking how we SHOULD be walking.

My new home is such a dream come true that it took me months to trust that it would stay that way! It is the most harmonious and beautiful home environment I have ever even imagined living in. BUT. When you enter the road to my driveway, you pass this one small cow farm with a bull, 3 cow mamas, 2 girl babies and 1 boy teenager. The boy was castrated when he was born and now he will live 3 plus years in a 12 x 12 pen that he never comes out of where then he will be sold for his meat. The whole farm is horrendous in how small it is and how they just live in a shit pit basically. But that boy breaks my heart every time I see him. He is SO DEPRESSED and his mom mostly stays right next to him with the gate dividing them. I see how he watches the other babies get to play and get a bit more room to roam and he has to question why he is punished. IT IS SO SAD.

And, it has SO shown me what privilege is and how unfair it is. The cows down at the end of the road by my house get all this room to run and chase each other and you can see they ARE happy. These ones are all so sad. And this aint NOTHING to what factory farming is, where there are thousands of these cows staying in a pin until they reach your mouth to be chewed a few times and swallowed. To be a meat eater in the world as we know it is to guarantee you will suffer depression and anxiety. It's like a 100% given. We can't eat toxic foods and not take on those toxins. And our animals are NOT respected, valued or treated with care. To eat them means you will feel what they felt.

So. My point is that we all are seeing what we need to see, and it is to provoke us into being better peoples. We need to make serious changes and what I know is that cow babies are killed to provide you with cheese and milk, or they go into a pen the size of their bodies to become veal. Boy chicks are killed right away in a blender machine that just chops them dead. Those things we were programmed to believe we can't live without are tortured and we then look the other way and take them into our bodies on the daily.

And I believe I manifested this dream that also shows me the worst part of humanity because I need to keep talking about it and keep reminding people that there is a whole story behind the purchase of cut-up meat pieces from the store. It isn’t just this easy buy that then you cook up for the family. It doesn’t stop there. It is this unconscious poisoning that will keep you as sad as the animals you eat. Remember, spoiled meat is not something you would ever want to eat. So think again before putting tortured animals into your body because 100% it would break your spirit to see what they lived while still having a heartbeat.


Sad days

And sad truths

Changing you.

Be with this and grow better.

What can YOU DO?

How CAN YOU change what pains you to see?

This is not happening by mistake.

It's happening to get you facing a better way.




MOON DEGREES: 4 to 18 Pisces


NUMEROLOGY:    1  8  9   



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