saturday 6 november

Okay we are on board today. Most of us are finally starting to see into what has been holding them back in life – and for about 99% of you it has been a fear that others planted that now you can't let go of. It is why I always tell you to not seek out too much because you can never experience the first time again – and you may be seeing too much that is only going to get you fearful for what could be. 

And in the organic life, we are to stumble upon things where the circumstances awaken us to what we want to know. It is this surprise that comes with sudden downloads or connections to things that gives us the will to want to live more and to really change our old ways. If we read it all and learn it all too soon, we don’t get that surprise download – that also shows us we can trust the process and we don’t have to cut in line and try to get ahead and to manipulate all things that we don’t think of as good enough right now. We lost our faith in the journey so that we run from all pain – yet we stay focused on fearful and mean things in our thoughts. So, the more we run, the more we attract what we most don’t want to see. 

But in the organic life, you trust the steps that are here and how they inspire you to grow into something better. But you don’t judge your plants that are still growing! You don’t hate the sprout, and rather, you rejoice when an actual seed has started to sprout. In the organic life, all the steps are important, and they all need our care. In the manufactured life, you need to look a certain way and to have done all these certain things by a certain age. And in the manufactured life, you need heap loads of injections, stimulants, manipulations, and alterations to be a success. 

In the organic life, you just need to be – and to celebrate the perfect ways you are that you are right now. What I can tell you is that I can't believe how I responded to things years ago, and even a year ago. I can't believe I just walked away or just didn’t explain myself, or just, whatever it is we do when we don’t want to face what needs us creating an understanding that parts with love and grace. It's all still that we don’t get away with being angry or mean or vengeful without attracting that 10 fold. It comes back. This is like the warning on the titanic when first sounds were sent out. Like, don’t be angry or mean and also be surprised that your life is not so great. They go together! 

But. In the organic life, you notice how much you are changing, and you feel so much gratitude that finally you are waking up to being a better person. And being that we all are wounded, and on a similar healing journey, we ARE to be inspired by how far we have come. 

BUT. It often hurts to process the error of our ways. And this energy is about getting you in touch with things that are no more, and in seeing how you wished you could have done it better – BECAUSE of how much you have grown and now see things in a different way. This will create a confusing energy for many because you are both sad and inspired – and it can feel unsettling because the sad hits you so hard. This IS to hit you hard, my love. These are the kinds of hits that move you into more powerful life positions. So, go with the organic way and don’t try to escape or manipulate what needs you walking the journey.



6 November 2021


MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds.

MOON DEGREES: 4 to 18 Sagittarius


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #14 Complete the dream.

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