GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Oh hello EARTH DAY! 53 years old today! My friend was born on Earth Day, so I always know how old it is! And how beautiful that we have our Solar Eclipse, then Mercury goes retrograde, and THEN comes Earth Day. Just as you have seen in the readings, we all are waking up louder to injustices that ultimately harm Mama Earth. All the activists are on high alert that if they don’t stand up, no one will, and we all will go down with the ship.

So people are not going to let up on bringing forward messages that deal with doing what is right from the beginning to the end. Mostly what we see are just end products, like the clothing that we wear once and leave hanging in our closets for years. We don’t even think of who made it, under what conditions and what sort of chemicals or toxins are in the fabric that we then put on our skin. We just don’t think of anything other than going into the corporate stores and buying into however they have marketed it up for us. Milk DOES NOT make a body strong; it makes it full of mucus and it gives you cloudy eye color. It gives you acne; it gives you gas; it bloats you; it does all these things to show you that baby cows need milk and NOT YOU. But the marketing has been put into place for decades to make you think you can't live without it – because if you live without it, factory farms go away, and profit can't be made on controlling defenseless animals.

As we said earlier, Pluto in Aquarius means all the bullshit comes to the surface for us to REALLY know what is going on. Even things like Bin Ladin had a vendetta against the USA because we came to his country with our military, in seeking to exploit their natural reserves, and we ruined their waterways and just left. We stole what they need to sustain themselves and took off to go find another place to take from. I mean, if anyone came into USA soils and stole oil which then ruined the waterways for us to drink from, would we just let it go and move on? We are constantly misled and encouraged to believe what supports corrupt acts.

But Pluto is going to crush the life out of what crushes life out of all living things on Earth. The clock is ticking, and we don’t have any time to keep looking the other way and continuing our bad habits like, addictions to single-use plastic, toxic and tortured foods, drugs keeping us not able to face the truth, and acts that devalue our body and soul.

This energy wants us to wake up today, and not 10 years from now, and for that reason, you may suffer depression in feeling like you have done too much wrong. But don’t take things that way. Don’t go down because you have so far to go and have made moves based on what the old world wanted you to do. Use this energy to inspire movement into some change and some new way that rebuilds what you have recently learned that is NOT what you thought it was. You may even feel like you are going through the stages of grief where you come out of denial and into anger or sadness at what is occurring. Allow these to create steam in getting you to really do something this time. Change is in the air and the direction you next are to step into is up for consideration. Stay fluid to what you learn but know we need you leveling up, and what you hear today is what you need to face. Something cannot go on any longer because it IS about to break.


Stay fluid to what you learn today

but know we need you to level up.

And what you hear today

is what you need to face.

Something cannot go on any longer

because it IS about to break.

Shift and flow as the tides change

Because we ARE moving into a new day.




MOON DEGREES: 28 Taurus to 10 Gemini


NUMEROLOGY:    1  5  6  




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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.