saturday 11 september

Oh hello S A T U R D A Y! 

Good morning sweet beauties! We have a real big warning in the energy but apply the reading for yesterday in understanding WHY this provoking thing is in your face. We are in this portal space that is drawing things towards us that deal with us either getting a pass and receiving some opportunity, stroke of luck or a brilliant idea that sends us next level in life – OR, slamming head on into what is NOT working and what is NOT going to float your boat in the future.

On the positive expression of this day, this can be where you see into something and you discover that you HAD to walk what you did in your past to be able to receive what comes today. Things go full circle, and it helps many of you really let go of the judgment and fear around thinking you were too messed up or made a wrong turn that can't be set straight. The light is to come after you feel real low and it is going to feel wildly liberating. This energy is changing our paths completely. But we really did need to walk a certain journey to get us to this moment now. So, forgiveness comes when the new visions do appear. 

On the negative expression of this day, you can get super tangled into some sort of emotional battleground space where you are at an odds with the ego of another and will need to in some way draw a boundary that comes from love and that isn’t about the electrical malfunction that is coming your way. If they are frazzled, you need to NOT touch their electrical wire. If they are sparking and flying about, move out of the way and value yourself by NOT going low in order to operate along with some fixed agenda that ultimately is about needing to be right or top dog or something that dominates.

An old way you were conned to hold tightly is where you need to just let this go and stop giving of your energy to things that don’t even value you. It is here today because it doesn’t see you, and something about YOU not seeing yourself is drawing them into your space. It means something important today. But your reaction is in check. Don’t follow as you have seen it being done; vibe higher and start showing yourself as the Eagle who doesn’t get so worked up over all the small nuances of life. You CAN sit back and just observe.

There also may be some destructive event today in the world and you need to listen to your body to where you need not go, and also don’t take too much in because the collapse creates what looks like buildings falling to the ground. We can't just start new on top of the old. It has to go down fighting – and it will be for the rest of this year and probably until 2024. 2024 will be our big shift times where more of us see the new world is winning. In these dark years of transferring power, you must respect that the dark is fighting as hard as we would if we had to now give up our positions. We are taught to fight for what we want. So, don’t think the light gets to just step into position. YOU must first hold the way so that it can be a growing tidal wave that washes the land clean. Together, we become the light that others in need seek out because we look and feel so good as we embody the high vibes.


11 September 2021
MOON PLANNER: Uranus. Jupiter.
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 15 to 28 Scorpio
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS:  #7 Settle into truth. #11 See why it had to be. #12 Self Love.

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