MAY 3 | Tuesday

Okay loves! Be ready for this because there are tests that deal with many people coming forward and talking things out or really expressing how they feel. Expect a few days for things to come forward but they may shift and morph as more reveals.

On a collective level, I can feel that something illusive is rising for us to see it from this other perspective. It’s about many sides – but also seeing that we are programmed to see something only from one small side of the truth. And depending on the manipulation, the strength of the wave can feel dominating and debilitating to many. If you get pulled under by a tsunami created by another, do what you can to move away from the rushing waters and get silent or out in nature where you can better process the drama of the wave.

We are being asked to do what we can to create change and MOVE when we see things coming for us that we have seen hurt us in our past. This is not about fearing that your past will return to hurt you again – it’s about KNOWING that we don’t have to fall in the same old tricks that we KNOW only waterlog our systems and take us out of commission. It’s about seeing the trickster and NOT falling for this again. It’s when we are to use the fears from our past or the ways things haven’t worked out, and to steer ourselves in better form around the pitfalls that have proven they are there to knock us off track. Value yourself and don’t go where you KNOW you have seen things break apart and splinter back your way.

You also may see people being super forceful or spacey in only going for what they want to see happen. This means you need to be attentive on the road because others may cut in front of you because all they are thinking about is getting to where they need to be. For some reason, we aren’t really seeing what is around us today, and it’s why we need to observe others and expect the unexpected with sudden movements that are last minute changes.

You also may see people screaming and crying and getting really over the top in wanting to make something known. Do what you can to be supportive of volcanoes rising and know that you too sometimes need to get things off your shoulders. This is rising out of control because it doesn’t need to stay buried any longer.

What IS ON YOU is to not allow it to blow your fuses and get you asserting in a defensive way that will also inflict harm. Do no harm but do know others may not be following this rule today. You are to vibe higher and see their pain as you work to process it in more compassionate and loving ways. MANY are hurting right now – so be the light that shows them it’s okay to get mad at life not going our way because that fuels new plans to correct ships and get things into a better position. Anger can fuel good things – don’t let it burn down what just needs a fresh coat of paint and a new beginning.


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