MARCH 23 | Wednesday

This day SCREAMS of magic!! So. Be aware that today is a MASSIVE turning point for many of you. You will wake up feeling that something has changed, and you will notice that you are feeling more hopeful or at ease with what is going on in your life as you won't feel so compelled to go low when things are not yet complete or where you want them to be 

Start this day in meditation and just feel the new energies and how they are here FOR YOU to get you dreaming for a better life path that feels like it will provide room to grow. We are learning new ways to run our days so that we are not on automatic and chasing the old-world things that suck us dry of life. Many of you will be talking about new patterns where you will limit what you allow yourself to partake in with social media and news and things that really MOSTLY are not even the truth. You will see that waking up and meditating helps you to NOT chase the wrong things and to clearly hear and feel what you next need to do. 

Before I launched my business, I was depressed for the first time in my life, as I’ve always been very resilient and was so destroyed in childhood that I just learned to roll with things and hope for the best. But at that time, I was pressed down, as I put it and couldn’t even move. And it is when I started meditating for real. So every morning I would go out and sit near the sweat lodge on my property and just sit there in silence. And what started happening is that I would hear what I needed to do! It usually was just one small piece, but I was getting direction. And within days, I launched my website and have been racing to keep up since. It's another reason I know depression is moving you to get up and go – but in a different way than you have been going – which is why it gives you the sensation that you can't do anything – because in the direction you are in, you can’t. Meditation unlocks the steps of the new way. 

And on today, it will be like the sun is finally rising and you see THIS is what you now need to be doing!!! So, expect to come alive today and to see that you can't keep doing this old pattern and old path that is giving you signs of fatigue and despair BECAUSE it's not for you anymore. This day is about bringing change that keeps you seeing we never really know, but if we trust the way things make us feel and do things not of the norm in working to understand them, such as through meditation and going silent, we FIND a better path. We don’t know until we know and today brings surprises that will have you wanting to leap into this new area and take a risk with what feels like it is what you need to now delve into. 

ALSO, your emotions can come on strong today with sadness over what is no longer in your life. But do see that this is to help you grow and do something better. Even like my example above is when I lived in the house where I lost Moon Bear. So I just looked at her picture and started crying over the pain of what hurt me more than anything in life so far. And I can tell you that my current animals get SO MUCH of me and so much play and so much love. After death comes a better life BECAUSE it shakes us to the core and gets us way more present with what is here and now – but that COULD be gone tomorrow. 

Also, it is a great day to work on your website or to redesign what you had in place that now needs to be upgraded. There are HEAP LOADS of creative inspirations rising, and when you do tap into the insight, it is GOING to get you reaching for something out there that feels like a leap of faith you TOTALLY believe in. When your sight is finally clear, shoot that arrow and KNOW it's going exactly where you dream it can go. You are onto something big!


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