JULY 21 | Thursday

Okay loves! Get ready to shoot off in a direction that you were NOT planning on taking! This energy feels like it is at capacity, and something leaps out and declares big boundaries or ideas around how you NOW need things to be. You may have seen people acting all calm and as if all was okay, but now they suddenly snap and make it clear that they are not happy.

This feels like we are DONE with being in things that do not value our space -- and it’s going to have us acting fixated and focused on growing something new that will sustain an idea you plan on moving into. EXPECT to have plans that are inspired from what pisses you off or gets you feeling uncomfortable. We are taking that provocation and matching it with NEW ACTIONS that are about us moving in the direction of what will grow us something that will love on us.

We are in a pulled back space, so we aren’t actually plunging out and starting the steps of the rebuild, but we ARE to be writing out tons of things that deal with new plans and how this new thing will be what supports your creativity and feelings around having a place in the world. You do NOT have to keep following a path that makes you feel small and that doesn’t really expand in the ways that help you feel valuable for what you bring. You don’t have to take things less than and to keep thinking they are enough. You deserve what helps you feel like you are living luxuriously.

And if you are NOT THERE, then you need to play around with what makes you feel like a nobody and stay there as you muster up declarations that you deserve more. Don’t shame or blame or get mad because of where you ever are in life. But allow the hot waters to get you moving to something that feels soothing. Allow the wild waves to move you to something that feels calm and supportive. Take what doesn’t work and write out a plan for how it could be better than what it is. Be busy with your pen and paper and keep seeing for solutions and new views that WOULD make you happy.

If you don’t like where you live, write out pictures and words of where you WOULD like to live. If you are in a job that sucks the life out of you, don’t just leap into nothing when you are in such an empty state. Instead, be in the job and see all the signs it gives you that you deserve better – AND THEN get to writing the story of what the better would be. Ask yourself what you would REALLY love to be doing, where you would REALLY love to be living, what sort of relationship you would REALLY love to be involved with. See the hole in your pants and be excited for the patch job that will hold you better in the future.

Just STOP staying focused into scarcity and limitation and all the ways things can't work out for you. Stop writing stories you will have TO WALK THROUGH. You don’t get to sit here and think it can’t be done and then see it being done. You only get that view when you see for it first. So LOVE. Be the solution to what rips things apart -- and invest in a beautiful new start. You deserve the upgraded version of what you currently see. Grow it better. Go for more.


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