FRIDAY 28 April

GOOD MORNING LOVE MEMBER EARLY READINGS. Log in to see what you can expect to see happen today! ------ Okay babies! Here comes a powerful shift that will have you feeling like it all was worth it and it all had to be the way it was. We are to start shifting into this new energy that feels like renewal and getting a second chance to do something better. It is when we most want to live again and to be creative in how we design our next views.

I want you all to remember that life is a non-stop journey of living without something. We never ever get it all and have it all because we are to never live through only one expression, like with good vibes only. With all accessible, we get bored with life. If you have it all, the things you usually had to work hard to attain, give you no feelings of pleasure upon gain. Easy is like scrolling social media. It numbs you and gets you not even knowing who you are.

But hard, like building a house, building a business, stepping into the healing journey, facing your shit, forgiving yourself and others, getting your body physically healthy, going through recovery, healing broken relationship patterns -- the HARD is what gets you what is great about life. Challenges always proceed with the best things. The hard Winter comes before the sweetest of Spring. You only really value what you got when it took some work and time to get to it. Fact. Not fiction.

And for that reason, I want you to start seeing with new eyes as you appraise your empty things where life IS hard, and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere. If you don’t have the bedroom furniture you want just yet, go stand in the doorway and pretend you are shopping for what you need. What kind of floor covering would make you happy? What color should the platform bed with a headboard be and where should it go? What kind of organic mattress will you buy? And what sort of design would you love to see from your duvet cover that greets you daily? What window coverings would you like to pull back every morning?

Just learn to play in what is empty in a new way! Whatever you DON’T GOT, paint a picture of having it. Be in the moments of feeling what you want it to be and shop as if money doesn’t matter! Don’t even bother with the limitation of thinking you can't afford to be playful in your mind about what you would like to design. Why go conservative in reach when this IS just play? What will it hurt to believe that miracles happen and that just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it won't happen next week?

It's time to change your flow and here comes the energy that will match you to your soul’s purpose missions. Dream for the bestie and the bestie it will be. ENOUGH of talking about what has not been working. Enough of that. Don’t sing that sad song for another day. It's time to get up and play with the ideas of your future in seeing that NOTHING was a mistake and soon all your knots and tangles will be solved and moving along harmoniously. Breathe into the dream. You deserve everything better but we need you actually seeing for it and thinking about all the amazing things that SOON will be.


Challenges always proceed

with the best things.

The hard Winter comes before

the sweetest of Spring.

You only really value

what you got

when it took some work and time

to get to it.

Fact. Not fiction.






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