friday 19 november | lunar eclipse

Oh M O O N! We love when you go full in Taurus and are right up against the nodes and creating eclipse energies! We LOVE when you show up to get us transforming into a whole new perspective where you will empower us to finally take the first steps out of some stuck position. This will bring a drastic thud or dropping to what was moving forward, but in the old world ways.

If you need drugs to do your thing, you need to rethink everything. If you chase money while giving less energy to what you put into your creations, you need to rethink everything. If you really think it's democrats versus republicans, you need to rethink everything -- because actually it is the rich against every other living thing, and because of them being miles ahead of us, they use the politics card to divide us and get us hating on one another. But the rich want you hating what is trying to stop them educating on the reality. Therefore, we have what we see with hatred for the progressives – which you can see when it was first planted in the collective, in the documentary, The Untold History of the United States, by Oliver Stone.

If the “bad ones” weren’t showing up and making such a stink, the rich would have a free ride to exploit as they wish. Remember, we just had 4 years of the head of an oil company making the decisions on the protection of our environment, which also has gone EXTRA haywire since that time. This is identical to putting a pedophile in charge of the authority of children. It means there will be exploitation and boundaries crossed that NEED to be put in place. With a priest as a pedophile, or an oil company head honcho as the decision maker of the safety of our environment, we have them projecting one thing while doing another. That’s why we have to grow wiser ears and hear that they speak negatively about others doing what THEY in fact do. It is the thing about those who smelt it are ACTUALLY the ones who dealt it. The manipulation has roots that run deep.

This time will dramatically open the eyes of the collective to the manipulation that keeps you a part of the game and doing your all to fuel those that most exploit for gain. They want you fighting what is fighting the ultimate demise. They want you thinking you are standing up for something better, while you actually are enforcing the evil ways of those who only care about money and more money and all that it can buy that brings a sense of dominance and power OVER things.

You and I know that it feels GREAT to help someone who is less fortunate than we are. You KNOW it feels great to hand over a $20 bill to a stranger who you can see is struggling. You KNOW it feels great to buy something for someone or to let them go in front of you in line and show that you DO care about others and their wellbeing. It innately feels marvelous to provide support in any way you can so that others see they CAN trust people to offer help when they are in need.

You and I sit here and pray for better times and for miracles to come, but people who have it much worse sit and pray for YOU AND ME to see them and offer a helping hand. We all are wishing and praying for something better, and we need to realize that it comes from doing things that help those behind us on the totem pole of life. But what happened is that the rich now try to kick away and push people off the totem pole, so they don’t get to rise into higher positions.

It has created an epic divide in our potential but also the collective potential for earth to evolve and go next level. If it was just you and me here, it would be a different world. But we contend with those that think earth is all about amassing money and power OVER things. And it conned us into addictions and devaluing ways that we now play the scarcity game and chase things that keep us selling our soul to the devil.

But no more! This eclipse season is going to crack your head open and get your brain wired to truth. We were conned to play it small and to serve false gods – but now the curtain drops and the real thing behind the façade is what we will be seeing. Are the intentions to bring more love and beauty to us all? Or, are the intentions to fuel a larger issue that is sucking the life from us all? The stuck issue is about to get moving and you are going to be seeing in a whole other view. EXPECT this to make all your choices new and for you to see people in different ways where you aren’t so quick to see them as the enemy. The only enemy you need to fear is the 1% that are conning you into thinking you are the minority.


19 November 2021



MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 26 Taurus to 7 Gemini


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

FULL MOON 27 degrees Taurus

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Mmm! Feelin you. This.

I’m now listening to Jimmy Cliff… and Bobby McFerrin :)

Here’s to sunshiny days!

I Love You,

I’m sorry,
Forgive me,
Thank you.

Melissa November 19, 2021

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