APRIL 29 | Friday

Okay whoa. I’m surprised by this energy and then I looked closer and saw that Pluto goes Retrograde today! (Check out the per sign readings on the website!)

So. This day is huge -- and that we are 2 days before the first Eclipse of 2022 (which there are always at least 4 a year) makes it tenfold as huge. The Eclipse season, which will be this New Moon, the next Full Moon and the next New Moon for a sum up of what the eclipses are to bring, come together to describe your next 6 months, until the next eclipse season arrives. They are roadmaps to the themes of where and what we ultimately are working for over the next 6 months. The eclipse readings are SO important! It’s like we cross this bridge every 6 months and are given a guide of what is on the way. So we need to listen.

TODAY is deep and unbelievable for many of you. It may be that we see something going on in the world that we couldn’t imagine or that feels like dominating forces trying to get us to be the fear and to stay confused in our minds.

Do what you can to honor your space and move if you need to but move away from war and from fighting. Remember that we are so close to a massive reboot with the solar eclipse – and what we see is what we need to draw boundaries with where we don’t give our light to the darkness because we stay so focused there. If you lay out in the sun all day, you get burnt. What you give to, you get. But lay in the shade and you can stay out there all day and night!

Don’t go into what feels intense and overwhelming in any sort of perspective of the negative. This is bootcamp for you where its time to learn the new ways of being, and FROM being in combat. Don’t expect everyone to be as awakened as you are becoming -- you are few and far between. And its time to step into a new role of showing yourself that is similar to becoming a new mama and how everything changes, and you have to roll with it and keep it going. And think of this with strength, where you do things you didn’t know you could do, but that you see you ARE figuring it out, and even if you are alone, you’re doing it. Something is changing in you – and right now the game is on, and your job is to rebuild and lead in a way that is not cold, corrupt, conservative and corporate. Stay away from the C’s! Except for compassion. Where, actually, compassion is what gets you to rise above choosing for the C’s! Like with homeopathy. You need parts of the same to make things better. We need to be compassionate with where others are showing up broken, and believe that this is the part of our journey and its just about not getting hit by the dodgeballs of others. We cant fight people into being better. We have to see their pain and NOT match it with our own. Avoid low vibes, don’t make take them home.


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