APRIL 21 | Thursday

Many of you are now seeing that ideas are dropping into your path as things are starting to ground and prove that you made wise decisions with some leap of faith or risk of the heart. This will have you feeling confident that the rebuild has now begun and the building of your dreams is moving from blueprint to laying the foundation.

Today is a bit of a test too where old parts of you will rise in order to show you how you limit things still. This may be that you wonder why this is happening to you or you will doubt that things will really come true. Just be aware and do not allow your value system to dip into remembering scarcity and all the ways in your past when things didn’t go as planned. If this is your 2nd marriage, do everything in your part to see that the 2nd time is the charm and not that the same will repeat. Lift the thoughts to knowing THIS time is the real time.

Something about the energy is focused on chipping away at our crusty minds that are like those carved rocks of the USA presidents faces. We WERE original rock and then white man came in and carved us up – but now we need to remove the carving and find a new layer that is true to who we are. This takes the painful removal of false beliefs and ways that we are our own worst enemy. But with the work, we find home again.

This is also to be seen as an epic job where it takes a lot of time to get our truth back into view. So be patient and consider that you need to be going one step at a time and really only focusing on what is around you. This is because we need you not getting overwhelmed as you see all that still needs to be done. You cant start everywhere at once, so just pick one spot and work from there.

Now. Do be aware that the triggers waiting to snap today are about getting you to go low and to remember what a loser you are. They also are about waking you up in the wildest of ways where you make this dip down into self-sabotaging land the last time you do this. And – the triggers will always come, but this is to be the last time you fall into the trap and do your old behaviors where you seek for all things going “wrong” or slow or late or cancelled as being proof that you are worthless. Life is a meandering road. Businesses go up then down then up then down. Your emotions go up and down. It all is one unpredictable journey that just needs us riding it instead of judging it and shaming it for not being good enough through the eyes of our conditioning that wants everything microwave fast and google now. 

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