Oh hello moon! We love when you go full in Leo and when you get us to really see that we deserve more joy and happiness in our lives. This is when you will radically wake up and will see that you need a new way for your life to be. This is to be a turning point where YOU are making a decision for YOU, and it means some things need to be let go of.

Now, do be aware that many of you are having restless nights and also migraines. If you need a little help in shifting your perspective so that you DO make yourself a priority and do start choosing for what will make you happy, then expect head pain that forces you to do nothing EXCEPT wish for how better it could be.

We also are being stopped in order to wait for others to catch up BECAUSE we are in such an epic wave of change where we will collectively stop chasing the outdated and masculine driven view of things. All the pauses and restful spaces are to get you remembering that there IS a balance to be achieved and just because the old world created pills for us to take in order to STAY as machines constantly on the go, doesn’t mean it is an okay or acceptable thing. We are adapting with modifications in order to be what is sucking our souls dry anyway!

Around this day, many of you will wake with a thud and see that what you were doing was FOR OTHERS and is NOT what you would do if you really had a say on things. We don’t WANT to work 80 hours a week to stay afloat. We don’t WANT to be double taxed on all the money we make – when corporations got an almost 50% tax cut in 2019 – taking out at least 2 trillion a year from what would support the United States. The banks and the rich get bail-outs and tax cuts, and the ones who are truly suffering get shamed and blamed for being in that position. People born into money are the FIRST to ask for a discount or to say they don’t have any money – when if the rich would just cut back 15% of their clothing budget and apply it to the community around them, poverty would not be an issue. If only the people at the top were as compassionate and caring as the ones on the brink of demise, we would have a beautiful world for US ALL to enjoy. But, no. It was declared that money makes it to the top and money buys the ability to spread the most influential messages. That’s why your social media feed has certain accounts that lead you forward in life. If you didn’t know any better, you would think, oh, millions of followers, they MUST be the best. But in fact, millions of followers just means millions of dollars spent to get there -- and the exploitation of others work to stay there.

So. Expect this energy to slam you into higher consciousness about the corruption and fraudulent systems that have shaped our world and view on things. The end of the Mayan Calendar is actually 20 years later than what we were told. It will be in 2032. So we are in the last 10 years when the same situation happened before where the rich exploited all the resources. Too much was paved in gold. Too much was taken and not enough was given. And here we are again. Even with a bible that preaches Jesus putting so much attention on the poor and on those who are suffering, and we STILL only feed and give attention to the rich.

With this current energy, expect to notice more of a balance in your own life where you are NOT all work and no play. It is time for us to take days off and to spend more time being creative. We beat ourselves up for not doing enough or for not always being on. We are NOT allowing a healthy flow of night and day. We just think GO, GO, DO, DO. Rinse and repeat. And your body is DONE with it.

So, if you get knocked low, it just means you need to STOP for a minute and recalibrate so that you can manifest more joy into your life. If you aren’t happy, you aren’t where you need to be. But facing that you DESERVE to be happy is what we need you to see. Allow your heart to grow full in reaching for something that makes you want to sing. You DO have time for this. You DO have time for love. You DO have time to paint and draw something from the depth of your soul. It's time to start some projects that bring you back to reality in seeing you can create what you were born to do. Focus on what makes you smile inside and give this energy to grow. You need more from life -- and what is on your mind is your pot of gold.



MOON DEGREES: 11 to 22 Leo (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:   1  4  5



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Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.