Merc Retro School April 2024

$49.00 USD

This class is offered as a SLIDING SCALE. If you need to pay less than or want to offer more GO HERE to name the price!

We are in the most potent Mercury Retrograde session that is occurring IN the heart of the Eclipse Season. This makes everything 1000 times stronger. Imagine falling on your ass and now think of it happening times 1000. Imagine falling in love and now think of it happening times 1000. What we do over the next 4 weeks is creating the next 6 months PLUS it is the opportunity to shift the tide and to finally feel like you love living your life.

But how, right? How do you get to such a utopia? THROUGH THE BRAIN. As I saw on some movie recently, they said “Be careful what you know. This is where problems tend to start.” And it is the truth! We know this from healing work and therapy – that what we saw and KNOW can haunt us to the point we don’t live life. And I see most people in extreme trauma and they are NOT living or loving their lives.


So let me ask you this?

Is your mind mostly quiet, except for when thinking about ideas or the detective work of getting to the root of processes? Is it also thinking of lists and groceries and things to get in the future? Is it also ROOTING YOU ON every step of the way that YOU GOT THIS and that your mistakes were ESSENTIAL steps in getting you into a higher view?

BECAUSE THAT is a healthy mind and that is what you can have.

But if you don’t know -- and all your wild neurons have been allowed to hold the crutch of a position that was created when you DID NOT have adults taking care of you and informing you of what was occurring. When you were alone with life/trauma/dysfunction, your mind created wrong ways of seeing things.

And I think if you stop and look around, you see that people are so angry and mean and really doing things that are devastating to their futures. It's clear for us to all see that people are getting it hella wrong but they want it to be hella right on.

And just like I have been talking ONLY LOVE of Merc Retro for over 20 YEARS -- and I DO consider myself to be one of the pioneers of the TRUTH of this time because no other astrologers were giving the same interpretations. They told everyone to hold FEAR and I told everyone to hold LOVE.

Mercury Retrograde is a PORTAL OPENING. It is when things magnify as we look back on what has been. And through allowing this with grace, we open to what next needs to be. Imagine starting a job or a relationship and THEN getting the chance to STOP and go back 3.5 weeks in order to appraise what was done -- and THEN to get to do it over again better. We all wish that was possible. And that IS what happens when Mercury goes Retrograde.

BUT. In that retrograde space of receptivity, inside the energies of the eclipse, and along with some SUPER LIFE ALTERING DAYS that I will tell you about in school, we are in the magical space of rewriting EVERYTHING. BUT. Because most people DO NOT know how to REALLY have a clean and healthy mind, things of the worst imaginings will also be manifesting.


Not for you, because if you come to school, I got you and I will be the best bus driver getting you through this time as if you are a tourist. Without me, you may end up on your knees begging for mercy! It will be wildly polar opposite in the world unfolding where people are at the lowest or flying high with dreams no one has even imagined before you.

This is the gateway of all gateways. Nothing will top what happens in April 2024. Or topple! It will be the best of times or the worst.

And since YOU KNOW this is my FAVE time of the year!!!! I plan around Merc Retro because I KNOW it is when we manifest answers and solutions. It is when IF WE SIT IN WAIT with love in our hearts, we receive what elevates us to the next level.

One area I always want you to focus on is your career. Merc Retro really loves to make this when you receive upgrades to your career. BUT ---- if you are in fear, like everyone wants you to believe about Merc Retro, you will manifest misery. You will trip, fall, trip, and fall. If you hold LOVE, you may still trip, but you won't fall and the trip will move you quicker to seeing something else up ahead. It may jolt you, but it wants you reaching for more. If in a state of fear, you won't be able to even imagine what more could be. You will only fear that you are losing everything – and in Mercury Retrograde, if you hold that thought, you will get that as a downpour.


SO Merc Retro School is here to hold you SAFE like a Queen/King that you are. Your journey begins with signing up for school. Sessions are suggested at $49, but we have a sliding scale so you can pay what you want! If $14 is all you can afford right now, that’s perfect! And those that want to pay more, they can do that too!

After purchase, you will receive an invite link to our private space where all the action will occur! We launch all the goodness from my new website called! Where we re-educate on the truth of how we have been misprogrammed!  

Now our private space is going to be so loved because it's very much about MORE. I will have a feed where I share things daily. You all will have your own feed where you can share whatever, with no rules besides, be nice and don’t be critical. You can go deeper with the group on lessons as I teach them. Or you can tell us about you and your day! This is to be like your insta feed. There will be limited numbers, but we also will offer private rooms for groups so you and your friends will have a link on the website to access and have a private chat with your personal team! Other things on the space will include a place to put it out there what you want to see if anyone in our group can provide the solution, and also a trading post to sell or trade what you want to pass along!  

We also keep the space open for one month after Mercury goes Direct so the group can continue learning together. So we begin on April 1 and the doors stay open until May 25! Then we come back from July 28 to September 28. It will create a healthy flow where we come together, get recalibrated together, and then go off for a few months to walk our new talk. And the space will ALWAYS be open for chat, so you can still connect even when doors close!

As for school, you can expect to be learning several new tools that are not out there yet, as I haven’t read a book since I was 28, and at 53, I have only channeled/intuited everything I offer you. So this is fresh material, my loves! You will be learning some astrology and tools in that arena. You will be learning how to handle difficult people and difficult times in life. You will be learning all these health tips and ways we will be working to get chemicals out of your home. We will be all over the place in what we share, but the real magic comes in that I will walk you through what others are touting hatred for. I will keep you out of the fires they are creating and INSTEAD use those energies to manifest love of your life.  

You just need to know HOW to manage the bowling balls that come our way through others in life. They will always be bowling so we can't control that! But you now will have the tools to not get knocked down and left lost in translation. I am your Merc Retro Guide -- and you know it is so!

So join the collective SHIFTING OF THE TIDES and rest knowing you are buckled in safely and will enjoy the support of first class flying.