$55.00 USD

THIS ONE IS SOOO GOOD! You will LOVE the energy that it gives you and all the creativity it inspires out of you!  If it is time to get up and go, this is the BEA to shift you into a healthy flow! 

6 people allowed to participate.

60 minute session.


The 5D SPECIAL SAUCE process:

+ clear the caches

+ balance and rejuvenate your sacral, which produces a “mercury flower” that then goes into the golden ratio in your brain to grow more flowers. This turns on your creativity to 100%. Professional artists have this with flowers always growing and thriving. But most people need “fresh flowers” planted every so often to rejuvenate this channel. Once your flowers are showing, you will feel creatively inspired. Some people will need this monthly or every few months. When the creativity dwindles, get this BEA.

+ then we take out all the sexual cords from the past 7 years. Every time you have sex with someone that was not a connection of love, respect, or agreement, a cord attaches, and it sucks the life out of you. Most people now have what I see as a dry desert in their pelvic area. After we clear and heal the wounds, it turns into swirly pastel colors in our pelvic area. This turns us fertile.

+ balance chakras.

Group process: run energy and rain shower.

What this does: it gets you feeling sexy, creative again and FULL OF ENERGY. This one is amazing in that you will suddenly look at chores in a new way. What needs to be done, you will naturally just do. You also will look around and want to paint or sew or be more creative with your time. Every one of us is a sexual being and we need to express in these healthy ways. Violation and the horrifying “free sex” movement of dating apps have left generations suffering from DEEP depression. You can't just have sex with someone and thrive in 5d. You can ONLY be with people who really love and value you. Otherwise, they poison you. This BEA clears that poison and keeps you from being in a depressed state for 7 years to come.


BEA #8: Magic Money: 

This session is all about bringing a new flow to your mind in regard to how you process money and its role in your life. MOST people are focused only on the density of money and how they feel limited at the mere thought. We plant new energies that get you feeling like a dreamer who KNOWS the impossible is possible if you believe in yourself and your ideas. This one transforms you into a limitless thinker around money and the support it WILL provide.


The #8 process:

+ find your red and white mushroom and add it to your mind to grow fields of mushrooms

+ drop one mushroom into each chakra

+ make sure the Golden C is opened 

+ make sure your root is out of fight/flight/anxiety mode

+ clear the caches of money fears

+ then we run group chakra energy and apply the rose petal and rose water shower to clear off any karmic debris or density from the work we completed. 


What this does: it transforms your ability to assimilate money with positive vibes. With the magic mushrooms in your system, you will feel like a dreamer in thinking about what you want to manifest into your life. After this session, you will think about how to buy that million dollar house, and you WON'T get stuck up worrying HOW you could possibly do this. The road to your destinations won't be so much of a concern as you will be focused more on the end result -- which WILL draw it organically closer to you. What MOST holds people back is a fear of money and thinking they will never have enough. With the mushrooms growing in your system, you won't even consider that things CANT be done. 


How do I pronounce BEA? It's like Bea(trice). Not B.E.A. and not bae. BEA!

Why does BEA energy feel so different? Because it is 5d energy to upgrade your body and integrate the healing work you have already intellectually completed. It works FAST and things correct instantly. WIth BEA we are not only putting energy or symbols in the body, we SEE into the body and can adjust anything that we see.

Can I leave early or after I get my adjustment? YES. The group or circle energy is sealed from the moment I begin to end. If you are on a tight schedule, you can email us before the session, and we’ll begin with you. Leaving won’t affect any of the energy work to be completed, even at the end when I run the group energy!

I created the Group BEA to be more flexible and affordable and POWERFUL, actually, because it is magnified group energy

How many BEA’s do I need to do and in what order? This is all on you in all the ways. You come when you need a BEA. You come BACK when you need a BEA. If you don’t need one, you are good to go and can trust that the adjustment will stay. With #2, every time you get an adjustment, the pink layer becomes stronger. We start with something about 2 inches for each session. The pink around me is over 2 yards! And with #5, you may need this one on the regular! It deals with our creativity, so we may need this one often if we keep losing our creative inspirations. 


You will arrive on time and share the space with a maximum of 12 other individuals. The session is designed to maximize every minute, but at the same time, it is slow and meditative. I will greet each participant individually, and you can either turn your microphone on to say hello or wave without speaking. It is important for me to connect with each of you before we begin the session.

Then, I will call out each name, and if yours is called, it means it is your turn. I will describe everything I see and do, and once I am done, I will inform you that the session is complete. This process will be repeated for every participant.

We will then proceed to run group chakra energy, starting slow and increasing the pace as we go. The session concludes with a rain shower or rose petal/rose water shower.

Finally, I will say goodbye to each participant, and you can go on your way, feeling transformed by the magical experience!

First, you tell me everything that is going on in your life that you want me to know about so that I can feel passion for helping you heal and correct and get into the best position.

Then I tell you what I see in HD or your transits or whatever comes to me.

Then we go in to do energy. I can do about 4 BEA adjustments in a session. But our session is catered to your needs, so it can be many adjustments that aren’t BEA sessions yet.

If we are together for 60 minutes, I like to do at least 30 to 40 minutes of energy. With 40 minutes of energy, it feels like 10 minutes pass!

If we are together for 30 minutes, I like to do at least 20 minutes of energy.

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