JULY 26 | Tuesday

And here we have another big day where serious things are happening! The shift that is taking place deals with getting you to REALLY feel how mismanaged our world has been and how it really is trying to take us into the gutter and keep us from wisdom about what REALLY is possible.

Something is getting us to snap awake and to realize that we need to rebuild and replenish what is just being treated like a throw away. All the single use plastics won’t even break down for at least 400 years – and we don’t think a thing about using it. That plastic that takes heap loads of toxic and untested chemicals to create, that leaves a footprint that may never go away, and we chew, chew, swallow and throw the wrapping away without any connection to what we are contributing to.

On that note, there are over 400 chemicals that our government allows that were never even tested! And we take these on our skin and in the products we hold our babies in. Cancer is on the rise because dangerous chemicals are allowed into our environment that were not here decades ago. There are no protections around keeping you healthy, and rather, only around keeping the chemicals coming with the freedom to use as they choose. Just like how you can go to jail for taking video of animal abuse in the factory farms. If you even try to share what is really going on, YOU can be punished. This is the system of money first.

And this is the system that REALLY has our awareness at this time as we FEEL how much we are having the life sucked out of us FROM following in the ways of these heartless leaders that ultimately are out to use you for their own gain. We COULD have another world where we all work together and work to support one another. There IS plenty to go around when things are distributed equally. There is a better way to be running the ship and it's time for MAMA to take the lead!

One of the big ways that things shift at this time is that we are realizing that MAMA EARTH supports and wants to nurture all her house guests. Things are out of whack in a global way because she is upset at how the patriarchy thinks our lives should be run. They think all for one and none for all. All for the elite and corporations and none for the 99% that are the peoples. But the 99% are waking up and this is going to have them looking in new ways to go towards what really facilitates the growing of more to come.

If you feel super crabby and bitchy with people, it is just because your new senses are coming alive, and you already are seeing what REALLY needs a new positioning and a new energy to get it going in a better direction. Expect to be very sensitive to how the old world takes from and leaves everyone to have to fix the wrongful deeds. And that it makes you mad isn’t a shock. We need you turning into a Mama Bear energy that is stepping up to protect the children and protect the future they deserve to be living. If you start to feel like you want to roar and beat down the patriarchy, you are where you should be. There is an energy rising that is still beneath the surface, but a new flow IS HERE, and it IS about to show the old world who actually is boss. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. A wave is about to show that the people want certain things TO GO -- and we are NOT going to stop chipping away at the crusty old that manipulates us to go their heartless way.


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