JULY 25 | Monday

Okay, my loves! BIG THINGS are happening in our world where things are about to flip and move into something that is new and upgraded. It will be when you feel like you notice the flow has changed and things are starting to work out for you.

Answers and solutions and insight are to saturate our space so that we wake up to some sort of mental pattern where we are co-creating something – but we don’t realize it. This time wants to get you seeing where you seek for things to NOT work out or to be where you fear and hold ideas on limitation. Where do you buy into what mainstream feeds you that keeps you painting misery in what could be your next thing?

We are in a system that does not support you rising and flowing freely into the unlimited potential of your destiny. The goal of those in monetary power is to have you working for them and buying from them. They want to be your ultimate thing so that you just fall in line and accept this other trapped sort of life where you never feel happy about things.

When you go beyond what mainstream wants you to be, you discover power that fuels you living life in a whole other way. When you wake up, you go anti-mainstream choices and away from what money has promoted into your awareness. When you wake up, the con job is loud, and it has a feeling that makes you NOT want to support how ridiculously selfish it is. A little for all and a lot for only a few is the old world modality on how to run our human experience.

And that manipulation is coming to an end because of the energy on the way that currently is starting to sprinkle its magic. We are only starting to smell the emergence of a new world that rises from the people standing up and coming together to create change. But we are here, and it is a pandora’s box that was opened in the last month. Don’t be afraid of what now shows because this needs to come to the surface for us all to wake up to how we have been manipulated from all sides – getting us to buy into particular narratives, not realizing it’s all coming from the same team -- the SAME TEAM of power trying to get you to give up your power, like giving away your water rights on the property you own. You CAN sell it off – but you should keep it for yourself to be in control of.

AS we all rise awake from the slumber of corporate geared programming in keeping sheep in line, EXPECT to feel rattled by what others bring who are not yet seeing what you see. Expect to REALLY see how full of illusion the con job is as you wonder how you could have fallen for it in your past. And expect to feel things so intensely when before things didn’t hit you this way. You soon will start noticing that music sounds better, and it easily can bring you to tears. We are in for some emotional times that will guide us out of a toxic life and into something that feels joyful to get to live.

Can you believe that?? Can you imagine a life where you are stoked to wake up and get started, where each step of the day is something joyful to live? Wouldn’t you love to get that control back, where you flow with the challenges and distractions but aren’t filling up with fear so that each new thing malfunctions you?

You can be a filter that is allowing things to move through, or you can be a filter that is too full, so you just sponge up what is there around you and stay confused. Always stay present in knowing the world as it has been has NEVER wanted you to soar and be your all. It wants you small and obedient and not questioning authority. Take your pill and take what they tell you to do.

OR. Don’t. Don’t follow what wants you doing very little with your potential. Don’t support what waters you down and keeps you too foggy to make your correct moves. You CAN build a life based on what feels good to you.

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