JULY 13 | Wednesday | FULL MOON in CAPRICORN

Oh hello moon! We love when you go full in Capricorn and get us to grow a whole other life that is something WE are choosing. Now is when you are to rebuild aspects of your plans that were overtaken by the forces of others. What got you to cave and follow along now gets you feeling stubborn and fixated in knowing you are ready to commit to the mountain climb that gets you to your dreams -- and you ARE okay in knowing that there are many steps to the process, and nothing is an easy and quick gain.

You are working for something, and your commitment opens doors to new feelings where you will step into what nurtures and supports you -- while you WILL be letting go of how others controlled you to be how they wanted you to be. This will bring wake up calls where you will truly see and comprehend that something needs to change. No longer will you waffle! Now you know, and now you know it's time to go.

The old world ways can feel like they are crippling you and this is just because energy is changing in our world where the forced way is turning us off because we can feel the manipulation. We now have to be brave as we march alone into new ideas that most of the people around you would never even think of walking. They fear you changing – as if it is a threat to them, and this is what keeps you following their ideologies and not going for a life of your own creation. You ultimately just don’t want to make a stink and don’t want to let them down – so you stay with dreams of how it could be, while accepting that it may never be.

Things that control us, control us to the core. They go deep into our layers. And they keep us from natural movement and flows of life that grow and expand as we move into them. Things that control us want us in boxes and in predictable and manageable positions. So we have to be committed as we assert towards what feels like it works FOR US and as a benefit – instead of abiding by what cripples us and seems to be working AGAINST US. It's time for us to see that paths change, and we now get this opportunity to really be at base camp and moving towards the climb of our dreams. We can cut off the shackles and we CAN START OVER. It is not too late and you totally CAN bounce back into another form.

So value that something in you needs more and keep with the process even if it feels like manipulative forces are trying to hold you back into their paradigm of things. Move through the storm and keep looking to the light and for something to show up as a solution. We are to be starting this whole other cycle and what you do around this day is going to be what supports you and gives you new spaces to grow flowers that will be what you dream.

So recycle and transform what no longer works INTO the steam that gets you out there looking for a new position to be what holds you. You deserve this other thing and if you want to work for it, you will manifest what is on your mind right now. Know that you are hunting for truffles and that what appears to be is not all of the picture. Work through the steps and they will work for you. Nothing it out to destroy you. Everything is out to develop you – like film in a darkroom.



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