New Moon in Scorpio | READINGS FOR ALL SIGNS

My loves! We all are about to turn over a new leaf through the transformation process and the shifting of our patterns. Things are changing and volcanoes are erupting as our authentic selves rise in truth. OH MY!! What an AMAZING NEW MOON!!! What is going to brith new from you??

Come read the moon vibe guide! And I am SO HONORED to show you my new patterns by showing up on time!! Actually the New Moon just hit an hour ago. Next I shift into EARLY!! I'll see you next week -- EARLY -- with the Eclipse Guide that will describe your next 6 months!

Have a beautiful ceremony with these life altering energies!



This time is to be revolutionary for you where you get into the heart of the matter and into your complex nature in seeing what you are holding onto that is keeping you not feeling valuable. You are going deep into the places you before rushed past and overlooked, because there are things you have agreed to, and contracts made that now you see are not holding you the ways you need in order to feel like you are essential. This will break you out of a spell where you now will stick around and go into things that need your attention, seeing that it adds quality of life to do so! 

When we finish the big jobs, we got big celebrating to do afterwards. And the energy is bringing you into waves where you do all this hard work and then something comes in to really get you feeling excited for the effort you put in -- and seeing that you CAN do this. This time is being shown to me as you digging out an underground cave where each step you take will help you move further in the long run. But each step can be a lot of work and with heavy emotion attached. 

For this reason, understand that you are still in hard work and with plans coming together, but this time is important. The work you do now is transforming you from the inside where YOU, my darling, are the one who wakes to your authentic power, and it moves you like a volcano to show yourself new. Your lava may fall where others find it to be uncomfortable, but you still are to keep it real and use your voice like you’ve never used it before! If there are roars to the boundaries you need to draw in making yourself clear, so be it. This time wants you unearthing your truth, and it comes from going into the darkest of spaces to carve out better patterns that aren’t your wound reactions and the programming conditioning you to course. 

You are to leave the old world spaces and be bold as you dig your way into what feels like it will be valuing of you. There is a whole other garden you are about to see grow, and it will come quickly, so be with strong convictions that your ideas are best, and things that don’t fall in line with that aren’t the best things for you. See that you ARE an authority and have ways to help others rebuild and become better, but first you must walk this journey of finding ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Oh love! Here is where the big things change where something has now come in and gotten you to show up in different form. You will wake up out of a spell in the ways of how you used to show yourself, as something is moving you to be clear with your throat and strong with more power in feeling passionate about the ways you want to impact. You are getting out of your way and what shows up may certainly surprise others!

This also says things are moving around because of the change swirling from within you and how your new moves are affecting others. But don’t let that hold you back or get you falling into old world roles where you hide your truth when in the strength of forceful people. This is when you are to pass the other cars and move into another lane as you accelerate in this new way. Think that the switching of lanes may feel awkward and where you really have to assert and believe in yourself, but still go for it. Things are to be where you suddenly do something, and it ends up putting you right where you need to be so that others see you and support the new level you bring. 

Friends will also be more important, and you will be thinking about who impacted you and how you are where you are because of certain connections with others. You also are in the space to come together in more powerful collaborations because of the way you are changing in using your voice more and bringing your ideas to our attention. This time is to move you like no other and all the synchronistic things that you feel inspired to do or that show up in perfect timing when you NEEDED THIS are here to keep you going for more. Don’t hold back in what you see for yourself because the energy is coming to get you with the brilliant ideas and the ways to support yourself from your creative gifts. 

Your love light is to be shining and it comes from you not hiding away because you feel others know better or have some advantage over you, and really just keep asserting what you feel is a better way for things to be. The solutions inside of you need to be what you are pressing into the future and writing into the codes so that others naturally follow. And not first ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


This is such a good moon for you because something is going to hit you and it's going to have the essence of the mystery. It's going to be exactly what you needed to come up with in order to move on and let go of something that was keeping you in blame, shame, and guilt. Something where you have been processing in a darker way, where you have been going glass half empty with your interpretations, is to now shift because something that deals with compassion, and you really tuning into your feelings and the truth of the matter, is what's going to shift you and get you steering in a totally different direction.

You are about to go through the end of a process where you are going to come out wanting to express in a more bolder role where you're showing yourself doing your souls purpose work. You may even come into a space where you get really geared into thinking about your career and about what you really want to do to make a difference and show up in the world. But this space right now is still about bringing important elements that deal with compassion and judgment and bringing them to the table so that they bring upgrades to the ways you are seeing yourself as a victim -- and not trusting that all things happen just as they are supposed to.

This time is to be healing when you face things that otherwise you would want to escape from, and just leave the room, and not say anything about what you're feeling. Your feelings are to hit you and jolt you with lightning, where you may even be super sensitive over things that before you weren't getting emotional about. You're being woke again so that you understand you aren't a victim in any of it, and actually it's time to use your voice in a different way where you speak from a base of self-love -- and not naturally go negative when you don't get your way.

When you really value yourself, you will be able to sit back and allow the great mystery to help you co-create the next legs of your journey. And something may even force you into surrendering and into stopping everything so that you can learn new ways of interpreting what it means to not feel well, or to not understand or to feel lost because you are feeling so much and don't know how to process it all. The overwhelm of the depth of things can have you feeling ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Okay my love! This is going to be a great new moon for you because it's going to get you deep into the heart of what you really want to do in life so that you feel important and essential and as if you have a place in the world. Things are coming that you won't expect, and they are alignments within your groups or with friends. These are going to provide you inspiration that gets you believing in yourself by taking some risk of your heart and really going for something you love to do.

This time is to be filled with things that get you remembering that life is beautiful. It is when surprises come to wake you up and to get your heart beating -- and then to get you reaching for more because this amazing thing is actually happening. This is the kind of energy that can hit people and get them dancing into a new future because they feel high on life as they are spending time doing the things they love to do.

People are to see you and recognize you and this is to affirm your worth in the world. This has to do with your creative gifts and it's also something that is here to support and sustain you. What it needs is you really valuing the work you do and sticking with things that need you risking their success before you see it true. To value yourself comes before you manifest the things that value you. But when we are insecure and still healing, we look for others to value us and then we decide that we will value ourselves. Something is changing in you where being in your art or being in new creative expressive spaces are getting you to feel at home in what you want to do to the point your throat is opening and broadcasting in a new way that will have people welcoming the beauty that you bring.

You are to see opportunities come that deal with positioning you in your authority and really upgrading where you thought something wasn't growing or had grown as big as it could get. This is why many of you can experience huge bolts of change where now there are ways for you to get out into the world, and it ignites a passion within your creative spaces because others are attentive to what you bring. But don't forget for a minute that ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Okay love! This energy and what you're going to be moving into the next few weeks is really valuable because you're doing the deep work that's going to get you more grounded in life – and FROM all the ways you face how you feel about things, and if they hold you with enough grace. This is about you seeing things that before you didn't see, but something is changing the vibration of things that is to get you waking up to what is around you and how it makes you feel.

Inspiration is to come where you start to see that there's some new crop you can grow with your career, and it deals with you asserting your creative gifts and speaking up more or using your throat to go for things or to do things that you haven't done before. Actually, this may be about you returning into an art that you haven’t done in a while, but the ways you're going to do what you do now is not like anything you've done before.

And it's all because of this work that we're doing with your foundation in getting you to face these ways that you're still holding on to these fears or beliefs of others who have programmed you on how you are to believe life can be. If you are around people who hold a lot of fear, or if you've seen lots of situations that created trauma, it is natural for you to keep planting those seeds in your crop to be. So, it's important at this time that you're facing the ways that you're not keeping it real in the way your foundation is being run. This means sudden changes to come that are to get you out of stuck places that aren't where you are supposed to be.

This will be you reaching for more and believing that there is a place for you in the world. You are to see more of that in the coming months but right now this time wants you completely rebooting and deciding to start your own life over in a way that feels good in your body and that feels like there's more passion and depth to it all. Just like the difference between friends that are more superficial and others that are the deep, hardcore family crew.

The things that hold you kindly and deeply are what you are to make space for -- but to also honor that this will mean you have to let go of things that are just mediocre or there because they have been for so long. You are in a ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Well, this certainly is going to change a lot in your life! You are in for some dramatic shifts that are going to deal with you going deeper into creative projects you have that in some way express you as an authority. Things are coming to show you that you are valuable to the world, as a gateway is opening to make it easier in getting you out there with what you do want to share far and wide. This energy is attaching to old dreams and also to things that you have apprenticed with for some time. So it is to bring things back to you that affirm your creative gifts and that also show you there is room to grow.

What this is to do is to create a new pattern in your mind where you aren't going so low while in the process. And where you grow stronger and determined in following through no matter what. When you make that shift into focusing into the strength that you do have to continue on, you will lose the focus of being motivated by the end result – and the frustration of not seeing it yet. Sometimes it's more important to just keep with the feeling knowing that you won’t back down so that the journey of challenges doesn’t overwhelm you. Just know, you are starting over, and this is when you ARE TO NOT EVEN consider going back into some old pattern or way of seeing something. Your view expands NOW – and you have got to let go of the old as you step into this new space.

An exciting opportunity is to come where others are reaching out for you, or something connects to help you do work that deals with promotions or marketing or things that affirm your gifts and help you be seen. This is also to play a part in reconditioning your mental patterns that go to dark places when you don't yet sit solid in your soul’s purpose work. This is about facing where you have parts that you don't want to see because you've turned the interpretation of darker aspects of life into something negative that you now fear, where you brace for what the future could next bring.

Honestly, this comes when we've been through trauma where we have to learn to not keep expecting that to return again. You have things like this that need to burn up and transform into a stronger force no matter what the storm. The opportunities that are to come are to get you ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.

L I B R A 

Okay love! This moon is going to get you into a whole other crop in life, where new things ARE going to grow. This is when you will be surprised into changing and into getting yourself out of stuck situations that are keeping you not feeling valuable. But this time is real big in getting you to see what you need to see about how others have affected you and how now you are stuck in the trauma and looping through the same patterns that keep shocking you into thinking you can't trust yourself. You want for peace and tranquility but are finding yourself in the psychological healing of tangled connections that keep bringing you into feeling worthless or without purpose when it comes to your creative gifts.

BUT. You also now are starting a whole other cycle around valuing yourself and being more assertive and strong in going for what you ARE best at. This time wants you in the heart of your creative gifts, and inside what it is that keeps you from really believing that you are valuable enough to be appreciated by others and to be living a lush life where you are treated sweetly.

There are ways you have gotten stuck on ideas on how things need to be, and it can have you going dark into places that really are just in the growth process of bringing you something better. But when things are hard and not going your way it's important that you aren't making it something negative and finding ways to think that there's something wrong with you. This is also saying that this moon is going to unearth things in you that are going to help you wake to your power where you will decide to grow new things in your crop that over the next 7 to 10 months will be producing something that supports you and grows strong roots so that you are seen as an authority.

This time is to introduce a new sacredness or ceremony around the cycles of change and transformation that deal with healing. Much of your healing is going to be with your entanglements with others, so understand that people will bring lightning bolts, sudden moves, and unusual things that you maybe couldn't even see coming your way. But trust that this is what is getting you to dig deep into the heart of who you are and what you have always loved to do -- and to get you actually going outside and planting the seeds that will help you grow something better. You are not to follow along at this time, nor are you to try to ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Okay my love! This is some really wild energy for you and it's actually going to be when things flip into a new order because of things that are forcing you to step up and stand stronger in your truth. You are going to be discovering new sides of yourself and new ways you feel about the role you hold or the way that others see you. This is when you are to connect something about the impact you make in affecting people with your vibration that gets you stepping into a new role and using your gifts in different ways.

This can have something to do with thinking about how good you are at inspiring others or supporting their body or helping them believe in their creative gifts. The flip that is going to take place is the exact same thing with a light switch where in one position it does this specific thing but when in the other position it does the opposite thing. What is going to be changing about you are many things, but they're going to deal with you wanting to be more assertive with your power and to believe in yourself that you can trust the ways you are moved to go out and do things.

There is some sort of healing taking place in the mechanisms of your dance with others. What is showing is how much you're not keeping your truth important and are instead wanting to be what you think others want you to be. This can be like when you feel things are changing and you then almost leave your body to become the other person to understand what you need to change about you so that things can get back to how they were. But that's not where you find your power. And something when you leave your body like this gets you to lose your power and then it gets you to doubt yourself, doubt your focus, doubt your abilities, doubt that you have any right to be here. But it just comes from leaving your body and trying to figure out how to be somebody else to keep the peace.

This energy in the eclipse season is purposefully burning you up forsake of transforming you into your original form. It's like brushing away dirt around a artifact where that energy can feel disruptive and that you feel others are forcing you to change, but what is being done is that your true essence is being brought forward so that you can get back into your body and into your power and into a life that is 100% full speed ahead. Over the next seven months ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Oh my love! This is gonna be a real powerful time for you where you are going to fall deeply into the surrendering of life where you are connecting with insights that help free you from some pain -- where you haven’t been able to see anything but the low end of the view. This is when you are to dig deep into the truth of what you need to see about the ways you need to face your emotions and face the ways others have programmed you to not make this your priority. You have things where you hold in your throat and stop them from coming through, as you align your brain to other things.

But you are in one of the most powerful times of your life where you are getting a new computer that you get to fill with new interpretations of what things mean. This time wants you getting out of the way and getting into what is more of a creative dream -- what feels like it would really make you happy. You are connecting into a new reality, and it deals with you flowing into what you feel you are to do, instead of what you feel others expect of you. This time is when you go so deep that you are to discover new sides of yourself that actually are the truth of who you were always born to be. This time is when you are to touch home with who you really are.

But know that it's about going deep and it's about going into places that pull you into the confusion of what it all could mean. This is when life can feel like you have no control and therefore it pushes you into another way of holding it. It can be the same when we go through death and transformation, or we go through experiences that have us forgetting how to act or feeling filled with anxiety or feeling insecure when before we would have felt okay.

These places are where we are healing what did not live up to our dream and to the ways other people influence us from believing we can’t live some other thing. Over the next several months you're going to be gaining a new sense of confidence to assert your views forward, where you really are doing things, and in a way that YOU would want to do them. But right now, you are in a deep processing of what is going to give you that inspiration to move. So, know that you're not ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Okay love! This moon has some big surprises in store that are here to show you that you do have a place and that your gifts are NEEDED. This energy is to wake you up and get you excited for the potential that will come from others who are showing up to help connect you to your dreams. This means that your projects or creative ideas that have been in the works for some time, or have taken some roller coaster ride of instability, are now to show a sudden return where things finally connect, and it is to send you into daydream land at the thought that this could actually be happening. 

So. We have you running into something that will get your heart speaking louder and feeling more energy, like when we are in love or when we really are in our souls purpose work and making a difference. It is a special energy that only rises when we enter some gateway of change with something that will help us to come more alive with who we are. It means our personality is to shift a bit because we feel so grateful and surprised and aware as we walk these new steps where dreams are coming true. When the better things arrive, they shift the way you see the world where now you expect the solutions to come. 

There is something on the way that is to get your heart beating faster at the prospect and this is to be when you change a pattern about how you see your place in the world and how you see what the potential is for you. Because keeping it real, you see limited potential in regard to things that would really make you happy. It may be that you think you don’t deserve it, or you don’t think everyone gets love and happiness. But we all do. And you REALLY do. All the Cappies that do their work get great love, a great career, and a great end of life – but all the great things tend to come for you later in life. 

Which means you have to see others soar while you feel held back and stuck in other things that keep you in scarcity. Much of your life may feel like you are locked in chains and forced to live these patterns where you can’t really go for what your mind thinks of as the dream. It’s where part of your dreaming ability is calcified and it's full of this substance that you really ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


My love. It is time for you to start seeing big shifts in the flow of your life. This is when you are to wake up out of a spell where you will connect issues you have with feeling safe in the world, and how that gets you not showing up as your true self in our eyes. You are going to go through a massive transformation from seeing things that show you ARE valuable, and your creative gifts ARE something of great worth. You will be feeling a definite reboot where you let go of some limitation or scarcity fear around what holds you, and instead step full on into seeing for a solution or upgrade. 

What was blocked and dried up will now open and fill with water. This is to naturally get you lifted, as if you are on an innertube as the waters rise -- and get you reaching for more ways to bring your power to the table for us all to enjoy. The changes come from you waking to your value and letting go of some old world way of trying to make yourself fit in. You may even have dreams or fears come up around things that influenced you and got you not coming through as strong as your truth. Things got you to hide and to not want to push on through when the going got tough. 

But that was the old world keeping you from waking to the truth that YOU are the leader that we are to follow. Those others are a façade and a tree with no roots. YOU have roots that run deeper than most – and now it's time to let your tree sway wildly in the wind, KNOWING you got the support of your powerful Earth kin. 

This time is getting you in touch with where you need to come forward and share more of what you do where you hold more value in what got you to be who you are today. This means it's about letting go of how others did not hold you safe and now walking with a bold power that shows the world you don’t need anyone else to confirm or give you the white man’s approval. You don’t need any others to be the authority over you and show you the way to be. 

It is time to start over 100% and to walk and talk different as is you are the kid walking around the restaurant that your parents own. Walk like Earth is here to provide, and you have the freedom to go where...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.


Okay love! First off, I hear 2 Unlimited playing their song, Get ready for this! Which I have to interpret as AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU!! Go listen to this now to FEEL how stoked you need to be. 

So. Get ready to dance, to get up and to see that now you DO have room to grow and reason to want to move your dreams forward and get back on the train that is heading for the top of the mountain. This moon marks a HUGE SHIFT where you are going to be growing more into your true self where you will be walking taller and feeling more confident about who you are. Things will grow that let you know you CAN trust the limbo and the in-between spaces. Things will come together, and they will show you that perfect timing was taking place in order to bring more power to your projects or words that you want to see go out there far and wide. 

You are to be focusing more into quiet spaces where you can receive what you need to hear because this time is getting you back into honoring your gifts, and they come from you going against the grain in how others are doing things. The world at large is about to go through a reversal in order to be more like you -- and you, who have been in reverse for most of your life, are now going to move forward. But you discover how to move forward from pulling within your system and blocking out the interpretations of what mainstream wants you to believe about things. 

There is a new code and a new way for you to design your life that comes from deep contemplation and surrendering into a higher power to be managing things. You may even feel like a curse has lifted or some pattern of things only supporting you just enough NOW start to show that the sun is shining again. But listen, my love. The doorway to your expansion comes from meditation times and meandering in life instead of doing it through old world templates. Things come from inside you and they always are to surprise you. These are coming to get you back into position of being a co-creator and patient observer of needed change. This means new paths begin now and a new level of life upgrades to show you a different view. 

You also are being asked to show up more in your career and to REALLY show us what you love to do. The energy is talking about dancing and being a presence for us to learn from. You are in one of the most blessed times when you are to see that ...

CONTD in the Moon Vibe Guide issue #141! You just read 1/3 of what is included! Get the extended readings PLUS the daily readings through to the 18th of November. The guide has been supporting the leaders to step into position for almost 6 years. BUY NOW.

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