oh hello WEDNESDAY! You are here to do better.


JUST WATCH! We are collectively being switched to what we need to change so that we can rebuild and grow a better life that sustains. Now. We also have a 22 day, and this is giving many of you a test where the universe is seeing if you will do something that is rude and mean because you are grumpy and overloaded. On a 22 day we OFTEN do something we really regret and the whole point of this energy is to get you showing us a different version where you don’t just throw up a wall and act like you drew boundaries. It's when we own where we fucked it up and go back and apologize for how we let anyone down. It's where we keep it real and make things clean and don’t just act like it's okay to say hurtful things or to act out on others. In fact, we are learning to build again where we burned the bridges and to start over in how we greet and see the world. If you think scarcity, then everyone is a threat. Change that about your view. See that we all can work together and we just got to keep making ourselves better as we go up the mountain that teaches us to learn. Don’t feel bad or think you are too far gone! AS IF. You are growing better and later is when you will be your happiest. So do this again with another chance and just see how much you are moved to be your highest vibing self. This will start to get easier for us! See that you can really be the love and build a better way for the world to see and follow. Do better. No matter.


  • MOON PLANNER: Mars. Mercury. Chiron. 
  • MOON DEGREES: 1 to 13 Capricorn
  • MOON PHASE: Start to get the ball rolling

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