oh hello WEDNESDAY! Stick with the dream!


My love. You have a choice. And today is going to force you to either walk your talk and stay pressed to a dream that IS outside of what mainstream would be doing – or you can go negative, like you have in your past, and just find the ways to sabotage something that DOES feel divine. One thing I have really learned over the past years is that when you grew up not being loved, you can't help but push others away or trigger things that create destruction. But it is on all of us to be better and to understand that we are to take into consideration the foundation of all things when we sit in wonderment as to why this is showing itself in these ways.

Kids who act out aren’t the acting out, they are the wound that got them starting to act out. The wound was inflicted, and now a reaction, like a moaning and groaning in pain, is the manifestation. BUT we are so wounded that we only focus on the moaning and the groaning, and if it touches our wounds in any way, then we have a combustion and we break apart. It is all the breaking apart, from the point of feeling hurt, that brings us so much more to have to keep experiencing.

Breaking apart with love in the heart is a totally different thing. And we may like to think that we are in the heart when we let others go. But if we are honest, we are deep in resentment, anger and frustration at how OTHERS are the cause of our pain. What is happening today is to get you showing up in a new role where you aren’t so sensitive to the point it's hard to have relationships. The internet is programming you wrong -- to draw walls when you think you are drawing boundaries. To create MORE trauma because you are being taught to eliminate and swipe things away. To create MORE anxiety and depression because you are being taught that you are to expect others to value you before you even value yourself – to get before you give.

See that you are to show yourself higher and where you actually work to bring peace. Enough of thinking you are so badass by drawing “boundaries” and discarding what doesn’t treat you as royalty. Instead, try seeing that you are royalty, alone, with no attention affirming your actions, and THEN see how others not seeing you is not such a negative thing. It is only big time when you NEED others to comply so that your emotional system feels untethered by fellow wounded beings. Heal thyself and the prickling of others only gets you clarified on your own energetic broadcasting of things. If they mirror something negative, clean your space so that you then are mirrored with the positive. The Great Mystery IS chasing your thoughts today! So digest it all with love enzymes and see how YOU can be better to get things showing up better. How can you make a change in how you relate?

  • MOON PLANNER: Venus. Neptune.
  • MOON DEGREES: 23 Virgo to 5 Libra
  • MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds

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